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A famous case of organized crime in Lithuania
A famous case of organized crime in Lithuania.
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2016 12 11
Business contractual relationship
In this case the Danny will be liable for all the consequences of his negligence to Mrs McGregor. Danny will be able to escape liability if he can show that his negligence should be regarded as the causa sine qua non.As a result of ...
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2016 04 14
Consumers protection
A very common illegal practice in todays consumer society is misleading advertising. Consumers rights laws protect the consumers from false advertising. Any business that provide goods or services might advertise its offer with reduced prices ...
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2016 03 08
5 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Criminals
Of The World’s Most Dangerous Criminals. Content. Dwight York. Robert William Fisher. Jason Walter Barnum. Terry Nichols. Samantha “White Widow” Lewthwaite. And Now Some Questions. How Dwight Yourk is also know? What is the reward for ...
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2018 10 04
Civil and Criminal penalties presentation
Civil and Criminal penalties. Punishment sometimes acts. Types of punishment. Probation Fine Suspended sentence Imprisonment Capital punishment. Probation. In criminal law is a period of supervision over an offender. Suspended sentence. Is the ...
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2019 02 28
Civil law presentation
Civil law. Students can learn. What is civil. What is civil law? Civil law is. There are many categories of civil law, namely. Contracts Torts Property law Company law Commercial law Labour law Family law. Civil law vs Criminal law. Civil code. ...
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2019 04 03
Copyright presentation
The University of Economics and Culture. Neighboring rights. The Rome Convention. Neighboring rights. Performers. Phonogram and Phonogram producers. Broadcasting. Communication to the public. First fixation of sounds. A satellite broadcast. ...
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2018 02 19
Crime essay
In present world, the measures of protecting yourself has become a common topic as identity thefts and other crimes are prevalent all over the world. Therefore, a plethera of people believe that protecting accounts, credit and debit cards ensures ...
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2019 03 31
Crime story slides
Crime story. A Woman's Crazy Stalker. In 2016, Angela Diaz was living the good life. Fortunately, the cops didn't have to look far for a suspect. Turns Out To Be Herself. As it turns out, Diaz was a pathological liar. After raiding her computer, ...
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2020 09 30
English essays: Family law
Family law. Marriage law. divorce law. Insurance law. The seimas of the republic of lithuania. The human rights. Constitutional law. International law. Intellectual property. patents and copyright. The european union. Running a business. types of ...
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2018 10 04
Essay about Family law in different societies
Essay about Family law in different societies.
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2018 10 04
Essay: Corruption, How to solve this problem?
Police can take money from driver who drove over the speed limit.Doctors can take money from patients to check them faster than others.Teachers can take money from students so that they finish their course with better ...
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2019 05 18
Facial recognition system
Facial recognition system ​. Breach of privacy. Vulnerability in recognition. Massive data storage.
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2020 09 22
Human rights and social work
Human rights and social work. What rights are human rights? Implementing human rights. Historical development of human rights. Human rights are. Human dignity. Three perspectives on human rights. Three generations of human rights. Human rights ...
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2018 03 17
Human rights essay
Human rights are fundamental to the stability and development of countries all around the world. Great emphasis has been placed on international conventions and theirimplementation in order to ensure adherence to a universal standard of ...
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2020 04 16
Is social media a threat to democracy and human rights?
Opinion essay Is social media a threat to democracy and human rights. Social media collects personal information and uses it in many bad ways , violating democratic priciples and human rights. Fake news , which are spreading with social media’s ...
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2020 06 11
Law and Law Enforcement Authorities
Law and Law Enforcement Authorities. Content. The concept of law About the program The program content Facilities. The Concept of Law. Law is a. About the Program. Learning outcomes of. The Program Content. The program content. Law and Law. Why ...
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2019 06 06
Miscarriages of justice essay
Should victims of miscarriages of justice receive compensation? What kind of compensation might be appropriate? Who should be responsible for providing it?
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2019 01 25
Police presentation
Depending on the administrative dependence, the police can be. The criminal police, state security border police water. Purpose to protect the public interest against the effects of crime by preventing. The criminal police. Paskirtis – ...
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2020 11 10
Practical elements for Patent Protection
The patent application is both a legal and a technical documents.Getting it wrong can be disastrous.Applyying the right strategy can invaluable.Therefore,getting the advice of an expect IP lawyer is prudent.The following principles will assist an ...
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2018 10 04
Presentation about Criminalist job
Criminalist. What the job involves. Collecting usefull information about a crime scene Conducting DNA analyses Documenting the scene. A typical day. Waking up at. Challenges. Personal life can. Requirements. A bachelors or. Summarizing points. ...
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2019 03 29
Presentation about Human rights
Contents. Human rights. Fundamental human rights. Documents, saying that people are equal and have natural rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The international Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. UNITED of ...
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2019 03 02
Research on the tobacco products smuggling under border control point
Research on the tobacco products smuggling. Research object. The aim. Research tasks. Research methods. Legal regulation of tobacco products. Tobacco. the rate of the excise tax rate. Tobacco products detained in the Nida border area in a number ...
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2019 08 07
Slides about O. J. Simpson murder case
Who is O. J Simpson? Who is Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Orenthal James “O. J. ” Simpson (born July 9, 1947) is a former NFL football star. On June 12, 1994, the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and a friend. Nicole Brown and O. J ...
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2019 09 18
Slides about Prisons in Norway
Prisons in norway. The norwegian prison system. Some of the biggest and most notorious jails in norway include. Ullersmo prison The. Oslo prison. Bastøy prison It. Halden prison The. Maximum prison sentence in norway. A focus on rehabilitation ...
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2019 05 25
Talk about graffiti as vandalism
Today I am going to talk about graffiti as vandalism. To start with, graffiti is a writing or a drawing on a wall or other surface, most often in public area. As we cannot denied that this is a form of art, graffiti is still considered to be ...
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2017 12 19
The court process
She came up to my door What did miss Beata tell youI didnt call the police becouse mr beata says that it was her fault medical bills and property damageObjection your honor and moved to strike that last bit was argumentative ...
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2018 10 04
The importance of freedom of expression in a democratic society essay
The importance of freedom of expression in a democratic society.
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2018 10 04
The practices and usefulness of mediation in family dispute crimes
The practices and usefulness of mediation in family dispute crimes. The meaning and significance of mediation in law. Comparing ideas and summarise. Comparing ideas and sumamrise. Comparing ideas and summarise. Analysis. References.
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2019 11 25
The purpose of state punishment
We live in the 21th century, when the people can make not only good things and the punishment sometimes are not the best ways to cope with crimes. In some countries they have own laws and sometimes inhumane things and it is called state ...
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2018 10 04