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Airbags presentation
Airbags. Types of Airbag. The system. Effect of the restraint systems during minor accidents. The effect of the restraint systems during serious accidents. Airbag Control Unit. Airbag & Squib. Rotary Coupler. Operation. Following a Collision and ...
Engineering, 35 pages
2019 10 09
Analysis of SDOF structure
The structure is analyzed using finite element method. All the calculations are carried by Matlab software and presented in the end. Fig. Total maximal Internal forces. Conclusion.
Engineering, 4 pages
2019 01 02
Automobile manufacturing presentation
Automobile manufacturing. Vehicle design. Introducing a new. Car chassis production. The frame forms. Automobile body. Body is built on a separate assembly line from chassis. Vehicle body inspection. The body must pass through a inspection ...
Engineering, 16 pages
2020 11 27
Boilers slides
Boilers. Introduction. What boiler is Types of boiler How does it work. What boiler is? A boiler is. Types of boilers. Based on tube content Water tube Fire tube. Based on operating. Based on fuel used Solid fuel fired Stoker fired (Pulverized ...
Engineering, 14 pages
2020 04 24
Car damper energy transportation
In this research I am going to evaluate the three main parameter of automotive MR fluid shock absorber’s which has to be taken in to account regenerative efficiency. These main parameters are: power, frequency and displacement. Generated ...
Engineering, 17 pages
2017 12 08
Casting of metals – Expendable molds methods
Casting of metals – Expendable molds methods. When casting methods has appeared? Old drawings that were painted on rocks inside caves. What is Casting of metals nowadays? Casting is a process. Casting is most. The modern casting process is ...
Engineering, 20 pages
2019 12 14
CNC machines project
New technologies in my specialization. Introduction. What is Mechanical Engineering. Old machine tools. New machine tools. List of machines. CNC Cutter Machine. CNC Drilling Machine. CNC Welding machine. CNC Surface Grinding Machine. CNC Belding ...
Engineering, 16 pages
2018 10 04
Common Rail presentation
Common rail. H570B. 2018-01. Principles of operation. Common rail system. The Common Rail. System make-up. IMV Diesel temperature sensor High. Transfer Pump. Positions The volume of the chamber is minimal. High Pressure Pump. High pressure pump ...
Engineering, 13 pages
2018 01 11
Deepwater horizon oil spilling
Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Also called as Gulf of Mexico oil spill and Macondo blowout. Location of Deepwater Horizon. Located in the Gulf of Mexico. About 66 km off the coast of Louisiana. The oil well. 1,600 meters below the sea level. ...
Engineering, 9 pages
2018 10 04
Describe location, history and partners of robot manufacturer
Describe location, history and partners of robot manufacturer. Determine limits value of turning angles of robot joints. Draw kinematic diagram for the given robot, indicating DH parameters and coordinate systems. In the Matlab environment, ...
Engineering, 7 pages
2018 12 15
Determination of particular timber physical and mechanical properties
The aim of work. Equipment. Procedure. Table. Timber density and hummidity results. Bending strength. Conclusion.
Engineering, 6 pages
2019 01 02
Determination of the electrical parameters: current, voltage and resistance
Determination of the electrical parameters current , voltage and resistance Objective. Experimental settings and procedures. Basic Equations needed for this lAB work. Expermental data and calculations. Result and conclusion.
Engineering, 2 pages
2018 10 04
Determining of ground response limits
Task. Part A. Determining of ground response limits. Determine yielding limit Ry. Determine bearing capacity limit Ru. Determining relative elastic-plastic response limit Rb, id. Est. Allowing development of plastic zones to depth z=B. Creating ...
Engineering, 3 pages
2019 01 02
Die Mikroprozessor geregelte Lötstation
Weller WD 1000 Beschreibung Steuergerät. Weller WD 1000 Aprašymas Valdymo įtaisas.
Engineering, 1 page
2019 04 08
DSC- dynamic stability control presentation
DSC-dynamic stability control. Aim and Objective. Aim To give an introduction to DSC (dynamic stability control) on light vehicles. Under and over steer. Understeer occurs when. Wath is dsc? Pic. Under and over steer. What is the Z Axis? Yaw ...
Engineering, 13 pages
2019 05 27
Electricity generation
Electricity generation. Introduction. What is electricity generation? History. The way we can generate electricity. Methods of generation. Generators. Electrochemistry. Photovoltaic effect. What is the sources of the electricity we consume? ...
Engineering, 13 pages
2021 02 26
Electronic books essay
Hello, I’m candidate number 2 and my group is D, and I would like to concentrate on the topic: ’’Electronic Books”Talking on the 1st point, let me analyze the given statistical data. It describes percentage of people by age in USA ...
Engineering, 1 page
2019 05 27
Engineering studies slides PPT
Engineering studies. What is Engineering? What do Engineers do? Main Branches of Engineering. What Mechanical Engineers Do? Types of Mechanical Engineering Degrees. What Do Civil Engineers Do? Types of Civil Engineering Degrees. What Do ...
Engineering, 27 pages
2020 09 29
Four key areas for global risks
Four key areas for global risks in. Prepared by. Defintion. Risk is someone or something that creates or suggests a hazard. Environmental. Extreme weather events, (snowfall, drought, floods) large natural disasters (eartquike, cyclone, tsunami) ...
Engineering, 7 pages
2018 04 03
Gas turbine: Measurment, defectation and repairing
Inraduction. Measurment. Diagnosing the rotors unbalancing. Diagnosing of shafts misaligment. Maintenance classification. Corrective maintenance. Frequency of maintenance. Tipical maintenance procedures. Repair procedures. Conclusion. ...
Engineering, 21 page
2018 10 04
Increasing power of natural aspirated engine
Increasing power of natural aspirated engine. What is the engine power? Increasing power of VW Polo Sedan MPI engine. First configuration. Cold air intake. Second configuration. The final. Improved camshafts. High efficiency intake manifold and ...
Engineering, 12 pages
2019 05 08
Innovations in the Field of Automobile Engineering
Innovations in the Field of Automobile Engineering. Automobile innovation. The car Toyota built it. Lexus. View As One Page Slides. Cars are becoming more like giant computers on wheels everyday. Mercedes' Vision Van. Sources.
Engineering, 5 pages
2018 02 19
Internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine. History of internal combustion engine. Advantages of Internal combustion engine Higher efficiency. Compact and lighter. Disadvantages of Internal combustion engine Air pollution.
Engineering, 1 page
2018 01 09
Marine engine systems
Introduction. Diesel propulsion plant. Two-Stroke Diesel Engine. Four-Stroke Diesel Engine. Pumps and pumping systems. Pumps. Ejectors. Piping systems. Pipes. Valves. Cock. Propulsion plant service systems. Cooling system. Fuel system. ...
Engineering, 30 pages
2020 11 16
Mechanics of materials
Calculating the stresses and strains. Yield strength , ultimate strength , Young's modulus , and Poisson's ratio. Ability to withstand an applied load without failure or plastic deformation. Forces and deformations that result from their acting ...
Engineering, 5 pages
2017 12 19
Mechanization of horticulture and gardening works
Mechanization of horticulture and gardening works study module code description. Links of the study programme outcomes with intended learning outcomes and methods of the learning achievement assessment. Plan of the study module. Topics of ...
Engineering, 3 pages
2020 02 05
Modeling of mechatronic system
Our system is constisting of two pulleys J1, J2 and mass m1 between them. So our system location difine three generalized coordinates (pulley 1 angle of rotation , body linear displacement and pulley 2 angle of rotation ). We need to calculate ...
Engineering, 13 pages
2017 12 08
New generation programme L58-64
The ‘new generation’ programme was headed in 1984 by the 580 mm bore/640 mm stroke L58/64 series whose designers sought a highoverall operating economy, reliability, ease of maintenance, componentdurability and unrestricted heavy fuel ...
Engineering, 2 pages
2020 01 03
New technologies in my specialization: Hydraulic Systems
New technologies in my specialization. Hydraulic Systems. Svajūnas auglys. Hydraulics. Studys of force, this normal hydraulic mechanism can lift very huge weight very easily. System Parts. Advantages & Disadvantages of Hydraulics. Advantages ...
Engineering, 18 pages
2018 10 04
Nuclear disasters generally occur in nuclear reactors which are used to generate electric power. A boiling water reactor. Causes. Impact on people and the environment. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Astravets ...
Engineering, 12 pages
2020 12 08