Hybrid car

Hybrid car.

Hybrid (Hybrid Electric Vehicle, HEV) - hybrid vehicle which is running more than one motor. Rising quite fast in the world of hybrid electric vehicles should be attributed to the fact, electric cars, according to many experts. Here, the electric motor helps the internal combustion engine to operate more economically. Depending on the selected driving mode, the vehicle is driven powered internal combustion and / or electric motor. The electric motor is supported by a small rechargeable battery - driving EV (all-electric) mode distance covered is about 4 km (3-generation Toyota Prius). However, the batteries are loaded regenerative braking principle - movement of the vehicle during braking kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and thus the battery is being charged. One electric motor distance covered is very poor, but driving in the city, when the driving time is stopped often enough, the battery is recharged quickly. It has been estimated that the electric motor can travel along is about 30-40% of the day in the distance (Toyota data). Hybrid cars, improves fuel efficiency and reduces greenhouse gases emitted pollutants - such as the Toyota Prius emits 150 g / km of CO2.

Plug-in hybrids (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, PHEV) - is a vehicle with an internal combustion engine and an additional electric motor whose power is supplied by rechargeable batteries. The main difference from a normal hybrid car is that the plug-in hybrid has a more capacious battery and can be charged from the mains. In this case, driving the electric motor may already be completed 20-100 km distance and more, depending on the battery capacity (the Toyota Prius Plug-in - 26 km). According to the international IEEE standard, the car can be assigned PHEV if the distance covered solely electricity is at 16 km. This allows the car to travel alone in electricity without polluting the environment, and in order to overcome greater distances used internal combustion engine.

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