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Graffiti: art or vandalism?
As a fact that in most cases graffiti artists don‘t get any permission to paint on the walls, people always discuss and argue about who should clean it off. If graffiti is on private property, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ...
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2017 04 23
Da Vinchi
Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. 1452–. Where was Leonardo da Vinci born? Mona Lisa. The Last Supper. Leonardo the Inventor and Scientist. Fun Facts about Leonardo da Vinci. In conclution.
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2016 01 09
Art is essential to life
Since ancient times, people seek uniqueness, while others like to well-established tradition. Similarly, the architecture and the garden environment. Some still are building a simple profile brick or wood houses, when others are experimenting ...
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2017 12 08
Cloude Monet presentation
Claude Monet. Biography. Claude Monet was. Moving to Paris. A few years after his mother died in. Women in the Garden. Monet continued to. Sunrise. The critic got the word "Impression" from one of Monet's works. The contents of.
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2017 12 19
Gustav Klimt painter presentation
Gustav Klimt. Gustav Klimt was an Austrian. Life and work. Gustav Klimt was born. In. The two brothers and their friend began working together. Altars of Dionysos And Apollo. Cart of Thespis. Klimt was commissioned to paint the Auditorium of ...
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2017 12 19
Joseph Mallord William Turner
Joseph Mallord William Turner. Biography. Joseph Mallord William Turner- was romantism landscape artist. Style. Turner was fascinated by the power of God in scenes of nature. Impressionism. As Turner's work. The Slave Ship. The Blue Rigi Sunrise. ...
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2017 12 19
School is taking part in an international Project Art show
School is taking part in an international Project Art show.
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2017 12 08
Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh
 Starry Night.  Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh created his most famous work The Starry Night while staying in an asylum. In his painting. Colours. Van Gogh uses specific shades of colours throughout his whole painting. Van Gogh highlight. Lines ...
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2017 12 19
A new dimension to art
Computer-generated imagery has greatly influenced and changed the way we see and do things that would have been impossible to even imagine before. Over the years, three-dimensional computer graphics and animation have been applied to all areas of ...
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2017 03 06
Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy. Andy Goldsworthy  born 26 July 1956 is a British sculptor. Andy Goldsworthy is an artist from Scotland. Who is Andy Goldsworthy? This sculpture is made of wood. This sculpture is made of stones. Shape Lying down on dry earth ...
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2017 03 12
Andy Warhol presentation
Andy Warhol. An American artist. Warhol was born. During the 1950s, Warhol gained fame for his whimsical ink drawings of shoe advertisements. It was during. „Marilyn Monroe“ was. Andy Warhol drawings. Warhol worked across a wide range of ...
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2017 05 08
Art and artists
Architecture, crafts, cooking, dance, design, drawing, fashion, film, graphics, language, music, opera, painting, photography, poetry, sculpture and theater.The disadvantages of graffiti is public nuisance , graffiti destroys the property ...
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2015 12 08
Art and culture
Firstly, talking about the art and culture It’s important to recognize that the art, who is our culture, have a lot of advantages, whick improve human personality and life. The strees, fatique, anger, pain touch the harmony of art, obviously ...
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2016 04 04
Art therapy
Art therapy. History. Art therapy. Art can. Dance therapy. Help to. Music therapy. What does music do for human brain? Who Need to Use Art Therapy? Do you need to be talented? Thank you for your attention. Sources.
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2016 11 02
Art, Literacy & Learning
Art, Literacy & Learning. By. What’s so great about art? ? ? Art promotes Hands-On Self-Directed Learning. Art engages Children’s Senses. In Open- Ended Play. Art Experience develops specific skills Cognitive Emotional Social Multi-Sensory. ...
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2016 05 24
Arts are more important than maths
To begin with, now, in the world are many students, who can solve are very difficult problems in the math, but then they learning math, they don’t develop social skills. So, many students, who are good at math are lonely. Arts lessons give more ...
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2017 04 26
Augustinas Savickas biography
The memory of many, A.Savickis was painter, writer, who organized creative solo exhibitions of his art works, also books exhibitions about the colleagues and their own creative work and life. His creative trajectory lasted more than 50 years and ...
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2016 05 11
Juozas Zikaras museum
Juozas Zikaras museum. Introduction. Short J. Zikaras biography Career The museum. Juozas Zikaras (1881-1944). J. Zikaras was born in 1881 november 18 panevėžys district. Over the years, J. Zikaras was studying in sculpture academy of ...
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2015 12 06
Leonardo da Vinci
Firstly about him. Leonardo was born on 15 April 1452 in the Tuscan hill town of Vinci,which was in Italy. Little is known about his early life. He spent some years in this house in Anchiano with his mother and then he moved to live with his ...
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2016 05 23
Leonardo Da Vinci (2)
Leonardo da vinci. Leonard was born on the 15th of April in. He was an artist, a scientist, a thinker and engineer. Leonardo da Vinci paintings. Ser Pierre da. Between 1503 and. Between 1495 and 1498, Leonard worked on one of his most famous ...
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2017 05 21
Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci presentation
Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci presentation.
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2016 12 18
Modern Art presentation
What is Modern Art? Before Modern Art. Modern Art Artists. Types of modern art. Surrealism. Photography. Cubism. Artist during the Modern Art Movement. Vincent van gogh. Modern art paintings nowadays. Body art. Body art is large. full-body ...
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2016 04 29
My art
In addition to this, Art consist of several branches. The first form of art is Fine arts which include painting, sculpture and architecture. The second branch of art is performing art which consists of dance, cinema, theatre, ballet, opera, ...
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2015 11 10
My favorite artist Van Gogh
My favorite artist. Biography. More about Van Gogh. Photos. Art Style – The Early Years. The Potato Eaters. Potato Diggers. Artistic Style- His Later Years. The Night Café. The Yellow House. He loved the sun and he loved yellow. so he drew. ...
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2015 11 09
My favourite painter. Vincent Van Gogh. Biography. Vincent Van Gogh 1853- Vincent Van Gogh was an artist of exceptional talent. The most famous paintings. Why i chose him as my favourite painter? Van Gogh suffered multiple mental breakdowns ...
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2017 04 04
National Gallery
National Gallery. The work was done by Marijus Bielskus 1c Lukas Blusevičius 1c. What is the National Gallery? More about Gallery! Gallery is popular! Contents. The National Gallery. The Gallery is. It is among the most visited art museums in ...
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2015 12 21
Pablo picaso
Pablo picaso. Picasso was born. 1895. Picasso's seven-year Končita sister died of diphtheria. Marcelle Humbert which also devoted a large part of his work. Thank you for attention.
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2015 12 02
Painting The scream
Edvard Munch. The Scream. Info about the artist. Edvard Munch(1863-1944) NationalityNorwegian FieldPainting and graphic artist MovementExpressionism. Completion Date 1893 Style. Munch is nearly always classified as a Symbolist. Colors. 'The ...
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2016 05 29
Project Leonardo da Vinci
Project Leonardo da Vinci. Born on April. His father Sir Pietras da Vinci – a prosperous notary. His ideas and body of work—which includes "Virgin of the Rocks. Mona Lisa. Da Vinci's most. "It is the.
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2016 02 15
Rene Magritte
The Ladder of Fire, 1939 The Discovery of Fire, 1934/352. Acquainted acquaint  supažindinti; pass būti susipažinusiam/pažįstamam ...
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2015 11 12