Hydropneumatic suspension

Hydropneumatic suspension.

The topic of my individual project is hydropneumatic suspension. I devided my work into several parts. First of parts is about hydropneumatic suspension, second is about suspension functioning, also about height correction and leveling. Either I am going to describe about hydropneumatic suspension scheme.

The most aims of the project to discuss about hydropneumatic suspension and to find out more about this suspension functioning.

1 pic. Diagram of the Hydractive system, showing centre spheres and stiffness valves

Depending on the type of CITROEN suspension type and design of your choice, we get a different suspension characteristics. Classification isolate suspension deflection wheel have different characteristics, it allows you to create universal car suspension models. Car suspension is important for each car unit, which has an impact on safety, the dynamic characteristics of the car, driving tenderness, interaction with the road surface. Researching and analyzing automotive suspensions to improve the car suspension characteristics.

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  • Hydropneumatic suspension
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