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English letter example
When it is the end of the school year and all school seniors are getting ready for the final exams they start to think what profession they should choose. Of course, there are a lot of students who already know what to choose but those who do not ...
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2015 05 18
Beautiful Slides template
Here’s what you’ll find in this Slidesgo template: A slide structure based on a diploma presentation, which you can easily adapt to your needs. For more info on how to edit the template, please visit Slidesgo School or read our ...
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2021 02 23
Application Letter curriculum vitae
As you can see from my curriculum vitae, I have helped my mother to work with children at summer camps for two years. I believe that I have gained a lot of experience there as I communicate easily with children of all ages. Besides this, I often ...
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2015 09 16
Clothes presentation
Clothes. In the mall you can see some clothes. This is a t-shirt. This is a skirt. This is a dress. This is a pair of socks. This is an anorak. This is a pair of shorts. This is a pair of shoes. This is a pair of jeans. This is a pair of ...
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2017 05 04
How do write a personal letter?
How do write a personal letter? Put your address in the top right corner of the letter. Start with expressions like Hi/Hello/Dear. Start by. Tell your reader your news. 7. Commen on and ask about your reader’s life. Give a reason to end the ...
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2015 05 17