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Agriculture Cultivation
Key words. Cultivation- auginimas Enhace- pagerinti. What agriculture means? It is the. History. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years. Emerging agricultural technologies. Agriculture is changing, and the pace of change is ...
Agriculture, 12 pages
2016 08 23
Herbs farms
Objective To prepare. What is a herb farm? An herb farm is usually a farm where herbs are grown for market sale. Growing process. Soil Most herbs prefer a well drained. Greenhouses/nurseries Greenhouse production allows for year-round growing of ...
Agriculture, 14 pages
2018 01 09
Agricultural Policy
Extensive agriculture - a kind of agriculture where small inputs of labour, fertilisers and capital are used. Usually extensive farming is based on pastoral farming because of the areas having low agricultural productivity. However sometimes huge ...
Agriculture, 2 pages
2016 11 17
Bonsai tree
Bonsai tree. Author Viktorija Žilinskaitė. History of bonsai. The ancient art of growing bonsai trees is well over a thousand years old. What is Bonsai tree exactly. Techniques such as. Give attention to your bonsai. Caring for a Bonsai tree is ...
Agriculture, 11 pages
2016 11 05
Coffee Plant
Introduction. Coffee Plant. Different varieties of coffee beans. Different Coffee Bean Roasts. Dark Roasts (14 min). Medium Dark Roasts (12-13 min). Medium Roasts (9-11 min). Light Roasts (7 min). Important Factors in Brewing Coffee. Types of ...
Agriculture, 23 pages
2017 01 04
How to level a landscape
How to level a landscape. Introduction. Level is. Levels are classifield by. On the construction of level divided by. The Optical mechanical level. The Optical automatic level. The Digital level. The electronic level. The laser level. Elevating ...
Agriculture, 16 pages
2016 01 06
Orchids - widely distributed in the world orchid (Orchidaceae) family of plants, which include over 800 genera and more than 25 thousand. species of plants, but constantly being discovered more new species. Orchids grow on every continent except ...
Agriculture, 16 pages
2017 05 16
Palm and Cherry tree
Description. Cherry Tree The geographical. Coconut Palm Tree Coconut trees grow best near the coast. Size and Form. Cherry Tree A cherry tree ranges in size from six to thirty feet. Foliage and Flowers. Cherry Tree A cherry tree has distinct ...
Agriculture, 17 pages
2017 04 15