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Apple variety - freedom
Apple variety - freedom. Contents. About variety Diseases. About variety. Freedom is a. It was created to be resistant to a number of diseases. Advantages. Fruit trees are. Disadvantages. Can’t grow near homes, in gardens because apple trees ...
Agriculture, 10 pages
2020 11 05
Chicken growing
Chicken growing. Introduction. Aim An overview of the keeping and care of chickens. Of the. The origin of chickens. The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl. Chicken types. Can be Meat chickens Layer chickens. Leghorn. Leghorn – most popular ...
Agriculture, 11 pages
2018 12 17
Comparisons of two soils
Comparisons of two soils. Content. Soils types. First soil. Second soil. Advantages and disadvantages. Conclution. Soil is a natural resource that can be categorised into different soil types. Clay soil. Clay Soil is a heavy soil type that ...
Agriculture, 9 pages
2020 11 05
Deforestation. Introduction to the problem. What is deforestation? Largest rainforest worldwide list. Causes. Fuel wood. Forest fires. Timber. Forest disease. Landslides. Effects. Flooding and Cyclones. Solutions. Conclusion. And now it’s time ...
Agriculture, 22 pages
2021 01 31
Deforestation: causes, solutions
Deforestation. What is deforestation? Location. Causes. Environmental and economical impacts. Environmental impacts. Economical impacts. Deforestation solutions. We all should know that people are no different from other form of species. The end. ...
Agriculture, 18 pages
2018 03 17
Dialog about vertical farming
E. But I think, that’s a great idea. It would give us various fresh fruits and vegetables.D. I see your point, but have you thought about construction for these buildings? If u are thinking about nature, you should know that every new ...
Agriculture, 1 page
2018 02 19
Grapes presentation
Grapes. Work done Work checked by. What is grapes? Fast facts about grapes Benefits Nutrions What is made from grapes. The objective of my presentation. Grapes come in different colors and forms. The nutrients in grapes may help protect against ...
Agriculture, 10 pages
2018 10 04
Herbs farms
Objective To prepare. What is a herb farm? An herb farm is usually a farm where herbs are grown for market sale. Growing process. Soil Most herbs prefer a well drained. Greenhouses/nurseries Greenhouse production allows for year-round growing of ...
Agriculture, 14 pages
2018 01 09
How to become a Farmer presentation
Farmer. By. To become a Farmer you need. Passion Commitment Sales and Marketing Skills. Being a Farmer develops. Communication skills Entrepreneurship Courage Curiosity. Cons. You work for yourself You can feel isolated The hours are unusual. ...
Agriculture, 9 pages
2020 04 22
Learning about nature
The topic I‘m going to cover today is learning about nature. People were asked if they are interested in natural sciences and I‘m going to represent that whey answered.There is given a bar chart with five section illustrating different ...
Agriculture, 1 page
2018 10 04
Linden and Larch presentation
Linden and larch. Today I would like to present you two trees linden and larch. General information. Linden. Larch wood is. Similarities. Both of these tree wood is used for furniture, home interior elements. Differences. Linden wood is the ...
Agriculture, 10 pages
2019 03 01
Maple and Spruce Comparison essay
Suitable for green walls, alleys, streets and roads, for mounting slopes.Maple wood is solid and flexible. It is made of furniture, parquet or plywood.Yellow and black paints are used to paint woolen carpets from the ...
Agriculture, 2 pages
2019 04 05
No till farming
No-till farming technology. Main points. Tillage methods. What is conservation tillage? What is no-till farming? Short history of No-till. The technique. No-till farming in Lithuania. Advantages of no-till technology. Disadvantages of no-till ...
Agriculture, 22 pages
2021 02 25
Presentation about Maple and spruce
Maple and Spruce. Maple. Acer is a genus of trees or shrubs commonly known as maple. Virtues. Suitable for planting. Yellow and black paints are used to paint woolen carpets from the leaves. Defects. Maple syrup has. Uses. Some species of. ...
Agriculture, 12 pages
2019 04 04
To raise awareness about Deforestation
To raise awareness about. Deforestation. Deforestation - the. Deforestation definition. Although deforestation first became a serious concern in the 1950s. The start of Deforestation. Examples of Deforestation. Conversion of forests for other ...
Agriculture, 10 pages
2021 01 29
Agricultural Policy
Extensive agriculture - a kind of agriculture where small inputs of labour, fertilisers and capital are used. Usually extensive farming is based on pastoral farming because of the areas having low agricultural productivity. However sometimes huge ...
Agriculture, 2 pages
2016 11 17
Orchids - widely distributed in the world orchid (Orchidaceae) family of plants, which include over 800 genera and more than 25 thousand. species of plants, but constantly being discovered more new species. Orchids grow on every continent except ...
Agriculture, 16 pages
2017 05 16
Градење на капацитетите за имплементација на ЕУ Директива за депонии -затворање на нестандардните депонии и инспекции
1 Впвед. Принцип на деппнираое. Ситуацијата вп Македпнија сп деппнираоетп. ЗАКПНПДАВСТВП ЗА ПТПАД СП РЕФЕРЕНЦА ЗА ПТСТРАНУВАОЕТП НА ...
Agriculture, 96 pages
2019 03 13
Agriculture Cultivation
Key words. Cultivation- auginimas Enhace- pagerinti. What agriculture means? It is the. History. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years. Emerging agricultural technologies. Agriculture is changing, and the pace of change is ...
Agriculture, 12 pages
2016 08 23
Bonsai tree
Bonsai tree. Author Viktorija Žilinskaitė. History of bonsai. The ancient art of growing bonsai trees is well over a thousand years old. What is Bonsai tree exactly. Techniques such as. Give attention to your bonsai. Caring for a Bonsai tree is ...
Agriculture, 11 pages
2016 11 05
Coffee Plant
Introduction. Coffee Plant. Different varieties of coffee beans. Different Coffee Bean Roasts. Dark Roasts (14 min). Medium Dark Roasts (12-13 min). Medium Roasts (9-11 min). Light Roasts (7 min). Important Factors in Brewing Coffee. Types of ...
Agriculture, 23 pages
2017 01 04
How to level a landscape
How to level a landscape. Introduction. Level is. Levels are classifield by. On the construction of level divided by. The Optical mechanical level. The Optical automatic level. The Digital level. The electronic level. The laser level. Elevating ...
Agriculture, 16 pages
2016 01 06
Palm and Cherry tree
Description. Cherry Tree The geographical. Coconut Palm Tree Coconut trees grow best near the coast. Size and Form. Cherry Tree A cherry tree ranges in size from six to thirty feet. Foliage and Flowers. Cherry Tree A cherry tree has distinct ...
Agriculture, 17 pages
2017 04 15