Railway engineering

Railway engineering.

Czarist Russian Railways broad sectors heavily influenced by Lithuania and other countries in which they were built, economic life, but the broad rail construction costly. Finding cheaper ways to begin the construction of the 750 mm gauge railways. One of the longest-gauge railway receipt Svencioniu (also Švenčionėliai or Panevezys narrow gauge) name, and was built in Lithuania - Belarus junction.

Kaiser year occupation of Lithuania took over Kaiser's army railways were an important food and ammunition supplier. Therefore, commanders began to quickly manage railways, chintz large Russian order to track 1435 mm. Military purposes Germans built 74 miles Nobility - Priekulė 124.4 km Lauksargiai - Šilėnai, 92 km Siauliai - Joniskio - Jelgava roads Pabradės - Lentupio section, 25 km of double-track combined with Palemonas Gaižiūnais.Fronto Affairs Kaiser Germany Lithuania paved lot and 600 mm gauge railway Gubernija - Ciechanów, Petrašiūnai - Linkuva, District - Žeimelis, Islamabad - Ukmergė Kazlų Ore - PAVILKIJYS, Skapiškis - Suvainiskis, Juodbrasta - Trio, Rokiškis - Aknīstes, Altoniškiai - Rumkiai, Aleksoto - High Panemunė. German Kaiser in constructing, maintaining our country's territory railways had about 21 thousand people. 1918 - Lithuania's, were founded an independent state. In 1918. vasario16 d.Lietuvos Council declared the Independence Act. 1918m.lapkričio 5 d. was formed in the first A.Voldemaro led Lithuanian government, which was organized by government agencies, military, militia, municipal development. In 1919. 4 July. Lithuanian Government worked in Kaunas, has signed an agreement with Germany on the rail network transmission Lithuanian Ministry of Transport. Pursuant to this agreement have been transferred at the railway sections, but also rented for a nominal charge locomotives, passenger and baggage wagons, open wagons, etc.. Already in 1919, began in the spring of train traffic in the narrow rail between Kaunas Old Town and Panemunė and 1919 of 6 July. was released on the first train of the wider rail Kaišiadorių to Radviliškis.

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