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Volkswagen history
The latest trend at Volkswagen was exact calculation of the optimum air/fuel mix in the courburettor of the VW 1600. This was all made possible for the first time by the advent of electronic injection systems (1 picture).Also the decisive ...
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2015 12 23
Green logistics
Introduction. What is Green Logistics? Drivers for Green Logistics. Impact on the Environment at various stages of Supply Chain. Network Optimization. Sustainable Procurement. Environmental Benefits of Green Supply Chain Best Practices. Business ...
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2016 03 26
Types of logistics
Introduction. So what is logistics? Types of logistics. Green logistics. what is it? Emergency logistics. What is reverse logistics? Conclution. References.
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2016 12 17
Electric cars
Electric cars. History of electric cars invention. Golden Age. Mid to late 20th century stops and starts. Advantages and disadvantages of electric veichles. No Gas Required. No Emissions. Safe to Drive. Cost Effective. Low Maintenance. Reduced ...
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2015 12 28
Final marketing work
,,Migle" is a popular sweets producer in Lithuania and well known candy brand among Lithuanian consumers. ,,MIGLĖ's'' candies - milk chocolate candy flavoured with chips and with the glaze.By analysing all the statements and levels such ...
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2015 11 14
Mercedes Benz company
Make the best impresion of the company and its production to the both ordinary drivers and car enthusiasts.To analyse our weaknesses and strenghts, set targets for the future and identify ways to reach them.All our employees are the ...
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2016 12 10
Automobile electrical systems
Engine electronics ECU. Introduction. Transmission electronics TCU.Fuel injection rate.Emission control, NOx control.Regeneration of oxidation catalytic converter.Turbocharger control.Cooling system control.Throttle control. In a gasoline ...
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2017 04 18
Automobile navigation system
The purpose of this report is to get to know about automobile navigation system and how it's working. An automotive navigation system is a satellite navigation system designed for use in automobiles. It typically uses a GPS navigation ...
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2015 05 16
Common rail technology
My topic „Common Rail Technology“ is quite broad, because it has lots of aspects. But i tried to explain everything narrowly and simply. And I think I have succeeded. Main parts of this system were explained precisely. I‘ve laid a ...
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2016 11 29
Financial statement analysis report
The adress of the Company‘s registered office is as follows: Vilnius St. 10, Vilnius Mun., Lithuania.Current liabilities in Grigeo Grigiškės AB company were increasing and decreasing during these (2012 – 2014) years. Information ...
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2015 12 05
First cars
The found documents suggesting that he was a staff of several distance Governor Maževskio car, so a good chance that this particular engineer and was the first Lithuanian roads have driven driver. Treasury car cost 2,417 rubles in Tsarist ...
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2016 05 03
Hydropneumatic suspension
The topic of my individual project is hydropneumatic suspension. I devided my work into several parts. First of parts is about hydropneumatic suspension, second is about suspension functioning, also about height correction and leveling. Either I ...
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2016 05 12
Lithuanian Railways
Institute of Travel Management's ICARUS 2009 - Environmental Award for Best Rail ProviderIn conclusion i want to mention that Lithuanian Railways is organization which got the biggest profit in 2012. The „Rail Baltic“ project is ...
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2016 04 23
My dream car
First generation (2005–2015). Features. Engines. Safety. Q7 hybrid (2005). Q7 3. 0 TDI clean diesel (2009). Q7 4. 2 TDI (2007–2009). Q7 V12 TDI (2008–2012). Audi Q7 coastline (2008). Lawsuit on the use of the letter Q. Facelift ...
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2015 11 19
Subaru history
Summary. History. Major shareholders. Marketing efforts. Motorsports. Diesel. New technology. Electric vehicles. Literature sources. Dictionary. Sentences.
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2016 03 05
Types of logistics (2)
Introduction. Types of logistics. Reverse logistics. Green logistics. Military logistics. Conclusions. References.
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2016 12 29
„Le beauty“ company presentation
„Le beauty“ company history. Departamental strecture. “Le beauty” services. Turnover. Futures plans. „Le beauty“ business card. Sources.
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2015 05 27
Construction waste management
1. CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION OF LITHUANIA AND THE EUROPEAN UNIONFigure 1 shows that the three construction phases alternately overlap with one another due to the construction of works in the field of technology of the time identity. This ...
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2016 04 26
Although there are 17 recognized weight divisions, a majority of the professional boxers compete in only eight of those classes. These classes are, with maximum weight: (1) flyweight, 112 lb (50.7 kg); (2) bantamweight, 118 lb (53.5 kg); (3) ...
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2010 03 03
Car engine power increase
If car speed and dynamics features does not satisfy you, it could be changed. It is a lot of different engine power increase tools. Mostly there are applying three main methods:pressure ( using turbo compressor blowing with intermediate ...
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2017 04 09
Concrete roof tiles
Plain tiles advantages. High profile tiles. Low profile tiles. Concrete low profile tiles Standard Pattern. Flat profile concrete tiles. Concrete slate appearance tiles Calderdale Slate. Dual Calderdale. Typical costs of Concrete tiles.
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2015 05 07
Electronics cars
Introduction. History of the electronics cars. The birth of the electric vehicle. A new beginning for electric cars. The advantages ant disadvantages of electric vehicles ant hybrid electric vehicles. The advantages. The disadvantages. Gas cars ...
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2017 03 29
Introduction. Profile of activities. Structure of administration. Development and history. Interesting facts about the company. Number of employees. Partnership. Swot analysis. Production. Nike’s production’s examples. Location and branches. ...
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2016 03 31
Railway engineering
Czarist Russian Railways broad sectors heavily influenced by Lithuania and other countries in which they were built, economic life, but the broad rail construction costly. Finding cheaper ways to begin the construction of the 750 mm gauge ...
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2016 01 28
Technical Maintenance of Automobiles
Studies are focused on specific practical activities, fostering ability to work independently in accordance with graduate qualifications.The study program consists of general college subjects, study field subjects, special field of study ...
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2016 01 03
Top 3 seaport
The following table displays how loading data changed from 2005 to 2014. Container traffic (in thousand TEUs).Yanghsen port was built in 2006. From this table we can see that from 2006 container traffic number was growing a lot. Yangshen ...
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2016 01 19
HND business outcome 1 Marketing
Introduction. Marketing Theory. Micro and Macro environment. Market research. Quantitative / Qualitive Research. Market Segmentation. Ps. Marketing Services/Mix. Market Conditions. Conclusion. References.
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2018 11 13
My dream car is bmw e46 m
My dream car is bmw e46 m. Generations of bmw m3 model. Features. Powertrains and performance. Interior Design and Special Features. Safety. Car specifications. Literature.
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2016 03 14
North German Folklore
Talking about the main structure. These 52 stanzas are divided into two groups: 1 – 5 is talking narrator, and 6- 52 is talking teller from the position of “I”. Every stanza is made of 5 lines, four of them is telling something new, but ...
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2016 03 24
Amberton hotel in Vilnius Business in a foreign language
Amberton hotel in Vilnius Business in a foreign language.
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2015 12 07