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Consumer survey on adidas
Are commercials influenced by you in the world’s biggest cities?It would influence me, because commercials are more colorful, prettier, more interestingI would not be influenced, because I’am not interested in company ...
Marketing, 2 pages
2016 05 19
Test: body language
Dave was scratching his. head. as if to say he didn’t understand anything. When Elaine is stressed she tends to bite her. nails. Evelyn always has a beautiful broad. smile. on her face. The teacher pointed his. finger. at the boy at the back of ...
Psichology, 11 pages
2018 10 04
Christmas quiz
Christmas quiz. Question. What is this? A Snowman b Elf c Present d Santa Claus. What is this? A Bells b Flowers c Christmas Tree d Reindeer. What is this? A Tiger b Trout c Reindeer d Cat. What is this? A Reindeer b Snowman c Turkey d Present. ...
Culture, 29 pages
2019 05 14
English test unit 6
Seafood. prawns. Tinned Food. baked beans. Pasta & Rice spaghetti. Baking. flour. Confectionery. sweets. Bakery bagel. Snacks. crackers. Beverages. coffee. Dairy milk. Meat & Poultry. chicken.
Languages, 7 pages
2020 11 30
English test: unit 2 test
Unit 2 test vocabulary. Label the pictures. Complete the words with the correct letters. Read the sentences about rooms and furniture. Choose the best word , b or for each space. Complete the sentences with the present continuous form of the ...
Languages, 6 pages
2020 12 14
Solutions Third Edition Intermediate Tests Unit 3 progress test A
Read the text and choose the correct words. Local boy to climb Everest. Will have left. Will be leaving. Won’t have hung. Won’t be hanging. Will be camping. Will have got. Will be waiting. Will have gone. Will have started. Will have reached. ...
Languages, 4 pages
2020 12 11
Test: Cumulative Vocabulary and Grammar Test Units 1–5 Test A
Circle the correct words to complete the sentences. Generosity / laziness / prosperity. Stubborn / modest / assertive. Trim / plump / handsome. Sportsmanship / commitment / self esteem. Devastated / contaminated / evacuated. Theft / offence / ...
Languages, 5 pages
2020 09 22
Unit 2 test Form 11 Grammar
Unit 2 test Form 11 Grammar. Past Perfect or Continuous. Had been talking. Had been running. Past Perfect / Continuous.
Languages, 3 pages
2020 12 22
Unit 5 B test
Listening Listen to the conversation about music. What are Angela and Mike mainly talking about? Complete the sentences. Write one or two words in each gap. Vocabulary Write the people for the verbs. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form ...
Languages, 2 pages
2020 12 17
Unit 9 test with answers
1 Complete the sentences with the correct present perfect form of the verbs given and one of these words. already • ever • just • never • yetI have never eaten (eat) sushi. Does it taste good? 2 My mum has already given (give) my ...
Languages, 4 pages
2020 06 10
Holidays on Moon with exercises
A website that provides (1) _______ flights, hotels and car hire across the globe has made some bold predictions for what travel will look (2) _______ from now. Perhaps the most mouthwatering destination for 2024 holidaymakers will be a trip to ...
Recreation, 6 pages
2016 04 14
Mobile website usability testing example
ICinema Cross Platform Compatibility. ICinema Testing. Microsoft Windows. Android.
Data & Analytics, 3 pages
2019 04 26
Quiz about UK
Quiz about. Which of the following is national British food? A Chicken and. How many countries are there in the United Kingdom? A 1 B 3 C 4 D. Where is a difference between United Kingdom and Great Britain? What is the name of this monument you ...
Culture, 22 pages
2015 05 28