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The Internet is bad for friendships and relationships
The Internet is bad for friendships and relationships.
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2016 11 10
For and against essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of learning online
For and against essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of learning online.
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2016 01 10
Internet presentation
Today we gonna talk about social media websites We gonna talk about most popular websites and say what can u do in that website, say information about them and say pluses and minuses to them.Youtube used to make money and more money and ...
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2016 12 06
Internet television
Internet television. What is Internet TV? Basic elements. Technologies used for Internet TV. P2P technology. VoD technology. Live streaming. Stream quality. Usage of Internet TV. Internet TV prices. Internet streaming. Thanks for listening!
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2015 11 30
Communication in social networks
All applications are designed to make our lifes more confortable, modern and simply. Do not give a change to destroy your life. Make sure that our communication would not hurt you and your family.Communication keeps us alive. Do not ...
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2016 12 03
Facebook presentation
Facebook. By jonas and dominykas . What is Facebook? Facebook is a. Founder of Facebook. Facebook was found. Basic stuff about Facebook. Facebook has 1. 4 Billion active users and the number is still growing. Interesting Facts About Facebook. ...
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2017 02 28
All in all, i want to say that twitter and facebook are similar, so everyone chooses what is better. I reckon that these social networking sites are very significant in everyones life.
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2015 10 07
Dropbox presentation
Dropbox. Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox is offers. Dropbox creates a special folder on the user's computer. Interface. Prices. Thank you for your attention.
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2017 12 19
Essay about internet - What would happen if the Internet collapsed? How does the Internet work?
What would happen if the Internet collapsed? How does the Internet work?.
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2018 10 04
Essential apps for your new smartphone
Essential apps for your new smartphone. Content. Introduction Social media Music Entertainment News Storage The end. Introduction. When you buy. Social media. Social media is one of the important things in a teenagers life. Music. Music for ...
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2018 01 23
Front - end Web Development Basic Principles
Front-end Web Development Basic Principles. Titas Rukas ITPF-17 Vilnius. What do you need to create website? #1 – Domain Name #. About. Front-end web development - The front-end is everything involved with what the user sees. Front-end ...
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2018 01 09
Safety and security on the Internet
Safety and security on the Internet. Internet security perception. Internet safety or online safety is. Phishing. Phishing is a type. Internet scams. Internet scams are schemes. Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the attack. Top 10 Internet ...
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2018 12 23
Shopping online safely essay
In the first place, the importance of saving the personal or other secret information is undeniable. In other words, nobody else except you should know your logins, passwords or bank card details. What is more, this information must not even be ...
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2018 10 04
Website Security: How Do Websites Get Hacked? Summary
Website Security How Do Websites Get Hacked. Security tips to protect your website from hackers. Summary. References.
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2018 10 04
Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement and the Internet Piracy
Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement and the Internet Piracy.
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2015 10 01
Does the internet need controls or censorship?
Does the internet need controls or censorship?.
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2015 05 18
E - commerce presentation
E - commerce. Advantages of e-commerce. To organizations To consumers. Advantages to organizations. Global reach Cost reduction Extended hours Customization Improved customer relations. Advantages to consumers. More products and. Disadvantages of ...
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2017 05 13
How people can make sure they shop on the internet safely ?
How people can make sure they shop on the internet safely ?.
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2016 03 22
Importance of the internet in young people’s life
Importance of the internet in young people’s life.
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2017 03 08
Internet addiction
Internet addiction. Content. Introduction Emotional symptoms of. Introduction. The Internet has. Emotional symptoms. Depression Dishonesty Euphoric feelings when. Physical symptoms. Headaches Weight gain or. Getting help. Any addiction is. ...
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2015 12 02
Internet essay
Internet - a world computer network, linking global and local area networks. It is usually used for work or pleasure. Especially good to study, because it is so much information and so it takes less time. Think about where you spend the time to ...
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2015 05 11
Internet problems and solutions
Other problem is invisible dangers in online. On Internet exist so much viruses that we not can imagine. I think that small part of world people understands that only one click in internet can infect their computer and steal computer information. ...
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2016 09 18
Is internet good or bad for friendship and relationships?
Is internet good or bad for friendship and relationships?.
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2016 05 18
Major characteristics of multimedia. A broadcast may. Where and how people use multimedia. Mathematical and scientific research. Molecular model of a particular substance. On the whole.
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2015 05 11
School websites
Although, the school website has a lot of advantages but I use it very rarely. I use it only when I want to see friends class’s photos. In my opinion, our school’s website is great. There is a lot of information about school’s events. Also, ...
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2017 02 26
Shopping online goods and service
So, I think in Lithuania online shopping are popular and I know my friends and I buy goods in online shopping store. Most purchased items are clothes, computers, clocks, phones, books and tickets.
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2016 11 21
Social networking sites overview
There are: -Foreign-based SNS’s (Cyworld, QQ) -Children’s SNS’s (Club Penguin, Webkinz) -Professional SNS’s (LinkedIn) -SNS’s for animals (Dogster, Catster) -Ant there are much more...Even though SNS’s can be very beneficial, ...
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2015 12 02
Social Networks
So today I would like to talk about social networks. The bigger part of our lives we spend on the internet. And mostly on facebook. What do we do there? Well, 70 per cent of asked people said that they regularly are clicking the ‘‘like‘‘ ...
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2017 01 18
The internet press
There‘s few kinds of people one of them says that internet is better than traditional methods and others denye that, at the time my opinion is slightly different I think that now both those things is unchangable. I‘ reading news almost all ...
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2016 04 28
The surprising power of technologies and social networks and how they shape our lives
The Surprising Power of Technologies and Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives. Technology has not only affected communication. Technology in Transportation. Household technologies have truly been a revolution in our everyday home lives. ...
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2016 11 02