Car engine power increase

Car engine power increase.

If car speed and dynamics features does not satisfy you, it could be changed. It is a lot of different engine power increase tools. Mostly there are applying three main methods:

pressure ( using turbo compressor blowing with intermediate air condition),

inlet and release collector installing in different engine sides (so exhaust gases temperature would not change the inlet air temperature),

mount accurate fuel dosing and high pressure fuel injecting power systems.

One more method – chip tuning. Engine controlling by the computer was first and the most popular method was to upgrade engine program – to change memory microchip. Nowadays modifications can be done using special software and devices. These days modern technologies allows us to change computer memory without taking out microchip from computer, often without taking out the computer from car.

Accordingly, different technology and development principles. Combining the chip, the car will be more powerful and more economical (higher torque with engine consumes less fuel, though enlivened by the same weight of the vehicle) will be faster throttle response will be safe overtaking maneuvers, and while this is important - a joy ride. By programming the engine manufacturers left within the reserve, chips transformation engine operation has no effect on longevity. Typically, power is increased to 30 per cent., while fuel consumption is reduced by 10 percent. The engine power can be increased by more than 50 per cent., But then, in order to avoid engine damage, smoke-increased need to replace certain car assemblies. Before you start to modify the engine control program needs to perform a comprehensive engine diagnostics, measure the existing functionality of the system, that, after modification, to allow an accurate assessment of whether the engine is running, as indicated in the program.

By increasing engine displacement and mass can increase by adjusting the power turbine. Power is proportional to the gas pressure cylinder and pressure depends on the burning of the fuel mixture. Any fuel needed air, so he could burn down. 1 kg of petrol burned needed 14.96 kg of air and 1 kg of diesel fuel is needed to 14.45 kg air. In order to burn more fuel to the engine requires more air supply. For engines are literally inflatable from the engine power increases even 30-50% or more.

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