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Food bank campaign essay
Well, when I volunteered at the Food Bank most of the people donated eggs, pasta, sugar, flour, oil, canned food they were the most popular products and others with long shelf lifeFirstly, the food bank helps families who receive a low ...
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2017 02 07
Traditional food
Traditional food. What is food? Food- the key to energy source is usually of plant or animal origin. Types of food. Filling Light Heavy Organic. Healthy food. Vegetables Fruits Grain. Unhealthy food. Fast food Chips Candy. Lithuanian dishes. ...
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2016 04 03
Restaurant menu example
Duck breast with fried potatoes and butter firied cabbage €9,00(served with "confit" potatoes, butter firied cabbage and cherry sauce)Italian potato dumplings with parma ham and blue cheese ...
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2015 05 26
Favourite Restaurant
The interior is nasty and youthful and it‘s rather comfortable. The waiters are friendly and polite. Usually the order is ready quickly, and the visitors don’t wait for a long time. Inside the cafe one can observe several wooden tables ...
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2015 10 12
Traditional and Modern Lithuanian Food
Pizza is very popular in Lithuania. It is made of flatbread, ketchup, cheese, ham, vegetables, etc. People eat pizza with tomato sauce or spicy sauce.Hamburger is a sandwich made of bread, lettuce, tomatoes, meat and cheese. People usually ...
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2016 10 16
Healthy food
I usually have 3 meals per day. At breakfast I usually eat an egg or a sandwich, at dinner I eat what my mom made to eat like a pancakes or stakes and in evening I eat not much like a cup of tea and some cookies. I’m trying to select healthy ...
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2015 12 06
Fast food presentation
Fast food. History. Pre-modern Europe. United Kingdom. United States. On the go. Filling stations. Street vendors and concessions. Cuisine. Variants. Business. Employment. Globalization. Criticism. Are you going to eat that?
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2015 10 05
Food bank campaign
People who are less fortunate members of society receives support from charity institutions. Some of them had accidents, for instance maybe they have lost their house because of fire or they are unemployed, because they can’t find a job. Other ...
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2016 04 24
McDonald's vs. Hesburger
In addition to the “Hesburger” restaurants, they are constantly developing new, innovative service concepts like: “Hesburger” pasta restaurants, Hesecafe , Hesehotelli , Hese Nakkari (snack kiosk), Heseautopesu (car wash services for ...
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2015 11 12
The world food day
Both grown-ups and teenagers take part in that action. In the supermarkets they distribute leaflets on the products that might be bought for the poor. In such a way charity organisations collect food for the local community.I’m inclined ...
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2016 01 17
All in all, I am not against vegetarianism, I am actually in favour of vegetarianism, because I think that every person can choose by himself if he want to be a vegan, or he want to eat meat. Sometimes meat is actually good for you because of ...
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2016 04 05
Traditional dishes in Lithuania
Traditional dishes in Lithuania. Evolution and affect. Lithuanian culinary heritage is based on typical forested. The most popular dishes Lithuania. Skilandis- one of the most popular traditional smoked meat in Lithuania. Potato pie or kugel- ...
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2016 05 04
Im not a vegetarian because i think that human body needs all kind of food. My sister is vegan and she had problems with some minerals lack. but i‘m not condemn vegetarians because it‘s everyone choice what they want to eat.
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2015 10 06
What are benefits and drawbacks of vegetarianism
What are benefits and drawbacks of vegetarianism.
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2015 05 26
Brazilian cuisine
Brazilian cuisine. The three most traditional dishes of Brazil are Feijoada. This is traditionally a slave dish but has become the national dish of brazil. Balcalhoada. This was also. Tutu à Mineira. This is a. Brigadeiro. Chocolate truffles ...
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2018 12 22
Cafe Menu example
Café Menu Kid’s Menu. Main poultry dishes. Main fish dishes. Main beef dishes.
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2018 01 23
Chocolate cake with marshmallows
Cake Ingredients. Cups of. For filling. Cup of. Chocolate Frosting. ¾ cup unsalted. Topping. ½ cups mini marshmallows 3 tablespoons chocolate chips 1 teaspoon milk. Instruction. Heat up the. Instructions. Bake for 22. Place one layer. Chocolate ...
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2018 01 23
Confectioner powerpoint
Confectioner. Why did I choose a confectioner‘s profession? Because I like to cook food and sweets at home. About Confectionary. Confectionery, also called sweets or candy, is sweet food. About my confectioners profession. Sugar confectionery ...
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2018 01 23
Food Preservatives
Food Preservatives lekt. Food additives. preservatives. Today I would like to cover two points General information Usage. What are preservatives? They slow down or prevent the growth of microorganisms. Two preservation modes chemical. There are ...
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2018 10 04
Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread
Do you like it? Nutella. Nutella is the brand name of an Italian sweetened hazelnut chocolate spread. History. The history of Nutella is a tale of love and passion. Pietro Ferrero was the founder of Ferrero SpA. (1898 – 1949–. Originally ...
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2017 12 19
Profession - Cook
Profession. Cook. A cook is. Personal Characteristics. Responsibility organizational. Teacher. A teacher (also called a school teacher or. Another person’s education cognitive feature organisational wise. Manager. A manager is a person ...
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2018 03 17
Stabilizers in food
Stabilizers. Today I would like to cover two points General information Usage. Stabilizers is an additive to food which helps to preserve its structure. Products milk, yogurt, ice cream, oils, salad dressings. These additives are completely ...
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2018 10 04
Traditional Lithuanian cuisine
Traditional lithuanian cuisine. -Content. Introduction Traditional Lithuanian Dishes Zeppelins Cold. Zeppelins – huge boiled grated potato dumplings stuffed with meat. Cold Beet Soup. The centerpiece of. Although “Blynai“  is often ...
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2017 12 19
What is GMO?
Objective briefly tell. What is gmo. GMO, getically modified foods or GM foods. Map of countries that allow and ban GMO products. Gmo food. Corn. This is one of the larger genetically modified food sources. Tomato Genetically. Allergic ...
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2018 12 13
About apples
Faculty of Technologies and Landscaping. Department of Catering. About apple. Self-study assignment. Apple Polyphenols. Apple Antioxidants. Apple Heart health benefits. Blood sugar regulation by Apples. Anti cancer & Asthma Benefits. Apples & ...
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2016 12 02
Advantages and disadvantages of eating at home
Advantages and disadvantages of eating at home.
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2016 04 07
Advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism
Advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism.
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2017 03 22
Are you for or against GM food?
We should acknowledge from the start that GM food are becoming more and more popular these days. The question we need to answer is if is it really the best and the healthiest option these days? My view is that generally modificated food is really ...
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2017 01 16
Are you for or against GMO food?
Howewer, genetically modified food are new technology and it has some negative effects. Experts believe that GM food have some substances that are not yet proven to be safe for our environment. Also, these substances, which are in GM food ...
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2017 03 22
Benefits of vegetarianism
Nonetheless, there are people who oppose the viewpoint that being vegetarian could worsen some people health. There are some types of vitamins and minerals that can only be found in an animal meat. Moreover, meat is the main source of protein. ...
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2017 03 22