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BMW Mission, vision, PESTLE analysis
BMW Mission, vision, PESTLE analysis. The BMW Group company profile. The special fascination. Mission. Providing continuous services, high quality and fully integrated for BMW customer in Indonesia. Vision. To be a premium world class BMW dealer ...
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2018 02 19
Lithuanian Railways
Institute of Travel Management's ICARUS 2009 - Environmental Award for Best Rail ProviderIn conclusion i want to mention that Lithuanian Railways is organization which got the biggest profit in 2012. The „Rail Baltic“ project is ...
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2016 04 23
Railway engineering
Czarist Russian Railways broad sectors heavily influenced by Lithuania and other countries in which they were built, economic life, but the broad rail construction costly. Finding cheaper ways to begin the construction of the 750 mm gauge ...
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2016 01 28
Riding a bicycle
Finally, I would tell you about benefits of cycling and how it can help to solve traffic and pollution problems in big cities. The first reason, why we need to ride a bike, is our health. For example, if we ride a bike, we burn calories, heal the ...
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2015 09 14
Presentation about CityBee transport
Content. What is CityBee? Information History Cars Bicycles Workers CityBee mobile application Future. CityBee is a. Information about citybee. Key Staff Lukas Yla (Director) Main office is located in Ozo g. Workers. History. CityBee began to ...
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2019 03 28
Urban transport in Lithuania
Working day to 20 trolleybus and 75 bus routes, drives 259 trolleybuses and 252 buses. Saturday respectively 131 trolleybuses and 113 buses, Sundays and holidays - 124 trolleybuses and 120 buses.Vilnius Public Transport has 185 ...
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2016 06 03
Today airplanes are used in many ways. Such as commercial, business and military aviation. People can easily visit other countries over their holidays, companies can better collaborate with other ones in the other side of the world, it became so ...
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2015 12 06
Battle of luxury cars
Wireless – connection that does not deppends on wires to care the signals.Audi comporation is one of the three concurents in luxury cars manufacturing. To compare the leader Mercedes Benz Maybach, Audi creating new model A8 with longer ...
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2016 05 19
How to solve the problem of an increasing number of road accidents
How to solve the problem of an increasing number of road accidents.
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2015 12 22
Hybrid car
Hybrid (Hybrid Electric Vehicle, HEV) - hybrid vehicle which is running more than one motor. Rising quite fast in the world of hybrid electric vehicles should be attributed to the fact, electric cars, according to many experts. Here, the electric ...
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2017 04 11
My dream car self study task
1974. release of a new generation of Mustang. The car was sold fine 400 000 cars in the first year. In the same year, the Mustang II, became the magazine Motor Trend Car of the Year.To help lift sales Ford introduced the Cobra II in 1976. and ...
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2016 11 27
The future of the car
The car of the future. Content. What brand of. About tesla. Tesla, Inc. Is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California. How much will it costs to have it now? Tesla have. Moonshoot. Tesla's latest ...
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2021 05 03
Transport manager application letter
Prior studies have worked the seller and I was in high school. This work made it possible to communicate with people. So I have experience in customer service in the field, I am sociable, I find it easy to talk to the different needs of people. ...
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2017 03 31
Warehouse logistics
Reducing storage costs is important to ensure warehouse efficiency because it affects the entire storage system and its ongoing processes. Therefore productivity business need to be monitored on a regular basis for all warehouse operations , an ...
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2015 10 22
Boeing 777x presentation
Design of Boeing 787 Dreamliner cockpit New bigger and brighter screens Every screen is touch screen Fly-by-wire technology first time on BOEING aircraft Easier to understand and master controls.Cathay Pasific Etihad Qatar Emirates All ...
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2016 10 25
Transport modes system
go to Alaska, there to spend the day, and come to London on Tuesday. Transportation improving trade expansion.Any classification system has subjective symptoms, because it depends the chosen classification criterion. transport system ...
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2017 05 16
Action plan report for improving the airport’s services essay
Action plan report for improving the airport’s services.
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2019 03 23
Advanced driver - assistance systems
Advanced driver-assistance systems. Why are they useful? Today’s presentation plan. Definition. Types of adas. Active advanced driver assistance systems. Anti-lock Braking System. Electronic Stability Program/Electronic Traction Control. ...
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2021 02 22
Advantages and disadvantages of cycling
Cycling is an ideal method for travelling, broadly known as perhaps the most secure mean of transport. At the point when a few people hold up in substantial rush hour gridlock, others appreciate a ride on a bike without expecting to inhale the ...
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2019 10 26
Air transport essay
Once the American Airlines reduced expenditures, removing one olive from each salad. In the 1980s American Airlines manager Robert Crandall has saved the company 30 000 E. per year, as the man took one olive from each salad.
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2017 12 08
Air transport slides
Air transport. Transport aircraft is a broad category of aircraft that includes. Airliners Cargo aircraft or freighters Mail planes Military transport aircrafts. Airliners. An airliner is a type of aircraft for transporting passengers and air ...
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2020 12 29
Air transportation planes slides
Air transportation. History. Renaissance ( S. Types of air transportation. Airports in Lithuania. Advantages. High. Disadvantages. High Costs More Risks Huge Investments. Statistics in Lithuania. Transporting. People Foods Animals Parcels. ...
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2018 10 04
Air Transportation presentation
Air transportation. The first flyer. How many airplanes are in the World? How many people fly each year/day? How many planes are in the air right now? Crashes and Fatalities on Aircrafts. Cause of Fatal Airplane crashes. Boeing (The most ...
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2018 02 19
Airplane or aeroplane?
Airplane or aeroplane ? Aircraft is a. First airplane. The Wright brothers invented and flew the first airplane. World War I. World War I was the first major conflict involving the large-scale use of aircraft. Between the World Wars. The years ...
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2018 01 09
Airplane: advantages and disadvantages slides
Kites and flying toys have been around for thousands of years. Types of air transportation. Helicopter. Advantages. Traveling by plane. Disadvantages. High cost of. Statistics in most popular airport in Lithuania. Transporting types. Animals. ...
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2018 10 04
Alfa Romeo
Introduction. Alfa Romeo. History. Design and Technology. Body design. Symbols of Alfa Romeo. Motorsport. Resources.
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2017 12 19
Anti block system ABS slides
Vilnius college of technologies and design. Objectives. What is abs? Comparison with ABS and without it. ABS components. How it works? Evolution of ABS. Anti-lock Brakes Reduce Braking Distance. Motorcycle ABS. Double channel. Braking with ...
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2018 12 17
Audi presentation
Audi. About audi. Audi logo. Best Audis of all time. Audi RS6/RS6 Avant (2002 – Present). Horch 26/65 (1907). DKW Monza (1956). Audi R8 (2006- Present). Audi Quattro (1980-1991). Fastest car - Audi R8 V-10 Plus.
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2017 12 19
Autofreie Innenstadt
Heutzutage wird immer mehr darüber diskutiert, ob es Autofreie Innenstadt Stadtwandel oder Stadtverfall würde. Ob es besser für die Leute und die Natur sind, oder im Gegenteil würde es nur die Anwohner und Touristen stören. Bei uns in ...
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2018 01 09
Automatic Gearbox presentation
Technical faculty. Presentation prepared by Lecturer. Automatic gearbox. How does automatic gearbox work? Your engine connects to your transmission at a place called a bell housing. History. Modern automatic transmissions. Pros of automatic ...
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2020 06 08