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People love such portals and send their (or fancy) a description of what the drunk Hollywood actor or something like this. In the East this feature of the Internet of is used for different purposes.

The Internet is used for political fight. One site writes compromising emissions, other sites catching quotes (if citing in another measure, it is exempt from liability). That is how the information is circulated to all potential voters. Electronic media has opened the way for the visual material. We could never put a video clip on the work of paper version. Now the media has its own Web TV which we also cannot put on the paper. For these reasons, it seems that electronic media can completely replace the paper version. But looking at the evolution of the world – some years ago we thought that newspapers will be gone after the radio. Later, when the TV came into our lives, we were back to the idea that a paper version of a newsletter will finally disappear. But none of these versions were right. So now we can only speculate if the Internet will “end” the story of newspapers.

Secondly, there is the media "seasonality", for example in the summer increases the popularity of radio and magazines, and decreases the TV and Internet. And finally, the growing popularity of online media-this results in gains and expanding technical capabilities and the growing Internet penetration. The Internet joined the planet in a single network a few seconds to connect to the source of the information needed for you, no matter where in the world it would be. This world is a reality and does not have any boundaries. The time lag between when the information placed on the Internet and its use has dropped almost to zero. The world before the internet was different. First, he was limited geographically. Daily newspapers, journals have been published for a certain geographical area. Normally, the space was the State implements their commitments under national borders. The man in a different side of the world, without a doubt, was able to follow it up, but the attributes of the events in the country, he was able to do with only a certain time – as long as newspapers will reach it. So the Internet has lifted this geographical and time difference.

Another key issue is the Internet and traditional media advantages and disadvantages in the matter. Press information is available once a day, in the meantime, the Internet up-to-date information may be published, even several times an hour. An example would be the Russian Internet newspaper, which very quickly sheds light on important events.

In Lithuania, the agility of news is in BNS and ELTA hands, because they just write a post which immediately finds himself on the Internet. The eternal problem of journalism is the quality of the information provided. Daily information is given a little time, so a journalist can’t proper analyze and summarize the information (but this can be done in the journal). From the Internet news as well as a quick summary cannot be expected, however, it is each and every personal choice. For some, the need to comment, for others – just the dry facts. One can only read the individual publication, that’s all. So far, the Internet media is topical and painful, main problem is in the reliability of the information. In which the information can be used to believe, and which is not? Over time, some of the publications get a good name, because it announces the reliable information, so users without worrying will read. On the other hand, the information provided may not match the actual situation, however, the same phenomenon can be observed, and in the traditional press. Traditional press announces its circulation, which perhaps is inaccurate. Internet publications, in this case, are much better because the reader can always see how much users visited each day. Generate the number of users is difficult, but possible, but self-respecting journal is not acting because of the number of users, but rely heavily on advertising content. The idea that Internet media will push out the traditional, you can call the delirium. Since the invention of the Gutenberg, press was demanded and that the concept to grow old and fade away.

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