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Solutions Third Edition Intermediate Tests Unit 3 progress test A
Read the text and choose the correct words. Local boy to climb Everest. Will have left. Will be leaving. Won’t have hung. Won’t be hanging. Will be camping. Will have got. Will be waiting. Will have gone. Will have started. Will have reached. ...
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2020 12 11
Opinion essay
In addition to that, people who propagate these activities tend to be aggressive as they are stimulated to use power and often cast negative emotions. In fact, people may become horrific if they are full of hatred and temper since they find it ...
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2015 11 29
Opinion essay (2)
Nevertheless, there are a number of strong arguments against wearing school uniforms. Firstly, they are not very cheap. For instance, buying a uniform may cost three times as much as acquiring simple set of clothes, regardless of the fact that ...
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2016 04 27
Vocabulary and Grammar Test Unit 8 Test A
Match the words below to the synonyms in bold. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions. Complete the sentences with phrases with face and the words in brackets. Complete the sentences with the correct passive form of the verbs in ...
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2021 01 14
It takes more than intelligence to achieve lifetime goals essay
It takes more than intelligence to achieve lifetime goals essay.
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2018 10 04
Integrity has no need of rules
To end with integrity has no need of rules, because, everyone has their one rules. Integrity is a very peronal thing, and every person does it, how ever we wants. If there were rules, a lot of people lives would me a huge mess.
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2016 02 16
Test: Cumulative Vocabulary and Grammar Test Units 1–5 Test A
Circle the correct words to complete the sentences. Generosity / laziness / prosperity. Stubborn / modest / assertive. Trim / plump / handsome. Sportsmanship / commitment / self esteem. Devastated / contaminated / evacuated. Theft / offence / ...
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2020 09 22
Vocabulary and Grammar Test Unit 1 Test B
Complete the sentences with the correct words below. Optimism perfectionism single-mindedness commitment perseverance tolerance ingenuity compassion. Complete the sentences with one or two of the words below. Incremental striking interim a great ...
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2021 02 10
Monologue about dear person (mother)
Next, I want to answer the main question - why I’m thankful for her? Generally, we all are thankful for our parents, because only they teach us life. In my case, I am especially grateful to my mother, who raised me one, without the help of my ...
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2015 07 08
Monologue about pocket money
The other thing why is good to bring your lunch in the school than buy food in canteen, is a price of food. I think 1,50euro for steak is expensive for students. That‘s why other teenagers prefer buy sneakers, chips, bun. For them they pay ...
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2016 06 11
Questions for the examination Lexicology
Features of the word: morphological structure; certain arrangement of morphemes; different word forms; different syntactic functions; signal various meanings; indivisible; mobile in a sentence.Morpheme – the smallest meaningful unit. One ...
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2016 03 10
Speech about friend
All in all, it is necessary to have friends and it is cool then you can chat with friend from abroad and learn about other country culture, local dishes, local sports or other things from friends like Mario or other. I started communicate with ...
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2016 03 17
Although there are 17 recognized weight divisions, a majority of the professional boxers compete in only eight of those classes. These classes are, with maximum weight: (1) flyweight, 112 lb (50.7 kg); (2) bantamweight, 118 lb (53.5 kg); (3) ...
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2010 03 03
English Solutions Third Edition Intermediate short test unit 7
Complete the mini dialogues. Use the correct form of the passive. Complete the sentences with the words below. There is one extra word. Ballet composer director drawing novelist poet. Mark ___ / Complete the sentences with the past simple form of ...
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2021 02 10
Myself essay
Two months ago I came to Norway. In Norway I have new friends, new school. I am learning in Båsmo ungdomsskole. I like my new school very much. Then I come here I need to learn Norwegian language. Then I started to learn it in first days I ...
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2017 12 08
The best ways of learning foreign languages
The best ways of learning foreign languages.
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2016 09 12
Letter to a friend - Norway
In Norway, you may go anywhere you want. Camping, skiing, mountain hiking, fishing, also small islands, they‘re free to explore! However, keep in mind that if you want to stargaze or put up a tent in countryside, you must keep at least 150m ...
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2016 01 14
Recomendation letter
Xxx is flexible and easy-going, she easily adapts to unfamiliar surroundings and integrates well into a grope of peers. She is always willing to share her ideas, respects and considers the opinions of those around her. She is good at organizing ...
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2016 03 13
Cut your spending dialogue

1-its true and if some kind of new flavor or design candies come out u must buy it and try it even though its not worth and even bad for your health. 2-yes and its only one of the things ...

1-its true and if some kind of new flavor or design candies come out u must buy it and try it even though its not worth and even bad for your health.2-yes and its only one of the ...

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2015 12 02
English Letter examples
I am writing in connection with a request to suggest or book good hotels at Turkey. Next week, from 11th of March till 15th of March, I am traveling a for a business meeting in Istanbul city. I wish that hotel would be located near city centre ...
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2015 05 18
English Postcards
I arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii few days ago and I’d like to share my experience with all of you. First of all, I’ve always wanted to go to a tropical place like this, therefore, I’m extremely happy! I’m currently staying at a small hotel. ...
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2016 04 13
Essay about myself
I was anxious when I started college. I wasn‘t sure if I would fit into the college environment. But in no time I had realised that I was a part of the team. Each day I was becoming more and more comfortable with the environment and my ...
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2016 01 08
Homework essay
Furthermore, regarding the tasks which are given for homework, it seems to me that they are extremely useful for a few reasons. Firstly, homework helps to become proficient with newly taught concepts. Moreover, students, those habitually do their ...
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2015 10 26
Integrity has no need for rules
Becoming a bystander as you see your country, its liberty and people being taken away is easier than stepping out of the forced-upon ruling and revolting. Restricting your principles and virtues to what is expected of you by the majority allows ...
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2016 02 23
Match the two halves of the quotations
Match the two halves of the quotations. Can you think of. ? What do you call. ? What’s the difference between. ? Lend , is when you give something , borrow is when u asking for something. U can win race or lottery. Respect and Honor must be ...
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2017 12 19
Monologue Pollution and social issues
Another aspect I want to talk about is pollution in Lithuania. It will be wrong to say, that our country don’t face pollution issue. Of course, We don’t have such phenomena as in other countries. However, We could take part saving the world ...
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2017 12 08
Monologues for English exam
The Internet, magazines, advertisements, newspapers, encyclopedias, referents book- all these words mean knowledge. But not all information can be true, because all the articles, books and advertisements are written by people. Each person have ...
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2015 09 29
Past perfect simple and past perfect continuous
Past perfect simple and past perfect continuous.
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2016 02 01
Semantics - is the study of meaning in language
Semantics - is the study of meaning in language.
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2016 11 13
The Passive (2)
There + passive + to do/to have done.Object + modal verb+the correct form of to be +past participle.1 It is known that Chinese is hard to study. 2 Sugar is said to be bad for your health. Tea is known to have originated in China. ...
Languages, 16 pages
2017 12 08