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Bridges and tunnels
Bridges and tunnels. Interesting facts’’. History. Structure type. Bridge Types. Arch Bridge. Bridge Failures. Suspension bridge. Cable-stayed Bridges. Truss Bridge. Cantilever Bridges. Tied-arch bridge. About Tunnels Types and Uses  .
Engineering, 17 pages
2016 04 07
Central Heating systems
Central Heating systems. Furnaces. Boilers. Heating Pumps. Direct Heating. Gas-Fired Space Heaters. Unvented Gas-Fired Heaters. Electric Space Heaters. Wood-Burning and Pellet Stoves. Fireplaces. State of the Art Heating. Conclusion. Sources.
Engineering, 11 pages
2017 04 11
Two-stroke and four-stroke engines comparison
Introduction. Two-stroke engine. Two-stoke engine operation. Intake. Crankcase compression. Transfer/Exhaust. Compression. Power. Four-stroke engine. Four-stroke engine operation. Intake. Compression Power. Exhaust. Two-stroke and four-stroke ...
Engineering, 14 pages
2016 03 13
Solar energy presentation
Solar energy. Solar energy is. Solar energy is energy that is present in sunlight. Energy use. Energy from the Sun. After passing through the Earth's atmosphere. Types of technologies. Many technologies have been developed to make use of solar ...
Engineering, 10 pages
2016 10 16
Car damper energy transportation
In this research I am going to evaluate the three main parameter of automotive MR fluid shock absorber’s which has to be taken in to account regenerative efficiency. These main parameters are: power, frequency and displacement. Generated ...
Engineering, 17 pages
2017 12 08
Common Rail presentation
Common rail. H570B. 2018-01. Principles of operation. Common rail system. The Common Rail. System make-up. IMV Diesel temperature sensor High. Transfer Pump. Positions The volume of the chamber is minimal. High Pressure Pump. High pressure pump ...
Engineering, 13 pages
2018 01 11
Four key areas for global risks
Four key areas for global risks in. Prepared by. Defintion. Risk is someone or something that creates or suggests a hazard. Environmental. Extreme weather events, (snowfall, drought, floods) large natural disasters (eartquike, cyclone, tsunami) ...
Engineering, 7 pages
2018 04 03
Innovations in the Field of Automobile Engineering
Innovations in the Field of Automobile Engineering. Automobile innovation. The car Toyota built it. Lexus. View As One Page Slides. Cars are becoming more like giant computers on wheels everyday. Mercedes' Vision Van. Sources.
Engineering, 5 pages
2018 02 19
Internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine. History of internal combustion engine. Advantages of Internal combustion engine Higher efficiency. Compact and lighter. Disadvantages of Internal combustion engine Air pollution.
Engineering, 1 page
2018 01 09
Mechanics of materials
Calculating the stresses and strains. Yield strength , ultimate strength , Young's modulus , and Poisson's ratio. Ability to withstand an applied load without failure or plastic deformation. Forces and deformations that result from their acting ...
Engineering, 5 pages
2017 12 19
Modeling of mechatronic system
Our system is constisting of two pulleys J1, J2 and mass m1 between them. So our system location difine three generalized coordinates (pulley 1 angle of rotation , body linear displacement and pulley 2 angle of rotation ). We need to calculate ...
Engineering, 13 pages
2017 12 08
Introduction. Kauno Tiltai is the largest transport infrastructure company in the Baltics. AB kauno tiltai – what is it? The growth of. Main purposes of the company. In the global economy of knowledge and innovations our consumer habits. Fig. ...
Engineering, 11 pages
2018 03 17
Radio receiver powerpoint
Radio receiver. Radio receiver is. What is a radio receiver, how it works? Crystal radio receiver, Tuned radio frequency receiver. Types of radio receiver. The first radio. About the history of the radio receiver. First radio receiver. Thank you ...
Engineering, 6 pages
2018 01 23
Thunderstorm and lightning PowerPoint
Thunderstorm & lightning. The most important things to guard against Thunderstorm & lightning. If you are. During an thunderstorm & lightning. After a thunderstorm & lightning. After the storm passes remember to.
Engineering, 18 pages
2018 01 23
Water supply
Water supply. Ground floor plan. First floor plan. Cold water axonometric scheme. Cold water flow. HOT water axonometric scheme. Ph=7,9 l/s u=. Hot water flow. Our chosen house is situated in Biržai city. Storm water collecting. Storm water ...
Engineering, 14 pages
2018 01 09
Airbags technology in our cars
Matas Grigas AE 26D gr. What are airbags. History of an airbags. Air bag injuries and fatalities.
Engineering, 6 pages
2017 02 16
Alternate energy sources
Introduction. How Solar Energy Works? Advantages of Solar Energy. Disadvantages of Solar Energy. The Process of Wind Energy. Kind of Wind Farms. How can Wind Energy be Planet Friendly? Advantages of Wind Energy. Disadvantages of Wind Energy. ...
Engineering, 26 pages
2017 05 07
Analysis of structures of one dynamic degree of freedom
Calculation of structures natural vibration frequency. Determination of the dynamic load factor. Calculation of static , dynamic and total internal forces. Calculation of the total displacement in the direction of dynamic load.
Engineering, 5 pages
2016 03 21
Cad cam
Here I have modelled a simple 3D surface by using an Autodesk Inventor software.Second step was to produce a fully dimensioned orthographic drawing on Autodesk Inventor.Exporting 3D modelled component from Inventor to FeatureCAM. ...
Engineering, 34 pages
2015 10 06
Introduction. History. Technological changes. Map types. General vs. thematic cartography. Topographic vs. topological. Map design. Map purpose and selection of information. Naming conventions. Map symbology. Map generalization. Map projections. ...
Engineering, 17 pages
2017 01 09
Container types
Vilnius. Container types. Container. A container is. Standard containers High-cube containers Hard-top. Standard containers. Standard containers are also known as general purpose containers. High-cube containers. High-cube containers are similar ...
Engineering, 11 pages
2016 04 06
Demonstration of compression and expansion process in Engine
Demonstration of compression and expansion process in Engine. Introduction. Internal combustion Engine Components. C. Engine components apart from components shown in the figure. SI Engine Ideal Otto Cycle. Figure4 Suction stroke. Four strokes of ...
Engineering, 52 pages
2017 04 26
Determining of stresses in soil mass
Select the number of points according the stress diagram shape.Applying numerical integration method. Determine the normal stresses
Engineering, 12 pages
2016 03 21
Guglielmo Marconi
Guglielmo Marconi. An Italian inventor and electrical engineer. Radio work. During his early. There was a great deal of interest in radio waves in the physics community. Developing radio telegraphy. Marconi just. Marconi's first transmitter . ...
Engineering, 10 pages
2017 05 17
Membrane technologies
Figure 11. Three modes of membrane operation: (a) constant flux, (b) constant pressure, and (c) nonrestricted flux and pressureTable 2. Constituents in wastewater that can affect the performance of membranes through the mechanism of ...
Engineering, 32 pages
2017 05 17
PCB and Soldering
Introduction. About solder. PCB - Printed Circuit Board. History. Design. The Manufacturing  Process. Making the substrate. Drilling and plating the holes. Creating the printed circuit pattern on the substrate. Mounting the components. Quality ...
Engineering, 10 pages
2015 12 27
Presentation on lathe machine
Presentation on lathe machine. Principle of lathe . Components of lathe. Parts of lathe. Bed. Carriage. Headstock . Tailstock. Types of Lathe. Engine lathe. Bench lathe. Automatic lathe. Lathe Operations. Cutting Tools. Single point cutting ...
Engineering, 20 pages
2016 10 17
Pumps on the ship
Lietuvos aukštoji jūreivystės. A pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases). The most common types of pumps are the displacement pumps and the. Displacement pumps 1. Gearwheel pump 2. Reciprocating pump 3. Screw pump 4. Vane pump. ...
Engineering, 12 pages
2016 03 02
Renewable energy
Renewable energy. Specific Questions. Where does renewable energy come from? Why is renewable energy important? OECD stands for Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Solar Roof tiles. (Solar Grants now available). Solar Power ...
Engineering, 26 pages
2016 06 29
Solar System Around the Sun
The distance between the Sun and Jupiter varies from 740 million. up to 816 million. km, the Sun orbit the Earth 11.86 per year. This - the largest of the Solar System with a diameter larger than the Earth 11 times, volume - once in 1331, and ...
Engineering, 10 pages
2016 05 04