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Company presentation Rūta
Uab ,,Rūta“. Content. Introduction history dislocation structure about workers motivation for. Introduction.  AB „Rūta" is. History. Uab “Rūta” activity. Dislocation. Over the past decades the headquarters is Siauliai. Structure. ...
Business & Entrepreneurship, 16 pages
2015 05 19
Senukai company presentation
Our aim of the company is - best quality service for which we have staff with best qualifications. Our consultants are there at your service for any information or support necessary. In general, the most important for us is – customer‘s ...
Companies, 15 pages
2016 01 18
Firefighter profesion
Firefighter. Noname. The main goal. The main goal. The first firefighting team was created in Rome by Marcus Licinius. History. It is a respected profession which is honored in all countries around the world. Pluses. This profession is very risky ...
Lifestyle, 8 pages
2015 09 29
Company of samsung
Company of samsung. To get acquainted with the company Samsung. Work aim. International electronics Group.  Headquarters - Seoul, South Korea.  . What is Samsung and where it is located? Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 as a ...
Technology, 11 pages
2015 11 19
Swedbank bank
History in Brief. Organizational Structure. Services Provided for Business Customers. Services Provided for Private Customers. „Swedbank“ Group presence. Bank vision, purpose and values. Contact Information. References. Do you have any ...
Economy & Finance, 11 pages
2017 12 08
The Loreal group company
In 2013 it has reached record sales of $25.89 billion for the year.Advantages: we have variety of different brands of cosmetics which also are suited for economy and luxury class. our company creates cosmetic which is tested by qualified ...
Business & Entrepreneurship, 19 pages
2015 05 19
Higher Education in Britain
Higher Education in Britain. Points. Opportunities for British school leavers Exams Types of British Universities Degrees. Opportunities for British school leavers. At the age. In the education. The system was. An increasing number. Exams. At the ...
Education, 18 pages
2015 10 20
3D Printers And Printing
3D printing is a process of making three dimensional objects from a digital file. How 3D Printer Works? D printers use a variety of very different types of additive manufacturing technologies. Every 3D Printer. Types of 3D Printers. There are 2 ...
Devices & Hardware, 13 pages
2016 03 06
Book presentation Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Book presentation. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. About the author. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Characters. All book parts. About the artwork. About the book. In my opinion. Liked film more, because. Would recommend this book , because. Thanks for your ...
Literature, 12 pages
2015 10 04
How technology changed our lives?
Technology’s changed humans whole life. And here’s a few things that has changed. How we communicate. How we read. Our entertainment. The way we travel. Even the way we eat. A lot of inventions that improved home comfort, appliances, ...
Technology, 11 pages
2017 02 26
Import and export in Lithuania
Import and export in Lithuania. Content. Import definition. Export definition. Mode of transport. Advantages of Import. Advantages Of Export. Disadvantages Of Import. Disadvantages Of Export. Lithuania imported products. Lithuania exported ...
Economy & Finance, 15 pages
2016 03 22
Klaipėda city and port
The city with ancient traditions and European culture. Business. Klaipėda Free Economic Zone. Klaipeda Port is rapidly developing thanks to efficient funding system. Security. In order to assure smooth port operations and. Klaipeda State Seaport ...
Transport, 10 pages
2015 11 29
Traditional food
Traditional food. What is food? Food- the key to energy source is usually of plant or animal origin. Types of food. Filling Light Heavy Organic. Healthy food. Vegetables Fruits Grain. Unhealthy food. Fast food Chips Candy. Lithuanian dishes. ...
Food, 12 pages
2016 04 03
3D printers presentation
The rate of technological progress is increasing every day. D printing technology. D printing technology is getting to casual consumer faster and cheaper in global scale. As of 2012, domestic 3D printing was mainly practiced by hobbyists and ...
Devices & Hardware, 9 pages
2016 03 13
Emigration: Pros and Cons
Emigration Pros and Cons. Contents. What is emigration? Pros of emigration Cons of emigration Conclusion References. Emigration is the relocation of people from one country to reside in another. Pros of emigration. Travel opportunities. Cons of ...
Lifestyle, 8 pages
2017 03 29
Facts about Fanta presentation
Facts about fanta. The drink was. In all the world more that 130 million times peope drink Fanta at day. Since 1969 Orange taste Fanta was the most sold flavor in the world. A special edition of Fanta Klassik, designed to mark the 75th birthday ...
Food, 13 pages
2019 04 03
Getting enough sleep
Getting Enough Sleep. Made by Dominykas Rimdeika and Paulius Staškus IIe. The problems with being tired. Sleep deprivation can. It isn’t just you. 36% of. How much sleep? In order to. What Can you do? Try to go. Follow a routine to help relax ...
Health & Nutrition, 9 pages
2015 12 09
Girteka Logistics company presentation
Content. What is Girteka. What is girteka logistics? About girteka logistics. The numbers of girteka employees. ‘‘sirin development“. “Sirin Development“. Girteka trucks & trailers. Girteka fleet. Clients choose Girteka Fleet for ...
Logistics, 16 pages
2019 11 13
Hybrid vehicles presentation
Hybrid vehicles. What is a hybrid vehicle? Hybrid structure. Parallel hybrid. Series hybrid. High voltage electrical systems. Batteries. High voltage electrical systems. Battery recharging. The “Silent” hybrid. Emergency procedures. fires. ...
Transport, 24 pages
2016 11 16
Railways presentation
Railways. Train station. A train station. History. The world's first recorded railway station was The Mount on the in Swansea. Station facilities. Stations usually have staffed ticket sales offices. Types of trains. There are various types of ...
Transport, 15 pages
2015 05 18
Rio carnival
2013 – 02 – 13 Made by: Deimante Rimkute and Goda Bockova.Carnival is Rio's main event. It happens at the peak of summer. It starts on Saturday, and ends on Fat Tuesday.At Rio Carnival people dancing singing,eating and do what ...
Culture, 6 pages
2017 01 12
Uoga uoga makeup products
Company. „Uoga Uoga“ fresh natural cosmetics. Products and Services. Origin. Functions. Demonstration. Materials. Why they are good? Competitors. „Uoga Uoga“ Unique Selling Preposition. Places of Product Availability. Price comparison. ...
Management, 20 pages
2017 01 20
3d printer
3D Printing. Introduction. 3D printing is. History. The technology for. To perform a. Additive Processes. Extrusion deposition (Fused. – nozzle ejecting molten plastic 2 – deposited material (modeled part) 3 – controlled movable table. ...
Devices & Hardware, 17 pages
2016 03 21
BMW Mission, vision, PESTLE analysis
BMW Mission, vision, PESTLE analysis. The BMW Group company profile. The special fascination. Mission. Providing continuous services, high quality and fully integrated for BMW customer in Indonesia. Vision. To be a premium world class BMW dealer ...
Transport, 12 pages
2018 02 19
Iceco company
Uab iceco. Who we are Our. Plan of presentation. ICECO” was founded. Who we are. To develop. Our mission. Name of company. Company logo. The company owns the trademarks “Aurum”. Company trademarks. Ice cream sandwich-type. Products. Fish ...
Companies, 16 pages
2016 02 17
International marketing
International marketing. International marketing is the application of marketing principles in more than one country. In simple words. International marketing is. Language barrier. Due to a. Stages Of International Marketing Involvement. No ...
Marketing, 8 pages
2015 10 01
Internet presentation
Today we gonna talk about social media websites We gonna talk about most popular websites and say what can u do in that website, say information about them and say pluses and minuses to them.Youtube used to make money and more money and ...
Internet, 23 pages
2016 12 06
Internet television
Internet television. What is Internet TV? Basic elements. Technologies used for Internet TV. P2P technology. VoD technology. Live streaming. Stream quality. Usage of Internet TV. Internet TV prices. Internet streaming. Thanks for listening!
Internet, 12 pages
2015 11 30
Klaipėda as a tourism destination
Klaipėda as a tourism destination. Content. Klaipėda. Accommodation in Klaipėda. Hotels. "Ararat" apart hotel****. "Radisson blu" klaipėda****. "Memel hotel"***. Guest houses. ″friedrich″ guesthouse ****. Hostels. Campings. Apartaments. ...
Travel, 38 pages
2016 11 15
Lithuanian human activity in public life
Made by: Paulius Vencevicius Sandra Čeponaitė Nora Jakubauskaitė.Activity in public life Elections Election in Kaunas city Non-governmental organization Caritas Lithuania activity in public life advantages and disadvantages or ...
Sociology, 29 pages
2015 10 05