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Online shopping
Disadvantages are possibility of theft and fraud so you need to make sure that the website you are buying from is secure and that you card number wouldn’t be spread all over the Internet. Moreover, it is hard to buy clothes and shoes online. ...
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2016 03 12
Building a pricing model for diamonds
In order to build a model first we want to see a relationship among our variables. First, I made a matrix of plots.When I have two variables that are normally distributed I try to see their relationship. When I run the plot in R, I can see ...
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2017 03 08
My shops
This is one of my own shops. This shop is realy popular because in this shop are selling mobile phones. How we all know, without phones people don’t imagine their day.So, mobile phones at these days are realy necessary item. In my shop ...
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2017 01 22
Sales management
Out if no Addes Value, otherwise specialisation in niche market.Key products: Upstream to More R&D Multi brand development Less assembly Bv Lights, clutches...Key products: Downstream to More assembly and decreasing costs Universal ...
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2017 02 22
Shopping and money
Speaking about the advantages of shopping online, on the one hand, e-shopping has a number of benefits. First, it is a great way of shopping. For example, it is very convenient and less time-consuming as you can do it without leaving your home. ...
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2016 05 23
Shopping presentation
Absolutely NO. I always need to see and touch an item in reality, because commercials often lie. For example, in commercial item looks strikingly and perfect, but when I see it in reality.. So, therefore I don’t believe in ...
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2017 02 22
Ways of paying
Since ancient times people had many ways of paying for goods. They thought, which way would be the best and tried to do it the most comfortable for everybody. At first, humans tested trading, but latter on saw, that switching items wasn’t ...
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2016 05 18
What‘s my opinion on major discount days in shopping malls?
What‘s my opinion on major discount days in shopping malls?.
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2015 12 08
E-Commerce. What is E-commerce? Why use E-Commerce? E-commerce businesses may employ some or all of the following. E-Commerce Categories. Pros of E-Commerce. Cons of E-Commerce. Interesting Facts. Than kyou for your attention!
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2016 03 23
Customer service
In conclusion exceptional customer service will make customers often pay more, also it will build the bond that keeps customers coming back, and also it increases productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. As far as I’m concerned, satisfying ...
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2016 11 28
Letter about negotiation proces
I am writing to describe the negotiation process between me and Mr. Dagoš from Germany shoes manufactory. They were interested in our new Italian shoe’s line. We were discussing about delivery time and place, price, discount and returns. As a ...
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2015 12 06
Online shopping will soon replace all the traditional malls
Online shopping will soon replace all the traditional malls.
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2016 11 29
Payment methods
Payment methods. Plan. Methods of payment in International trade. Cash-in-Advance (Pre-Payment). Open account. Letter of credit. Documentary Collection. Methods of payment. Cheque payments. Credit cards and debit cards. Cash payments. Thanks for ...
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2016 04 26
Profile of a „Good“ negotiator
Profile of a „Good“ negotiator. Plan. Knowledge. Negotiator qualities. Problem analysis. Preparation. Active listening. Emotional control. Verbal communication. Collaboration and teamwork. Problem solving. Decision making ability. Ethics and ...
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2016 04 11
Sole trader
Sole trader definition Advantages and drawbacks of sole trader. In this fast. Sole trader Definition. Here the business. Positive. No requirement to. Negative. Sole traders have unlimited personal liability. Tax requirements. Send a Self ...
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2017 04 01