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Ethnic cultures in Lithuania
Moreover, talking about ethnic comunities, I would like to know more about tatars or karaims. These ethnic groups are the less known for me. They don‘t have their national teritory like Germay, Russia or Poland. This is very important, because ...
Etnology, 2 pages
2016 01 31
North German Folklore
Talking about the main structure. These 52 stanzas are divided into two groups: 1 – 5 is talking narrator, and 6- 52 is talking teller from the position of “I”. Every stanza is made of 5 lines, four of them is telling something new, but ...
Etnology, 7 pages
2016 03 24
Christmas in Finland presentation
Christmas in Finland. Finnish christmas celebration. Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas Day in Finland. Families have Christmas. Christmas decorations. Christmas trees are usually decorated with garlans. Tradition Nordic billy-goat. ...
Etnology, 13 pages
2018 10 04
Christmas traditions presentation
Christmas traditions. Christmas celebration in england. It is cold, wet, and foggy in England at Christmastime. Christmas celebration in germany. A big part of the Christmas celebrations in Germany is Advent. Christmas selebration in austria. ...
Etnology, 6 pages
2020 09 23
Civil society in Latvia
Civil society in Latvia. Civil society is. Types of non-governmental organisations in Latvia. Characteristics of non-governmental organisations. Operating principles of NGOs. Funding sources for NGOs. Business activities. The importance of civil ...
Etnology, 18 pages
2018 10 04
Defenders of freedom day, essay
Today Im going to talk about defenders of freedom day. Defenders of Freedom Day is commemorated every year on January 13. For us Lithuanians this day is more like a day of mourning and it‘s not about victory. In 1991, Lithuania defended itself, ...
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2021 01 15
Good citizens slides
Good citizens. What is a good citizen? A very good. Every day, we as people experience challenges. A good citizen. No one is born a good citizen no nation is born a democracy. In conclusion. We all should be good citizens or at least - we should ...
Etnology, 6 pages
2021 01 05
National Holidays and Commemorative Days in Lithuania
National Holidays and Commemorative Days in Lithuania.
Etnology, 17 pages
2017 12 08
Osterferien in Litauen
Osterferien in Litauen. In Litauen können. Ostern war und ist mit der Wiedergeburt der Natur verbunden. Die Geister wachen zu Ostern auf. In der Antike glaubte man, dass Geister zum ersten Donner wanderten. Eiersymbolik. Zu Ostern wurden. ...
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2020 04 30
Saint Jonas Festival
Festival. Saint Jonas' Festival, also known as Rasos - Dew Holiday, Joninės, Midsummer Day. Guessing weather at midsummer eve. Singing songs Dancing  Telling tales Jumping over bonfires. Symbols meaning. Gates – two differents worlds, ...
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2018 03 22
The role and importance of civil society organizations in the Kingdom of Sweden
The role and importance of civil society organizations in the Kingdom of Sweden. CSO’s in broad sense. Relations between CSO’s and the Swedish government. Relations between Swedish CSO’s and Developing – Countries CSO’s. CSOs and ...
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2019 05 24
Chinese new year
For the first time participating people feel happy, frustrated, cherfully, proudly.1 - the coming of spring (D) – Spring, dances, ribbons, cheerful, pole, flowers/ At this festival men and women dancing around the pole. A special pole is ...
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2017 01 25
Christmas in Finland
Christmas holiday starts on the 20th of December. It’s longer that he usually have. Yippee! Many people travel north to visit their relatives. Many of them are also hoping to see snow. He hope that there will be enough snow for skiing, skating, ...
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2016 04 19
Christmas plants
Heaven apple tree was the symbol of sin It is create “krikstykla” from Shemaitshu Kalvarija.The earlest christmas plant in the church was holly (or evergreen oak) as defence from anger spirit.Mistletoe (Misltai) /amalas /was in ...
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2015 12 23
Lithuania heritage sites
Old town attracts many tourist because , it’s on the most one of the most beautiful old town in Central and Eastern Europe. There is admiring not just unique architecture, but also preserved natural environment, a lot of greenery of beautiful ...
Etnology, 2 pages
2016 03 22
National identity
So all in all I think that national identity is really important even nowadays to keep our country untouchable and safe but still we have to show respect and to other cultures and I believe that in this way we can live peacefully and develop as ...
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2017 02 23
Shrove Tuesday
Among the most important merrymakers - Fatso and Hempen.Fatso depicts satiety, eating too much. It was thick, with a piece of bacon. Hempen - skinny, ragged, with hempen rope in your hand or on your head or wear a hempen foot wreath with ...
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2015 10 27
Solstice in Lithuania
This time instants in the winter and in the summer, when the sun, scroll end up in the most remote from the celestial equator and then the sun begins to return or move closer to the celestial equator.The summer solstice is celebrated on ...
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2015 12 09
Spanish and Italian people
As said earlier, there are some disparities between the two of these mediteranean countries, but the similarity is just undeniable, because their history is related and that formed their traditions, character and appearence.
Etnology, 2 pages
2016 02 22
Three Kings feast
The three kings in the feast is celebrated on 6 January, which traditionally ends the Christmas period or return of the commemoration of the Sun. It is said that the of Christmas by three kings day results over the cock.Born in Bethlehem, ...
Etnology, 6 pages
2016 12 15
Traditional spanish folk costumes
The outfit that Bullfighters wear is called Traje de luces- The Suit of Lights. Ths name originated from the use of sequins and threads of gold and silver. The Capote de paseo is also worn over the suit, adorned by the extremely rich ...
Etnology, 9 pages
2015 12 14
Traditions in the UK
Ha’ya everyone. Today we’re going to talk about traditions in the United Kingdom! So let start our journey ...Because of fast day routine British people eat a lot of junk food. Take-away meals are very popular and most towns have a ...
Etnology, 24 pages
2017 01 30
Velykos skaidrės (2)
Easter was first celebrated before Christmas. In the III or IV century.Before Easter: People tidy their house. People paint the eggs. People go to the church. People make meals for Easter.The most popular game is hitting one egg in ...
Etnology, 10 pages
2013 09 14
One of my favourite holidays in Lithuania is Easter.Every year the date of this festival is different and this year we are celebrating it on 5th of April.For me Easter is associated with colourful eggs which we call 'marguciai'. We decorate them ...
Etnology, 1 page
2016 02 07
The 6th of July - Lithuanian national festival
The 6th of July - Lithuanian national festival. The first and. Lithuanian King Mindaugas united Lithuanians and made one nation. A solemn ceremony of raising the flags. The parade of Lithuanian military. Volleys of shots for Lithuania and its ...
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2015 11 26
Origami history
History of origami. Facts. The Japanese word. There is very. Some origami example. How to do crane. Step. Turn the paper. Using the creases. Fold top triangular flaps into the centre and unfold. Fold top of model downwards, crease well and ...
Etnology, 19 pages
2015 11 24
The meaning of Stonehenge
Good morning everyone. Today I will talk about Stonehenge, and the main purpose of my speech is to tell you what is the meaning of Stonehenge. So, to start with, what is Stonehenge? It is a circle of stacked rocks, located in Europe, Southern ...
Etnology, 2 pages
2017 03 13
Easter presentation
Easter. Facts about Easter. Easter is a Christian festival. The egg-a symbol of new life. Decorating and colouring eggs for Easter. Chocolate eggs. Egg rolling. Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Rabbit. Easter cards. Special Easter Food. Easter ...
Etnology, 14 pages
2017 12 08
Brazilian celebrations
Brazilian celebrations. Prepared by Adas Ložkinas 2c. Substance. Brazilian Carnival  Parintins Folklore Festival  Oktoberfest Bumba-Meu-Boi. Brazilian Carnival . This celebration takes place 46 days before Easter. Parintins Folklore ...
Etnology, 11 pages
2015 11 11
Carnaval of Venice
Carnival of Venice. History of the Venetian Carnival. Takes place in. Venetian Carnival was. Carnival & Masquerade Balls. Carnival-celebrates days of. Venetian Carnival Today. Starts two weeks. Masks of the Venetian Carnival. Today masks are. The ...
Etnology, 10 pages
2017 04 18