Top 3 seaport

Top 3 seaport.

The following table displays how loading data changed from 2005 to 2014. Container traffic (in thousand TEUs).

Yanghsen port was built in 2006. From this table we can see that from 2006 container traffic number was growing a lot. Yangshen port led Shanghai to be number one in the world. This port is growing and growing, so these numbers will increase in the future. When the handling increases, increases and the profit of this sea port. So if Shanghai want to get bigger profits, they have to think about expansion of the port.

Only a small part of freight is addressed to the Singapore market, as many of the surrounding countries, shipping companies currently use the port as a stop transshipment to larger, further carrier vessels. Throughout history, they have grown rapidly, and is constantly updated, expanded infrastructure, construction of warehouses, using the latest technology.

Shipsale from all over the world. Singapore port cooperate with 600 port, 120 countries, has 200 shipping lines. Singpore port was bussiest port since 1982 until 2007. In 2011 vessel arrival tonnage was over 2,25 billion gross tons. Total Container throughput over 32 million TEU‘s. Total cargo tonnage over 530 million tonnes. Bunker sales over 42 million tones. Every 2 or 3 minutes ship enters or leaves the port.Singapore port use newest technologies. Vessel traffic information system stracks up to 10,000 vessels at any one time. This port has over 5000 maritime companies.

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