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My dream house
Inside, I want a lot of space and large windows. Also, that prevails green and white color. More over, I would like to have brand new equipment, medium size kitchen, dining room connected to the living room and that each bedroom has a seperate ...
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2015 10 10
Dream home
Of course, there are lots of advantages of having your own house. To begin with, you have a lot of room in it and lots of space outside. Your kids can play in your own yard and run on your own lawn. You can stay outside whenever you want to. In ...
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2016 09 06
Living in a rented Flat is the best Option for student‘s
Living in a rented Flat is the best Option for student‘s.
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2015 11 02
Living in detached hause essay
Another and the most important point of view in living in detached houses is that everything depends only to you. If you like to listening loudly music, you can to listening. Also, you can to celebrate event with your relatives. During events a ...
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2016 10 28
My dream home essay
To start off, my goal when I will be an adult is to buy myself a flat or even my dream house. My dream house would be a place of inspiration to others as it would be located near city center with parks, rivers or lakes with a nice and quiet ...
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2017 02 22
Natural and artificial building materials
In conslusions, there are many things to think about in choosing the material for a building. For example how will they look? How much will they cost? Is it ecological or not? And other important things.
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2015 11 16
Architectural concept
The house is built on strip foundation. Some bearing walls are external and internal, for which the prefabricated B-type foundations are used, which sit on FL-type pillows. The empty gaps between the pillows are filled by monolithic concrete of ...
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2017 12 08
Assignment: design and numerical modeling of concrete building
Introduction. Architectural Part. Architectural Decisions. Buildings energy efficiency. Construction decisions. Calculation of Envelope. Roof thermal resistance calculations. Wall thermal resistance calculations. Ground floor slAB thermal ...
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2019 10 03
Building Materials used in construction
Introduction. Renewable materials. an-made materials. Ice and snow. Wood.Straw bale. Rammed earth. Concrete. Glass. Metal. Ceramics. List of resources. Additional info (photos).
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2019 05 10
Burbiškis Manor
Burbiškis Manor. About maNor. Burbiškis Manor is located in Anykščiai Regional Park. The Burbiškis Manor ensemble. The Burbiškis Manor ensemble has been reconstructed according to the design of. Halls. Rooms. The main building has thirteen ...
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2018 03 17
Company group YIT Kausta
Company group YIT Kausta belongs to the biggest Finland construction services concern YIT Corporation. On the first day of 1966 January Kaunas Construction Factory started to work. The company is engaged in trade, industry, warehousing, ...
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2018 10 04
Initial data. Design of the deck beams. Design of main beam. Loads and stresses. Design of beam. Calculation of the weight of the designed beam and new values of MEd and VEd. Determination of cross section class. Lateral stability of main beam. ...
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2018 01 09
Concrete balconies and constructions to avoid thermal bridges
Introduction. Problem background. Relevance of the subject. Research questions. Research methodologies. Delamination. Balconies. Concrete balconies. Balcony with Isolan concrete to concrete connector,, MV system“. Ultra-thin Hi-Con balconies. ...
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2018 10 04
Construction Engineering report
Construction Engineering report. Calculation of the floor impact sound insulation index L’n, w.
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2020 06 09
Container city presentation
Container city. What is it and how it looks like? It is construction of re used shiping containers. Shipping container. Sturdy, made of metal Durarble Lenght 6-12m Height/widht 3m. Container City Completion date – 2001 Total space created – ...
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2019 04 15
Different Kinds Of Houses Around The World
Different kinds of houses around the world. Igloo. Igloo is a. It’s not too. Bungalow. A bungalow typically is a detached house. Usually, Bungalow is small. Its only about 1000 square feet of interior floor space. Yurt. Yurt could be found in ...
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2018 10 04
Geodesy tools
Geodesy tools. Optical Level Leica Runner. This optical level is designed for working in the most difficult conditions. Automatic compensator and quick adjusting optics increase work efficiency and measurement accuracy. Electronic Digital Level ...
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2019 01 04
Innovative building materials
Introduction. Building materials. Innovative materials. Cigarette Butts bricks. Nanotechnology in construction materials. D Printed constructions. Concrete printing. Translucent wood. Plywood Materials. Innovations in Lithuania. Double stronger ...
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2019 04 30
Job von Architekt
Architekt. Die wichtigsten Tätigkeiten und Aufgabenbereiche auf einen Blick. Unternehmen und Institutionen. Größten architektonischen Wunder. CN Tower (in Toronto, Kanada). Empire State Building (in New York City). Golden Gate Bridge (in ...
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2018 03 17
My dream house number one
My dream house number one. Where and how the house should look like. Features of the house from the inside. It would be fun to have some very intelligent and creative neighbors. Life is simple.
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2017 12 19
My future profession - Road builder profession
Road builder profession. Road builders. What personal quality it requires? What can you study learn it? Is it more suitable for women or men? Why? What advantages does it have? What disadvantages does it have? What profession you would never ...
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2018 01 23
Presentation about Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace is. Originally known as. In the Middle. The house which. The palace measures 108 metres by 120 metres. There is Picture Gallery, which is top-lit and 50 metres long. The Guard Room contains white marble ...
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2019 03 06
Self Healing Concrete
Self healing concrete. Content. Concrete self-healing bacteria that heals. Concrete – defined as the mixture of aggregates. Self-healing concrete. A microbiologist at. Bacteria that heals concrete. To heal cracks. In self-healing concrete, ...
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2019 12 09
Services provided by building construction company description
Describe the services provided by your building construction company (consultancy, outline proposals, scheme design, etc. Also Take a look at some of our greatest achievements in recent years.
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2020 06 08
Steel structures project
Explanatory script. Initial data. Design of the deck beams. St approach (l1 = 2,2m). Nd approach (l1=1,1m). Comparison of variants. Design of the main beams. Loads and stresses. Dimensioning of beam. Calculation of the weight of the designed beam ...
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2018 01 09
The Flatiron building
The Flatiron building. When was it built? It was biult in 1992 Upon completion in. What is it built of? It is built of bricks Concrete Metal Glass. Style. It is a mix of Renaissance architecture Beaux-Arts architecture Renaissance Revival ...
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2021 01 13
The smart homes, their benefits, and about the prices
The smart homes, their benefits, and about the prices.
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2019 11 21
Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in the World
Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in the World. No. 5 Franchuk Villa, Kensington, London. No. 4  The Hearst Mansion, United States. No. 3 Fairfield Pond, Sagaponack, NY. No. 2  Villa Leopolda, France. No. 1  Antilla, India. Thank you for your ...
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2018 03 17
Towers presentation
Towers. One famous Lithuanian building- Gediminas castle. Gediminas castle. It has become a global cultural icon of France. Eiffel tower. Vilnius TV tower is 326 metres tower in Vilnius city. TV tower. The World Trade Center was a large complex ...
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2018 02 19
Žalgiris arena
Žalgiris arena.Aim To get introduced to ‘‘Žalgiris‘‘ arena activities. Objectives To build a team To get acquainted. Company history and. Arena logo Žalgirio arena logo is made of stylized letter “Ž”. Employees. Sponsors. ...
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2018 10 04