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September 11 terorists attack
September 11. Before The Attack. Something everyone remembers. What Happened. On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the United States. Who did it. The government declared. Memorial. The National September. Timeline Of The Events. 759 a. m. ...
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2015 12 01
100 th anniversary of Lithuania
100 th anniversary of Lithuania. Lithuania, officially the Republic of Lithuania. With its statehood dating back to over one thousand years. The Act of. The country has survived through many difficult periods. Thanks to them today we can feel ...
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2018 02 19
Act of Independence of Lithuania
Act of Independence of Lithuania. The Act of Independence. The Act was signed by all twenty representatives, chaired by Jonas Basanavičius. The document was wrote in Vilnius, pilies street. The Lietuvos Aidas edition where the Act of ...
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2018 02 19
Autocracies and hybrid regimes
Autocracies and hybrid regimes. Aim & objectives. Political regime. Presidential Republic. Applying seminar readings. Political regime. Semi-presidential republic. Applying seminar readings. Political regime. Federal presidential constitutional ...
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2019 12 02
Best Solutions for terror attacks
In today's world, one of the most important global issues is terrorism. Improving border controls. Security of potential targets. Recognising radicalism. Working with international partners to share information on terrorism. Fight against ...
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2019 09 24
China and Russia in World politics
China and Russia in World politics. China. Power features. Take into account. Grand strategy. Multilateralism, Shared Peace and Development, New York, 28 September. World around China. Speech by Foreign Minister Wang Yi, 10/12/. Stable relations ...
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2019 05 05
Conflict in the Middle East The possible outcome
Conflict in the Middle East The possible outcome.
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2017 12 08
Elections in the republic of Lithuania
We have referendums in our country also. There are two types of referendums: mandatory referendums and consultative referendums.At the end, it is important to make a conclusion, that we have 4 species elections in our country: election to ...
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2017 12 08
Essay about globalization
In addition to this, an avaibility of international brands like Samsung,Apple,Amazon,Nike,Pepsi etc. enables consumers to purchase great quality products. For instance,people from China can use same technological level products as the people from ...
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2017 12 08
Essay What chalanges will future generations face?
What chalanges will future generations face?
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2019 03 27
EU pillar system
EU pillar system. Origins. Origin. Changes. Abolition.
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2018 02 19
Forms of Government
The structure of my presentation. Most popular anarchist currents. Ecoanarchism or Green. Ecofeminism describes movements and philosophies that link feminism with ecology. Libertarian socialism. Autocracy means the. Depending on the features, ...
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2018 10 04
French civil service
French Civil Service. Contents. The French Civil. Divisions. The civil service. Recruitment and career. Most positions are open to citizens of the European Union. Corps. Civil servants of the State are divided into corps category A for ...
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2019 11 18
International organizations slides
World. Vision. International. When? who? why? Impact. Million children were sponsored in 56 countries. Approaches. Child Participation Child Protection Child. Where they work. Afghanistan Albania Angola Armenia Australia Austria Bangladesh ...
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2018 10 04
Life in the USSR period essay
Nowadays, people should be grateful for so many opportunities in their lives. Because in USSR people didn’t had that opportunities to choose what they want.First of all, after World War II, our country was one of the biggest in the ...
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2019 04 03
Lithuania in Europe – Europe in Lithuania
Lithuania in Europe – Europe in Lithuania. Estonia. The Baltic Way. Peaceful political demonstration. University of Tallinn. Tallinn University is one of the three largest institutions of higher education in Estonia. Black Ribbon day. European ...
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2017 12 19
Nato project
Nato. Plan. What is NATO? Countries that belong to NATO The transatlantic link Goals and Means. What is nato. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization Also called the North Atlantic Alliance. Political NATO promotes. Countries that belong to ...
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2018 10 04
Presentation about European Parliament
The European Parliament. Vocabulary. What is the european parliament? Kas yra Europos parlamentas? Legislation in the European Parliament. Teisėkūra Europos Parlamente. Budgetary work in the EP. Biudžetinis darbas Europos Parlamente. ...
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2019 03 29
Presentation about Globalization good or bad?
Globalisation good or bad? Globalization. Globalization form. Economic globalization. Cultural globalization. Political globalization. Other dimensions of globalization. Measuring globalization. Globalization is Good! Advantages of globalization. ...
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2019 03 25
Presentation about The Royal Family
The Royal Family. A. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana born 2 May. Princess Charlotte. George Alexander Louis, born 22 July. Prince George. Louis Arthur Charles. Prince Louis. Catherine was raised. Catherine ,duchess of Cambridge. William Arthur Philip ...
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2019 04 02
Presentation about UNESCO - The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Unesco. Unesco - the. Material cultural heritage. Curonian Spit (2000) Kernavė Archaeological Site (Cultural Reserve of Kernavė) (2004) Vilnius Historic Centre (1994Curonian Spit. The most famous. Kernavė Archaeological Site. He location ...
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2019 03 10
Promoting the rule of law at the national and international level
Promoting the rule of law at the national and international level. FORUM. Question of. Submitter. Co-submitters. The general assembly sixth committee,. Aware. Recognizing. Deeply concerned. Confident. Encourages. Strongly. Expressing. ...
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2019 03 11
Refugee integration in Belgium
Introduction. Migration. Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Refugee situation in the world. Refugee crisis in Europe. Refugee in Belgium. Residing and working in Belgium. Family reunification. Cessation or withdrawal of refugee status. ...
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2019 05 30
Share of women in national parliaments
The subject of my talk is share of women in national parliaments. I’d like to begin by commenting on the data of the graph. The provided bar chart shows the statistics of women in the national parliaments of some European countries in 1997 and ...
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2018 12 17
Speak about globalization
Speak about globalization. In fact , there are two sides of globalization benefits and drawbacks. Migration of labour  force. The  global common market. Across borders. Elimination of  barriers. But there is another side of the coin. GDPs ...
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2019 03 20
Sweden parliament: Members and parties
Members and parties. Elections to the Riksdag. Who can be elected as a member of the Riksdag. Committees. What does the Riksdag do? The budget process. Sweden and Lithuania. Conclusions. List of literature.
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2018 04 03
The European Union project
The european union. Plan. On 9 May 1950 European Union was created. Who is the European Union? The main institutions of the European Union. Lithuania becoming a member of the European Union. Interesting facts about the European Union. Conclusion. ...
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2018 10 04
The Impacts of Brexit
By Artiom Caplev of 3F class. What is Brexit. Nigel Farage. Impact on currency. Pound Sterling plunge. Impact on Business Trades. Small business stock rates in UK. Impact on healthcare. Impact on Immigration. Immigration interest rate. Q&a.
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2017 12 08
The Lack of External Validity in Game Theory
The Lack of External Validity in Game Theory.
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2018 02 19
THW legalize the sale of human organs
How it’s unjust for the government to have a law against the sale of human organs. How this policy encourages the existence of black markets. How this policy helps people.
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2019 06 08