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Firefighter profesion
Firefighter. Noname. The main goal. The main goal. The first firefighting team was created in Rome by Marcus Licinius. History. It is a respected profession which is honored in all countries around the world. Pluses. This profession is very risky ...
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2015 09 29
Will life be better in the future
Furthermore, advances in computers and other technology is directly making our lives easier. We already have smartphones that fit into our pocket, but are still as powerful as computers were just five years ago. Other things, like self-driving ...
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2016 05 10
Emigration: Pros and Cons
Emigration Pros and Cons. Contents. What is emigration? Pros of emigration Cons of emigration Conclusion References. Emigration is the relocation of people from one country to reside in another. Pros of emigration. Travel opportunities. Cons of ...
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2017 03 29
Advantages and disadvantages of living in a flat
Advantages and disadvantages of living in a flat.
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2016 01 24
The best profession to choose
Nowadays majority of people and expecially youth face with a serious question about what is the best profession for their future .It is obviously that it is quite dificult to diciside what kind of work is the most valuable. According to me the ...
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2015 06 24
How American families spend their money
From the pie chart it is clear that American families spend over a third of their income on housing. Also a lot of money is spent on transportation. Moving further respondents said that they spend small fractions of their income on clothing, ...
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2015 12 22
Living in a house is better than living in a flat
Living in a house is better than living in a flat.
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2016 02 22
Advantages and disadvantages being a teenager essay
Advantages and disadvantages being a teenager essay.
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2017 03 15
Gap year essay
The biggest advantages are that, you can learn more about themselves. Most of teenagers are lost in life. They don't know what they want, what they will study and what they can do all them life. As a result, gap year can let teenagers to find new ...
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2016 11 03
Living in the city
On the other hand, living in the city has some disadvantages too. To begin with, the traffic in the city is very busy and you are exposed to great dangers on the road. Many people cannot go to school or work on time because of the traffic jams. ...
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2016 01 12
Families essay
On the other hand living in a tiny family and being the only child is also a superb thing. What you always get is your bigger parents attention. You will always get the best things and shouldn't share it with anyone. The only bad thing is about ...
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2015 05 10
Advantages and disadvantages of buying items from mail order catalogues
Advantages and disadvantages of buying items from mail order catalogues.
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2019 10 26
Alternative lifestyle
Content. What „Alternative Lifestyle“ means? The Rainbow Family Rainbow Gatherngs Goals Backpacking Sources. Click. Click. The Rainbow Family. It is a. Loosely affiliated group of individuals committed to principles ...
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2018 03 17
From a paperclip to a house
I have just watched a video about how one man traded a paperclip for a house. Of course the trade was not direct, he traded one thing for another for over 10 years.. Thousands of people were amazed by what he had achieved, so was I.As kids ...
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2017 12 19
Future homes Predictions
Future homes Predictions. Blinds. Curtains. Gates. Curtains, blinds or gates can be opened by means of switches. Video and audio system. Multiroom signal distribution. Pet care. Pet feeding by. Security. In case of break-in, lights will light up ...
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2018 10 04
Gap year slides
Gap year. Gep year” What is it? Gap year comes from Western Europe and it also gained popularity there. Aims. Experience a different. Activities. Travel – explore the world, discover new cultures. Possibilities. A gap year. Benefits. You ...
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2020 06 10
Moving abroad will change your life for the better What is your opinion?
Moving abroad will change your life for the better. What is your opinion. Complaining to a Landlord. Inviting a friend.
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2018 10 04
My Daily routine presentation
My Daily routine. Got up at 7 o'clock Later I dressed. Brushed my teeth. Ate breakfast. Half past seven I went to school. From eight o'clock I had lessons till two o'clock. At three o'clock I came home. Ate lunch I watched TV I played my phone. ...
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2019 03 21
My routine and free time slides
My routine and free time. Work days. Every day from. Every morning I get up at seven o’clock. Every morning. Every afternoon Every afternoon. Every evening Iplay computer games after that I play with my little brother. Every evening. Every ...
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2018 10 04
Presentation about My summer
Summer. Favorite season. The 10 Best Things About Summer. Why is summer season important? Some Fun Summer Activities. Summer sports. Summer dangers. How to cool down your room. Protect your self from sun.
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2020 01 20
Reflection Essay on Vacation
Since early childhood, to mid-teenage years of my life, I’ve been hearing about and been pressured by family members and society, to try and discover as well as seek to find your passion and go for it. However, when you are a young man in the ...
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2020 06 18
Shopping habits (3)
Now I will talk about advertising. Scientists have noticed that advertising has a significant influence on humans. That is true. When we see advertising for discounts, we immediately go to the shops and we do not notice it. When we see the ...
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2017 12 08
Shopping monologue
The next point is my attitude towards shopping. How I say the most of people like shopping in supermarket, but I don’t belong to that group of people. The reason why is that shopping is unpleasant activity for my. It takes a lot of time and ...
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2018 03 17
Advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside
Advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside.
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2015 10 22
Alternative lifestyles
The village population ranges from 50 to 150 individuals, bet there are some villages that have up to 2000 individuals.These villagers believe that the today-world is a wasteful consumerism lifestyle, the destruction of natural habitat, ...
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2016 02 21
Am I happy?
To begin with happiness has a lot in common with safety, if you feel unsafe you will not be happy even if you tried your best. Which brings me to safety in Lithuania. Many people in Lithuania already feel uneasy about situation with Russia, and ...
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2016 02 24
Child labor
Child labor. What is classified as child labor? Child labor, as defined by the International Labor Organization. Work they are forced to do. An estimated 60% of child labor occurs in agriculture. Lack of experience. Working conditions. As long ...
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2016 01 26
Up 50% off. Fine-knit Cardigan. Fine-knit cardigan with no buttons. NOW €9. 00 BEFORE€18. Patterned Sweater. Wide-cut top in texture-knit jersey with a printed pattern. Jersey Leggings. Leggings in thick jersey with seam at front and wide ...
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2016 10 23
Clothes description
Jackets and denim shorts. characterized by freedom. four pockets on front two at the end of two.vasariški džinsiniai šortai. pasižymi laisvumu. keturios kišenės dvi gale dvi priekije. dažniausiai nešioja jauni ...
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2017 04 28
Creative industries in Asia
CATEGORY 2008 2009 2010 2011. Advertising , market research and public opinion polling. Architectural , engineering and other technical services. Research and Development. Personal , cultural and recreational services. Audiovisual and related ...
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2016 12 07