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Body massage Case Study
I made sure that room is warm enough prior the treatment and lit up some candles to create more relaxing atmosphere.I performed classic holistic full body massage concentrating on clients upper back, which was very tight at the beginning ...
Health & Nutrition, 6 pages
2015 10 15
Marketing concept (2)
Macro environment (economic) Examples related to the case study: Recession. Demand for chocolates are higher than supply availability, which will cost a deficit within the next 6 years.Micro environment (competitors). Example related to ...
Marketing, 3 pages
2016 04 14
Monologue about pocket money
The other thing why is good to bring your lunch in the school than buy food in canteen, is a price of food. I think 1,50euro for steak is expensive for students. That‘s why other teenagers prefer buy sneakers, chips, bun. For them they pay ...
Languages, 1 page
2016 06 11
Business contractual relationship
In this case the Danny will be liable for all the consequences of his negligence to Mrs McGregor. Danny will be able to escape liability if he can show that his negligence should be regarded as the causa sine qua non.As a result of ...
Law, 4 pages
2016 04 14
Micro and Macro Theory and Application
The demand curve is kinked at X. At prices higher than P1 demand is very elastic. Oligopolists fear that if their prices are raised competitors will not follow suit resulting in a large part of their market share being lost. At prices lower than ...
Economy & Finance, 3 pages
2016 04 14
Monologue about holiday abroad
I would prefer realxing by the sea. I like enterteinment, dances, partys, but also I need a quite place, which I can be with my own minds. I need a rest, because in the school year I a lot of studying, I‘m trying to be best, i have a loto f ...
Recreation, 1 page
2016 06 11
Monologues for English exam
The Internet, magazines, advertisements, newspapers, encyclopedias, referents book- all these words mean knowledge. But not all information can be true, because all the articles, books and advertisements are written by people. Each person have ...
Languages, 1 page
2015 09 29
Semantics - is the study of meaning in language
Semantics - is the study of meaning in language.
Languages, 3 pages
2016 11 13
Dialogue Picking a meal
A: I don’t know. It sounds pretty good, but I wanted to have something simple, because I’m not good at cooking, I always mess up the food, so I thought that pizza was a good idea. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza?A: I haven’t eaten ...
Languages, 1 page
2016 02 14
„Home Alone“ film review
The plot goes as follows : The whole family of McCallisters is preparing to fly to Paris for the Christmas holiday season, Kevin accidentaly ruin the family dinner and gets sent to the attic as a punishment for him. At night time a wind damages ...
Film & Television, 1 page
2020 11 18
„Via Baltica“ history of Lithuania
"Via Baltica" road in Lithuania is one of the most intense international traffic arteries, and also one of the main traffic arteries in Lithuania, with a particularly strong impact on the Lithuanian economy. "Via Baltica" belong to Kreta ...
History, 5 pages
2018 01 09
A film review of a Star is Born
The characters of Jack and Ally are interesting because they change during the film. At the start, they were sincere to each other, but later they real qualities were revealed. Ally pursued her dream and purpose. Jack was weak and unconfident.
Film & Television, 1 page
2019 05 03
Accounting practice diary
February 18 Monday. February 19 Tuesday. February 20 Wednesday. February 21 Thursday. February 22 Friday. February 25 Monday. February 26 Tuesday. February 27 Wednesday. February 28 Thursday. March 1 Friday. Marh 4 Monday. March 5 Tuesday.
Languages, 3 pages
2020 04 27
Acid rain (3)
Acid rain was first observed in England, Manchester, one of the largest industrial centers of the revolution. 1852. Robert Angus Smith found the relationship between acid rain and atmospheric pollution. The same Smith in 1872. the first to use ...
Biology, 2 pages
2017 12 08
Aerogels description
Aerogels are solid, rigid, and dry materials that do not resemble a gel in their physical properties: the name comes from the fact that they are made from gels. Despite the fact that aerogels are among the lightest solid materials known to man, ...
Chemistry, 2 pages
2020 09 22
Architectural concept
The house is built on strip foundation. Some bearing walls are external and internal, for which the prefabricated B-type foundations are used, which sit on FL-type pillows. The empty gaps between the pillows are filled by monolithic concrete of ...
Real Estate, 6 pages
2017 12 08
Autofreie Innenstadt
Heutzutage wird immer mehr darüber diskutiert, ob es Autofreie Innenstadt Stadtwandel oder Stadtverfall würde. Ob es besser für die Leute und die Natur sind, oder im Gegenteil würde es nur die Anwohner und Touristen stören. Bei uns in ...
Transport, 2 pages
2018 01 09
Bar chart analysis - Learning resources
The provided bar chart shows survey: “What resources do you use to study different subjects?” results. The vertical axis represents the resources of studying and the horizontal axis shows the percentage of respondents.The first two ...
Education, 1 page
2021 02 01
Bill Gates biography
Parents introduced the child to specialists, because he was very shy, unsociable. He wasn’t interest in children games, too. But psychologist said, that Bill will be shy and unsociable always. Bill was born in grave family. Bill's ...
History, 1 page
2018 04 03
What is bond. Features of bonds. Issuers divided into. Types of bonds. Fixed Rate Bond. Floating Rate Bond. Zero Coupon Bond. A high risk , high yield bond. Ouestions Why does an issuer choose to issue bonds – rather than borrow the money ...
Economy & Finance, 2 pages
2020 11 05
I read a short story called “The Murders in the Rue Morgue" written by Edgar Allan Poe that was published in the year 1841. It has been recognized as the first modern detective story.A little about the author: Edgar Allan Poe was an ...
Literature, 1 page
2020 04 24
Brazen and Grobstas Nature Reserve
Grobstas nature reserve goal - to save a unique Grobstas landscape surroundings natural complex fragment with an active middle dune ridge, the slope situated expressive remnants, forested South American padrėkusia coastal sand plains and the ...
Geography, 1 page
2017 12 08
Class Structure and Division in Lithuanian Society
We live in the 21st century, where all people are free and independent, where people are creating a life they want to have. It is popular to say nowadays that we are all the same, all equal but is it really true or is it just a Marxist theory? ...
Sociology, 2 pages
2017 12 19
Debate: capital punishment is justifiable
We believe that we should start with Lithuania. Voting is a serious thing and we need to make everything perfect. In 2016 voting to elect the parliament of Lithuania, only 50% people voted. So we need to double that. We want that all the citizens ...
Languages, 3 pages
2018 10 04
Der Prometheus essay
Mit der Wut des Zeus protestierten die Menschen von ihm. Sie fingen sogar an, für alle Vorfälle und Katastrophen verantwortlich zu sein, die sie zu dieser Zeit erlebten. Die Leute haben vergessen, dass sie Prometheus für alles, was sie haben, ...
Languages, 1 page
2017 12 08
Describing My best friend
Now she is of medium height and slightly-build. She is in her teens. She‘s got a round face with almond-shaped piercing eyes and straight nose. My best friend has tanned and smooth skin complexion with natural rosy cheeks. Also, you can see a ...
Languages, 1 page
2017 12 19
Documentary film description „Searching for a Sugar Man”
Documentary „Searching for a Sugar Man”.
Film & Television, 1 page
2019 06 17
Elon Musk is a Tesla Motors manager and product developer
Elon Musk is a Tesla Motors manager and product developer.
Management, 1 page
2019 04 29
Essay about Blind people
They feel as insulted by overcompensating kindness , as by judgment. They do dream while sleeping. They understand colors in unique ways. They have more nightmares than sighted people.
People, 2 pages
2020 04 27
Essay about Different food cultures
Fugu is a fish. More accurately a blowfish which is consumed in large number mostly in Japan. It might seem like an ordinary fish, except- it's more poisonous than cyanide. Fugu is considered to be a delicacy in Japan, but it requires ...
Food, 1 page
2020 01 04