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Sweden parliament: Members and parties
Members and parties. Elections to the Riksdag. Who can be elected as a member of the Riksdag. Committees. What does the Riksdag do? The budget process. Sweden and Lithuania. Conclusions. List of literature.
Politics, 8 pages
2018 04 03
Four key areas for global risks
Four key areas for global risks in. Prepared by. Defintion. Risk is someone or something that creates or suggests a hazard. Environmental. Extreme weather events, (snowfall, drought, floods) large natural disasters (eartquike, cyclone, tsunami) ...
Engineering, 7 pages
2018 04 03
Using computer
using a computer is a lot of advantages and disadvantages. so one of the advantages is that you can quickly find the information needed to help you. can easily connect with friends. can also watch movies and serials that you like. the use of ...
History, 1 page
2018 04 03
Smoking prevention
Smoking prevention. Content. What is smoking? What is in a cigarette that you smoke? Interesting facts about smoking. Theoretical background. Our research aim, respondents and method. Findings. Conclusions. Suggestions. World No Tobacco Day. ...
Sociology, 14 pages
2018 03 22
Wer ich bin Litauen
Mann, hast du jemals darüber nachgedacht, wer du Litauen bist? Warum respektierst du dieses Land? Am Ende, respektierst du wirklich und liebst das Land, für das du jetzt gelaufen bist?Ich glaube oft nicht, dass Litauen ein gutes Wort ...
Languages, 1 page
2018 03 22
Weapon of mass destruction
Weapon of mass destruction. What is weapons of mass destruction ? Nuclear Weapons. Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Biological Weapons. Chemical Weapons. All in all. Thank you for your attention !
Environment, 8 pages
2018 03 22
Computer monologue
Although it looked like a miracle at that time, ENIAC cannot be compared with the current computers we use nowadays, which are ten thousand times faster and have much more functions. In my opinion one of the biggest advantages is that computers ...
History, 1 page
2018 03 22
Forms of business and their development China
Introduction. Theoretical background Forms of Business organisations. Different forms of business Organisations. A Short description and Comparison of Forms of business. Forms of Business organisation and its development. Situation analysis of ...
Economy & Finance, 16 pages
2018 03 22
Standard curves to determine the unknown solution
Introduction. A standard curve is a type of a graph which is used to establish the concentration of substance that is “Unknown”. To find out the concentration of an unknown solution, a spectrophotometer is used. Materials/methods. In order to ...
Chemistry, 4 pages
2018 03 22
Die Sprache im Chat
Die Sprache im Chat. Der Chat ist. In Chats werden häufig Abkürzungen, Emoticons und Bixies verwendet. Hier eine kurze Liste der geläufigsten Abkürzungen. Emoticons. Das Wort setzt sich zusammen aus Emotions und Icon. Hier eine kurze Liste ...
Languages, 9 pages
2018 03 22
Litauen präsentation
Litauen. Nachbarstaaten. Litauen liegt zwischen Ost – und WestEuropa. Litauische staatshymne. Die litauische Hymne wird oft als “Nationalgesang” bezeichnet. Deutsche Nachdichtung von Eduardas Astramskas,die ÜBersetzung ist nicht ...
Geography, 8 pages
2018 03 22
Fennec fox presentation
Fennec fox. He fennec fox is the smallest member of the dog family. Fox can jump 1m forward when springing into action to catch prey. Prey - auka. The fennec fox lives in the Sahara desert. Their diet ranges. Their adorable appearance makes them ...
Biology, 7 pages
2018 03 22
Animals presentation
Animals. There are four species of animals. Mammals. Elephant. Rhinoceros. Hippopotamus. Giraffe. Zebra. Koala. Invertebrates. Snail. Octopus. Jelly- fish. Worm. Earthworm. Amphibians. Treefrogs. Tropical frogs. Toads. Salamanders. Reptiles. ...
Biology, 27 pages
2018 03 22
Butterflies presentation
Butterflies. Butterfly- a type of insect with large (often coloured) wings. Etymology The word butterfly came from metathesis of “Flutterby”. Scientific classification. External morphology. Antenna. The four stages in the lifecycle of a ...
Biology, 15 pages
2018 03 22
Comedy film presentation
Comedy film. What is comedy? Comedy film. Parody or spoof film. Slapstick. Satire and farce. Fantasy comedy. Black comedy. Romantic comedy. Screwball comedy. Adventure comedy. Action comedy. Horror comedy. Thank you for your attention.
Film & Television, 15 pages
2018 03 22
Vienna city presentation
Vienna. General information. State Flag of Vienna. State Coat of Arms. Is the capital of Austria, on the River Danube. Include engineering Electrical goods Electronics Clothing Musical instruments Beer. Industries. In 15 BC, Vienna became a Roman ...
Geography, 15 pages
2018 03 22
Saint Jonas Festival
Festival. Saint Jonas' Festival, also known as Rasos - Dew Holiday, Joninės, Midsummer Day. Guessing weather at midsummer eve. Singing songs Dancing  Telling tales Jumping over bonfires. Symbols meaning. Gates – two differents worlds, ...
Etnology, 11 pages
2018 03 22
Affixation: Suffixes, Prefixes
Affixation. suffixes prefixes. Affixation morphemes fastening. Noun Suffixes. People who do things. People associated with things and places. Diminutives. The state of being. Adjectives Suffixes. Having the quality of. Verb Suffixes. To make. ...
Languages, 10 pages
2018 03 22
American literature
American literature. The story of American literature begins in the early 1600s. Early American Literature falls into two distinct periods. Colonial writing of the 1600s- 1770s largely dominated by the Puritans. Writers. Early 19-th century. The ...
Literature, 7 pages
2018 03 22
Gangsters Liebe und Tod
Gangsters. Liebe und Tod. Boni Parker. Boni’s Mutter Emma Parker und Schwester Billie Parker. Wenn sie 16 war, brach sie ihr Studium, liefe aus dem Haus und heiratete. Kleid Čestnut Barrow. Kleid’s Schwestern Nell und Artie. Er hatte einen ...
Culture, 18 pages
2018 03 22
Threatened and Endangered Species
Threatened and Endangered Species. What Are Endangered and Threatened Species? . What are endangered and threatened species? . Causes of extinction or becoming threatened or endangered. Habitat loss because of natural disaster. ...
Biology, 13 pages
2018 03 22
Salomėja Nėris - Litauen Dichterin
Salomėja nėris (1904-1945). Salomėja nėris (bačinskaitė-bučienė). Sie lernen in Vilkaviškis in der Alvitas Elementarschule. Im 1918 in der Vilkaviškis Gymnasium. Im 1936 Salomėja Nėris ist mit Aleksandras Bučis verhairatet und nicht ...
Literature, 10 pages
2018 03 22
Misconception: Meteors are falling stars
Misconception. Meteors are falling starsNovelty Interest DescriptionBackground – Meteroids and how they became meteors. Hitting atmosphere.
Astronomy, 2 pages
2018 03 17
A letter to a friend: phrases
A letter to a friend. Greeting. Dear Peter, Hi Peter, Hello Peter. Introduction. How are things? How‘s. Thanks a lot. I‘m just writing. Closure. That‘s all my. Write to me. Anyway, don‘t forget to let me know the dates of the party. ...
Languages, 11 pages
2018 03 17
Gediminas Dream
Gediminas' Dream. One day Grand Duke Gediminas, ruler of Lithuania from 1316 to. In the morning. Gediminas promptly gave. Iron wolf. Gediminas castle. Gediminas Castle ancient times.
History, 8 pages
2018 03 17
Conditionals presentation
Conditionals. Content. The Zero Conditional The First Conditional The Second Conditional The Third Conditional Mixed Conditionals. The Zero Conditional. We can make a zero conditional sentence with two present simple verbs If + present simple. ...
Languages, 11 pages
2018 03 17
Norman Bowie book Business ethics matter and its structure presentation
Norman bowie “Business ethics matter and its structure”. University of Minnesota Academic Advisor. Morality and ethics. Business ethics Morality Ethics. Aspect of business ethics. Ethical problems. Business ethics as a scientific discipline. ...
Business & Entrepreneurship, 8 pages
2018 03 17
Social Education Terminology
Social Education Terminology. Commit a crime. Place / put sb on probation , get / be given probation. Probation officer. Learning difficulties.Day care centre. Latchkey kid , latchkey child. Commit suicide. Suicide note. Suffer from ...
Sociology, 4 pages
2018 03 17
The main aspects which lead to commit a suicide and it‘s reflections in Jay Asher‘s book „Thirteen reasons why“
Summary. i. Introduction. Theoretical overview of ya literature. Defining suicide and types. Suicide in Young Adult literature. Defining bullying and depression. Focalization and Narration. Analysis of aspects which leads to suicide. Verbal and ...
Psichology, 14 pages
2018 03 17
Foreign languages presentation
Foreign language skills – a guarantee for a more interesting and meaningful life. English. English language. France. CanadaBelgium. SwitzerlandPrincipality of Monaco. Africa. United States of America and Caribbean area.
Languages, 13 pages
2018 03 17