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Senukai company presentation
Our aim of the company is - best quality service for which we have staff with best qualifications. Our consultants are there at your service for any information or support necessary. In general, the most important for us is – customer‘s ...
Companies, 15 pages
2016 01 18
BMW Mission, vision, PESTLE analysis
BMW Mission, vision, PESTLE analysis. The BMW Group company profile. The special fascination. Mission. Providing continuous services, high quality and fully integrated for BMW customer in Indonesia. Vision. To be a premium world class BMW dealer ...
Transport, 12 pages
2018 02 19
The Loreal group company
In 2013 it has reached record sales of $25.89 billion for the year.Advantages: we have variety of different brands of cosmetics which also are suited for economy and luxury class. our company creates cosmetic which is tested by qualified ...
Business & Entrepreneurship, 19 pages
2015 05 19
How technology changed our lives?
Technology’s changed humans whole life. And here’s a few things that has changed. How we communicate. How we read. Our entertainment. The way we travel. Even the way we eat. A lot of inventions that improved home comfort, appliances, ...
Technology, 11 pages
2017 02 26
Slides about Evolution of International Business
Evolution of International Business. About International Business. International Business - refers to the trade of goods. Th Century Broader. After 1930’s World. S efforts to. Result of international business evolution. Today the ...
Business & Entrepreneurship, 11 pages
2019 05 13
Facts about Fanta presentation
Facts about fanta. The drink was. In all the world more that 130 million times peope drink Fanta at day. Since 1969 Orange taste Fanta was the most sold flavor in the world. A special edition of Fanta Klassik, designed to mark the 75th birthday ...
Food, 13 pages
2019 04 03
Girteka Logistics company presentation
Content. What is Girteka. What is girteka logistics? About girteka logistics. The numbers of girteka employees. ‘‘sirin development“. “Sirin Development“. Girteka trucks & trailers. Girteka fleet. Clients choose Girteka Fleet for ...
Logistics, 16 pages
2019 11 13
Presentation about Holi festival
Holi. Festival of Colours In india. Holi is an ancient festival of India and was originally known as 'Holika. The Story of Holi. They also throw coloured paint at each other. They also sip a traditional drink called Bhang. Traditional Holi Food. ...
Culture, 18 pages
2019 05 03
Rio carnival
2013 – 02 – 13 Made by: Deimante Rimkute and Goda Bockova.Carnival is Rio's main event. It happens at the peak of summer. It starts on Saturday, and ends on Fat Tuesday.At Rio Carnival people dancing singing,eating and do what ...
Culture, 6 pages
2017 01 12
Internet presentation
Today we gonna talk about social media websites We gonna talk about most popular websites and say what can u do in that website, say information about them and say pluses and minuses to them.Youtube used to make money and more money and ...
Internet, 23 pages
2016 12 06
Lithuanian human activity in public life
Made by: Paulius Vencevicius Sandra Čeponaitė Nora Jakubauskaitė.Activity in public life Elections Election in Kaunas city Non-governmental organization Caritas Lithuania activity in public life advantages and disadvantages or ...
Sociology, 29 pages
2015 10 05
Occupational Health and Safety
When an accident occurs, immediately notify the department manager. 5.2 In case of fire, call the fire and rescue service tel. 01 or tel. 112. 5.3.1 Start a fire-fighting arrangements. 5.3.2 Immediately inform the Head of Unit of the fire. 5.4 In ...
Health & Nutrition, 18 pages
2015 11 17
Traditional and Modern Lithuanian Food
Pizza is very popular in Lithuania. It is made of flatbread, ketchup, cheese, ham, vegetables, etc. People eat pizza with tomato sauce or spicy sauce.Hamburger is a sandwich made of bread, lettuce, tomatoes, meat and cheese. People usually ...
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2016 10 16
A new rite of passage in emigration
Irregular emigration is the basic problem in Lithuania. Another most crucial problem of emigration is the loss of young people. Despite the problem of emigration, Lithuania also needs to face a particularly threatening problem of ‘brain ...
Culture, 9 pages
2016 05 12
Communication in social networks
All applications are designed to make our lifes more confortable, modern and simply. Do not give a change to destroy your life. Make sure that our communication would not hurt you and your family.Communication keeps us alive. Do not ...
Internet, 11 pages
2016 12 03
Erich Maria Remarque. "Three Comrades". Erich Maria Remarque was born on 22 June. He tried writing for the first time at the age of. Awards. He wrote about 20 novels  His best known novel All Quiet on the Western Front (1928Erich Maria ...
Literature, 7 pages
2019 05 08
Greek gods
Dzeus, the eldest of heaven and god of thunder; 2.Hera, goddess of marriage and the eldest; 3.Poseidon, god of the Sea; 4.Ares, god of war; 5.Hermes, travelers, shepherds, mediator between humans and gods; 6.Hephaestus, blacksmiths, craftsmen and ...
Religion & Spirituality, 12 pages
2017 05 25
Haribo company presentation
University of applied sciences. Management faculty. Finance and accounting departament. Financial studies program. HARIBO has produced fruit gums for over 90 years. Haribo name history. Activities of the company. Headquarter of haribo. Haribo ...
Economy & Finance, 17 pages
2019 04 26
It was love, peace and tolerance culture. Hippies weren’t afraid to say their opinion and had a lot of ideas to make world better. They listened to calm, quiet music. Hippies also had a bad habit to use drugs.
Culture, 7 pages
2015 05 28
How technologies change our cars
This engine is one of the new invention of engeneering, that will be revolution . Now it is only concept but in five or ten years mass product will be started. It is powered only by 8 grams of chemical element: Thorium and have zero emission. ...
Automotive, 13 pages
2015 08 22
Logistics manager
Logistics manager job depends on the chosen specialization: logistics or sales logistics. Logistics Manager plans, organizes and carries goods and materials storage, transport and distribution, customer service. Performs the company's orders, ...
Management, 15 pages
2015 12 08
My profession policeman
As well as the salary is not low, you can also continue their education and career advancement!My brother is also a cop, and I also go in the footsteps of his brother.
Career, 13 pages
2015 12 02
Presentation about CityBee transport
Content. What is CityBee? Information History Cars Bicycles Workers CityBee mobile application Future. CityBee is a. Information about citybee. Key Staff Lukas Yla (Director) Main office is located in Ozo g. Workers. History. CityBee began to ...
Transport, 14 pages
2019 03 28
Presentation about Singer Amy Winehouse
Amy winehouse. Career Charity work Death. Amy jade winehouse. English singer, songwriter 1983 september 14 Southgate, London, England. Career. Guitar. International success. "Back To Black". Tours festivals Guinness. Charity work. – appeared. ...
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2019 03 17
Urban transport in Lithuania
Working day to 20 trolleybus and 75 bus routes, drives 259 trolleybuses and 252 buses. Saturday respectively 131 trolleybuses and 113 buses, Sundays and holidays - 124 trolleybuses and 120 buses.Vilnius Public Transport has 185 ...
Transport, 16 pages
2016 06 03
A famous case of organized crime in Lithuania
A famous case of organized crime in Lithuania.
Law, 20 pages
2016 12 11
Ace logistics project
Ace logistics. Submitted by Submitted to. University of Applied Social Sciences. International Trade and Customs Logistics. Types of supply Net. Content. Ace loistics. Net sales per services. Vision- ACE’s aim. ACE Logistics is based Estonia ...
Logistics, 11 pages
2020 04 14
Today airplanes are used in many ways. Such as commercial, business and military aviation. People can easily visit other countries over their holidays, companies can better collaborate with other ones in the other side of the world, it became so ...
Transport, 9 pages
2015 12 06
An international organisation (unicef)
History of unicef what unicef are structure information what they do unicef in action conclusion.Working in over 190 countries; work is in the field;.Unicef is working with : Governments; National and international agencies; Civil ...
Government & Nonprofit, 12 pages
2015 05 07
Benefits of speech recognition
Disabled people can use input by voice as their main input method, and because of that with a proper training they are able to fully use computer, doing things they never thought could be possible. It allows them to communicate thru computer, ...
Information technology, 11 pages
2015 10 21