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Provide Eyelash and Brow Treatments
Carying out tests prior to treatments and accurately recording treatment. Assesing facial characteristic prior to carrying out lash and brow treatment. Positioning of the therapist and the client during the treatment. Using the correct products, ...
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2018 01 23
French Manicure Case Study
Personal details. Contra-indications that restrict treatment (Select if/where appropriateDiseases and disorders (Select if/where appropriateNail test (Select if/where appropriateTreatment (Select if/where appropriateHome care advice. Document ...
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2021 04 04
Makeup Consultation Form & Treatment Plan
Then I moved on to her eye make-up. I applied some eye make-up base with a disposable eye-make up brush and with my eye make-up brush I applied a beige base all over the eye socket. Then I applied a darker beige colour to her lid only. Using a ...
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2017 01 16
 Provide pedicure treatment
Positioning of the therapist and the client during the treatment. Carrying out a nail and skin analysis. Products and materials required for manicure. Completing client records corectly. Completing the treatment to the satisfaction of the client. ...
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2018 01 23
Cosmetic surgery essay
Cosmetic surgery pros. Improve your physical health. Improves your confidence. Produces results which often last a long. Cosmetic surgery cons. Get addicted to it. Cosmetic surgeries can go wrong. Mistakes during surgery. The importance of body ...
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2020 06 10
Dry skin presentation
Dry skin. What is dry skin? What causes dry skin? External factors that cause dry skin include. Symptoms. Keeping moisture in the skin. Lifestyle remedies. Conclusions. Sources of information.
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2018 10 04
How to work with Dehydrated, Dry and atopic skin?
How to work with Dehydrated, Dry and atopic skin. Epidermis composition. Composition of Extracellulare space of epidermis. First line of defence is epitelium. Protection Barrier Of guts and skin is similar. What Leaky Tissue is? First ...
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2019 11 19
Mac cosmetics company
MAC CosmeticS company. Overview. Introduction Company Profile History Key people Products. Mac. MAC Cosmetics is known to produce the best pigmented cosmetics in the beauty industry. (Makeup Art Cosmetics) MAC Cosmetics. MAC Cosmetics was founded ...
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2018 12 21
My dream profession: makeup artist
My dream profession. Makeup artist. Why did I choose to talk about this profession? Advantages and Disvantages of being a Makeup Artist. Disvantages. Makeup we are used to seeing. Special effects makeup. Plans that will. The end.
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2019 10 02
Presentation about Hairdresser profession
Hairdresser.  hairdresser is a person. Activities at work. Consultation. Washing hair. Cutting and styling. Colouring hair. Hours of work. Most hairdressers are based. Pay. Once you’ve bagged your Level 2 you can start earning between £9k ...
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2019 03 25
Presentation of Margarita beauty line products
Presentation of Margarita beauty line products. Biok Labaratorija. Biok Company was. Margarita. Back in. The "Margarita" recipes. Margarita. Gamta mus myli. Margarita. Nature loves us. Their company's motto. Personnel. Romualda Stragienė ...
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2019 10 07
Sequence of massage procedures
Massaage of the subscapula muscles – pomentinių r. Masažas. Massage of the erector spinae – nugaros tiesiamojo r. Masažas. Buttock - sėdmenys. Leg. Upper Leg. Lower leg. Front side.
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2019 01 04
Simple looking makeup
Simple looking makeup. Many cosmetics are designed for use of applying to the face and hair. Moisturizer. This product can protect skin, by keeping it hydrated. Primer. Primer is applied after your moisturizer, but BEFORE your foundation. This is ...
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2018 10 04
SkinCare Products
Morning Cleanse Toner Serum Moisturizer Eye Cream Sunscreen. SkinCare Routine. Makeup Remover products. SkinCare Products. Morning Start your day off with a clean face. Cleanse. Morning Toner is a fast-penetrating liquid that gives you hydration. ...
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2021 02 16
Slides about Beauty Salon
„Tilia“. Beauty salon. The beauty and. All „Tilia“ services. Beauty procedures Facial care procedures Body treatments Hair care treatments Hairdresser Men's procedures Manicure. Salt room. Halotherapy procedures soothe the nervous system. ...
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2019 06 04
Vichy cosmetics
Vichy Cosmetics. Content. Brand history Skin care products Favourite product Chemical composition Summarizing. The story behind Vichy Skin Care. Vichy Skin Care was created in 1931 by Dr. Vichy skin care products. The secret ingredient is ...
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2020 11 30
Women’s attitudes to beauty, aging, and the place of cosmetic procedures
Šiauliai State College. Faculty of Health Care. Analysis of professional article. Title of the article Women’s attitudes to beauty. To investigate women’s attitudes toward beauty. Aims. Patients/Methods. An in-depth questionnaire was ...
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2019 04 07
Beauty and aesthetics
Make-Up Services Day make-up. Evening make-up Bridal make-up Bridal make-up test Photography make-up.Hair coloring Hair cut   Fringe cut  Hairdressing Short hair coloring  Mid long hair coloring   Long hair coloring Hair treatment ...
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2017 05 06
Body image
To improve your self-esteem it’s very important to set realistic goals. Setting unrealistic expectations for your future may kill your self-esteem because you wouldn’t feel self-reliant. Furthermore, a person who is willing to adjust his body ...
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2015 11 06
Consumer behaviour cosmetic consumption
It was investigated that quality at 85% and brand name at 10% are the two biggest factors influencing purchase decision-making (Desai, 2104) The price actually does not affect the final decision although consumers are price sensitive, only 3% of ...
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2016 08 01
Face skin and its care
Work by GT – 16 student: Dovilė Petravičiūtė.It is the rarest skin type. This type of skin has medium size pores, even after wash there is no feeling of stretch, skin stays matte for the whole day.Skin dryness When the colder ...
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2017 03 28
Lush fresh handmade cosmetics
According to Moore, philosophical work precedes the technical work. Therefore, they are closely interlinked it will be discussed in one section.Lush has a clear vision how they want to run the company, especially regarding their employees. ...
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2017 05 24
Makeup Case Study
Her skin doesn’t really have wrinkles or blemishes and looks and feels soft and smooth. Her T zone is little bit oily and she said that she gets blemishes prior period sometimes on this part of the face. I can see signs of heeled blemishes ...
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2016 06 08
Makeup cosmetics
1. skin comes to suit Primer individual in conditions formulas.2. darken eyelashes or Mascara thicken attention used is lengthen the to draw.3. color gels Eyebrow define brows and pencils waxes are creams powdres the.
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2016 06 12
Manicure Case Study
Treatment Evidence FormPersonal details:Contra-indications requiring medical permission:Contra-indications that restrict treatment (Select if/where appropriate):Diseases and disorders (Select if/where ...
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2021 04 04
Origin of the perfume and few interesting facts about it
Origin of the perfume and few interesting facts about it.
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2015 11 04
Timeless makeup
Concealer The ultimate weapon for hiding the things you don’t want others to see. Use a little on a small brush to hide blemishes and dark circles under your eyes. Foundation Stunning skin with no blemishes, go for sheer, light textures, ...
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2017 04 18
What is beauty
For example I will talk about Nigeria. In this country humans think that beauty is then women is fat, and have overweight. In Borneo tattoos are like a diary, because its are showing all import events for human. In New Zeland tattoos are reflect ...
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2016 11 09
مشاوره و درمان مراجعین با مشکل اگزما و مدیریت عوارض خدمات پوست و زیبایی
مشاوره و درمان مراجعین با مشکل اگزما و مدیریت عوارض خدمات پوست و زیبایی. مقدمه. تعریف اگزما. علل اگزما. درمان. اگزما و
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2021 04 15
Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic SUGIHARA
Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic SUGIHARA. Plastic surgery. Dermatology. Laser treatment to quit smoking. Oriental treatment, acupuncture. Beauty salon services. Face skin treatments. Treatment for body beauty and soul harmony. Swimming pool, ...
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2015 12 01