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A critical analysis Which role of science in EIA is more prioritise - process and procedure or purposes?
A critical analysis. assignement. The scientific papers. The main questions. M Cashmore ‘‘The. Role of science in EIA. Advancing theory on the role of science in EIA. Tõnis Põder and. Important aspects. M Cashmore ‘‘The. Tõnis Põder ...
Physics, 11 pages
2017 12 19
Copernikus – eye of the earth
Copernicus has been specifically designed to complete user requirements. Based on satellite observations, Copernicus services provide real-time data at a global level, which can also be used for local and regional needs to help us better ...
Physics, 3 pages
2020 12 19
Radiation presentation
Radiation – impact on environment, human health, prevention. Contents. Introduction. What is radiation? Sources of ionizing radiation. Chernobyl nuclear disaster. How does a nuclear reactor work? Radiations impact on health. Radiations impact ...
Physics, 13 pages
2020 04 02
Smart Materials is a prime
Smart Materials. A Primer. The purpose of this report. The purpose of this report is to expand my knowledge about smart materials. Introduction. The need. Piezoelectric. These are materials (mainly crystals) that produce electric voltage when ...
Physics, 13 pages
2020 06 10
The investigation of thermal radiation and Measuring temperature by an optical pyrometer (2)
The investigation of thermal radiation and Measuring temperature by an optical pyrometer (2).
Physics, 4 pages
2017 12 08
The pros and cons of current sustainable energy sources
The pros and cons of current sustainable energy sources.
Physics, 2 pages
2020 11 08
Albert Einstein presentation (2)
He formulated the theory of relativity. He explained the photoelectric effect. He explained Brownian motion. Published a famous energy equation E=mc² 1915. Einstein extended the theory of relativity, space for adding the fourth dimension - time ...
Physics, 10 pages
2017 03 28
Alternative energy sources
The methods used – the analysis of the theoretical sources.Solar cells are not very common in Lithuania, but necessary. This is a great alternative to electricity. However, photovoltaic solar energy as the only permanent source of energy ...
Physics, 10 pages
2017 03 03
Electromagetic radiation
Electromagnetic waves are very important for us. For example we all using internet through mobile phones and computers. Without them we couldn’t share information. In fact we couldn’t even live because infrared waves are heat.
Physics, 21 page
2015 12 02
Investigation of thermal radiation and temperature measurement by optical pyrometer
Investigation of thermal radiation and temperature measurement by optical pyrometer.
Physics, 2 pages
2015 06 03
Measurment of sound speed in air
( - waves lenght; N – amplitudes max numbers; L – lenght betwen first max and last.v – sounds wave speed; f – sounds generator frequency; N – amplitudes max numbers.i – degrees of freedom; γ – gas molar specific heat ...
Physics, 4 pages
2015 05 17
Nuclear power station dialogue
R: I’m not sure about that, because it would be difficult to organize.R: Yes, because we need to fix a date and time for the rally, because more people be involved.D: Ok, I will call you when I will make leaflets, so together we ...
Physics, 1 page
2017 04 23
Physics research Current
التيار المتردد : توليد التيار المتردد : بشكل دوري أيضاً.الأشكال الموجية : التيار المستمر :توليد التيار المستمر :
Physics, 2 pages
2020 12 09
Solar energy
Solar energy is renewable type of energy which is Eco friendly and don’t polutes nature It is the largest source of energy receives on Earth, but its intensity on surface is quite low Solar energy is only effective in daytime and not cloudy ...
Physics, 6 pages
2015 12 02
Thomas Edison
Phonograph Edison demonstrated his invention on November 29, 1877 and patented on February 19, 1878.Thomas Edison had a vision to build a house almost entirely of cement. Without cement mixing device, Edison would not have been able to ...
Physics, 10 pages
2017 03 17
About energy
Energy. Introduction. What is energy? History of energy. Units of measure. Forms of energy. Kinetic energy. Potential energy. Electrical energy. Heat energy. Thermal energy. Conservation of energy. Conclusions. Resources.
Physics, 11 pages
2016 05 08
Renewable and non-renewable energy sources
Introduction. Energy sources. Petroleum is the most commonly used energy source. Natural gas. Hydro Power. Nuclear energy. Solar Energy. Tidal energy. Geothermal power. Hydrogen. Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generators are a futuristic answer to the ...
Physics, 8 pages
2017 01 05
Canal lock diagram
The three diagrams shows how a boat travels through a canal lock which controls water level.The diagrams indicate that when a boat is near the upper gates, they open and allow a boat to sail in a canal on an upper water level while the ...
Physics, 1 page
2016 01 27
Electrical Safety in the Home
Standard Grade Science. From this lesson you will learn. Electricity. Electricity Check Test. Electricity. Electricity Check Test Answers. Electric Shocks. Electrical Safety. Electrical Safety Check Test. Electrical Safety Check Test Answers. The ...
Physics, 48 pages
2017 05 18
Electricity. What is electric current? An electric current is a flow of electric charge. Direct current - DC. Direct current is the unidirectional flow of electric charge. Alternating current - AC. In alternating current the movement of electric ...
Physics, 11 pages
2015 12 20
Inventions. Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was an American inventor,scientist and business man. Edison’s Light bulb. Thomas Edison did. Steam Engine. Steam engine was. First Cell Phone. The firs cell phone was created by Martin Cooper in.
Physics, 6 pages
2016 12 18
Loudest sound in the history
The loudest sound in history. Can you guess? Lets start describing the sound. Let’s say you were in Boston. And your’e friend heard a sound all the way from new york. What if the sound was from Dublin and came to Ireland. Impossible right? ...
Physics, 13 pages
2017 05 25
Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable Energy Sources. Wind power Hydropower Solar energy Geothermal energy Bio energy. Biomass energy. Currently, this is the largest source of renewable energy. Hydropower. Used for 16% of world electricity production. Geothermal energy. ...
Physics, 13 pages
2017 03 13
Scientists. Nicolaus Copernicus. Born 1473 February Died 1543 May He was a famous astronomer. Alexander Bell. Born 1847 March. Issac Newton. Born 1643 January. John Logie Baird. Born 1888 August. Marie Curie. Born 1867 November. Charles Darwin. ...
Physics, 8 pages
2017 03 19
Temperature. Air temperature data. Isotherm. The controls of temperature. Land and whater. Why do land and water heat and cool differently? Ocean currents. Altitude. Geogaphic position. Cloud cover and albedo. World distribution of temperatures. ...
Physics, 36 pages
2017 05 25
To what extent can human science topics be studied with the same degree with reliability as evidenced in the case of the natural sciences?
To what extent can human science topics be studied with the same degree with reliability as evidenced in the case of the natural sciences?
Physics, 1 page
2017 06 11
Water. Interesting facts about water. You can get drunk on water. You need water more, than you need food. Water doesn’t always freeze at 0°C. Most of the earth’s fresh water is underground. There‘s alot of fun sport activities with water. ...
Physics, 20 pages
2017 05 01
Wind turbine
Consist of : electrisity grid, tower, wind orientation control system, generator, anemometer, mechanical break, gearbox, rotor blade, rotor hubtower: Tower tall is about 100 meters all tower consist of several platforms which pupose is ...
Physics, 1 page
2016 12 11
Windpipe. What is the windpipe? The trachea, commonly known as the windpipe. Where is this organ? The trachea begins. What is the function of this organ? Its function is. What body system does this organ belong to? Respiratory System. Windpipe ...
Physics, 7 pages
2016 12 07