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GAAP (Generally accepted accounting Principles) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
GAAP (Generally accepted accounting Principles) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).
Accounting, 21 page
2016 12 05
Financial analysis Vilniaus Baldai AB
Seems that the most product are destine to export and the company take the risk of other countries economic change so the price can differ from a country to other which mean that the company will not be able to sale her product if the cost ...
Accounting, 6 pages
2016 02 21
The total quality management and its relationship with cost accounting
The total quality management and its relationship with cost accounting.
Accounting, 17 pages
2016 05 07
Accounting for Entrepreneurs
Accounting for Entrepreneurs. What is Accounting? Four Fields of Accounting. Why do we need Accounting? The Elements of Accounting. The Elements of Accounting (Cont’d). The Accounting Equation! The Accounting Cycle Definitions. The Accounting ...
Accounting, 32 pages
2017 12 19
Basics of financial accounting
Account. Accounting. Attributes of Accounting. Functions. Users of Accounting Information. Branches of Accounting. Advantages. Limitations. Accounting Terminology. Basis of Accounting. Cash basis. Basis of Accounting. System of Accounting. ...
Accounting, 47 pages
2018 12 15
Management accounting
Breakeven analysis. Expense budgeting. Inventory management. Capital budgeting. Careers in management accounting. Specializations. Budget Analyst. Education and Experience Requirements. Financial Analyst. Responsibilities. Education and ...
Accounting, 10 pages
2018 10 04
Value added tax
Value added tax. Goods and services tax. Why do all eu countries use vat. How is it charged ? Value added tax in portugal and lithuania. Lithuanian VAT compliance & rates. The VAT tax point for Lithuanian. Payers of VAT in Lithuania.
Accounting, 12 pages
2018 10 04
Capital Structure
Capital budgeting. Q1-what is capital budgeting? Q4-Would the NPV change if the cost of capital changed? Q6-What is the logic behind the IRR method? Q8-Should you accept or reject the project based on NPV, IRR and PI analysis?
Accounting, 2 pages
2019 11 11
Case study: Mini-Case: Ford Stockholders’ Equity
Case study: Mini-Case: Ford Stockholders’ Equity.
Accounting, 6 pages
2021 03 01
Finance Function Transformation
Finance Function Transformation. What defines a high performing finance function? How does a high finance function balance all three objective- control, efficiency and insight. Symptons creating a case for change. Our point of View. The operating ...
Accounting, 17 pages
2016 10 11