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Direct speech
3-a) by describing weather, surroundings, people etc involving your senses4- b) by using Direct Speech, bet taip pat juntamas ir d) with a dramatic sentence creating mystery or suspense; pour with rain,  float, rooftop, ...
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2016 12 09
Individual speech
Let’s move on to option 2 – cooking. Whenever I have free time, I always cook something. I can cook some dishes of meat or fish, but my speciality is deserts. I am not very good confectioner, but I can cook some cupcakes with cream, patties ...
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2016 03 06
Project Analysis
TRANSITIONS:I have not fixed this aspect. However, language was smooth, no “mind jumps”, topics were in a logical sequence, it was easy and not boring to follow them.VISUAL AIDS:Wisely chosen. Not distracting your attention from ...
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2015 12 06
Speaking exam
Intro (usually forgotten) (shortly) Interpret the data, express your opinion The second question (longer) The third question (the longest) Conclusion (shortly) Linkers are VITALLY NEEDED.Greeting Exchange of recent activity or feelings 1st ...
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2016 04 24
Wall street presenatation speach
Now I’d like to move on to the Wall street architecture .Right. That’s the end of my talk. To sum up my presentation and the information which I presented, I want to say that Wall street is unique place in our world. Here you can find ...
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2017 03 22
„Le beauty“ company presentation
„Le beauty“ company history. Departamental strecture. “Le beauty” services. Turnover. Futures plans. „Le beauty“ business card. Sources.
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2015 05 27
How to make a good presentation
How to make a good presentation. 2015-09. By Karolina Vitkeviciute. Content. Purpose Method 1 of 2 Planning the Presentation. The main purpose is to learn how to make a perfect presentations. Write note cards on index cards. Practice. Do your ...
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2015 10 11
Deforestation Speech plan
Causes: There are several causes for deforestation; however the most common ones are these:Conclusion: Deforestation is a huge, growing, problem. Institutions like ‘Ecosia’ and individual people are fighting for the rights of the land ...
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2017 03 30
Effective presentations
Effective Presentations. Giving presentations to. Steps. Research thoroughly You absolutely must be an expert on the subject. Prepare the slide show. Slide show need to be designed to support what you’re saying. Do not! Rehearse alone. Read ...
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2015 05 19
Effective Public Speaking
Effective Public Speaking. Begin with something to get the attention of the audience. Second , be energetic in delivery. Structure your speech. Tie your points together with transitions. Tell your own story somewhere in the presentation. To add ...
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2015 10 19
How to improve speaking skills
There are many people living in the world and they are all different. Some people are very smart and clever. These people can easily learn foreign languages fluently, however there are other people who cannot speak or learn foreign languages ...
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2016 03 02
Language for presentations
The Presentation. Welcome your audience. Introduce your subject. Outline the structure of your presentation. Give instructions about questions. Welcoming your audience. Introducing your subject. Outlining your structure. Giving instructions about ...
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2016 02 23
Reported Speech
Reported Speech Direct speech. Say – Tell We use. In Direct speech. We also use. In Reported speech when. Is not followed by the person the words were spoken to. Expressions with say. Expressions with tell. To report ststements we use a ...
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2017 02 22