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The courts in Lithuania
The courts in Lithuanina. The court. In the Republic of Lithuania, justice shall be administered only by courts. The courts in Lithuania. The courts of the Republic of Lithuania shall be the Supreme Court of Lithuania. In Lithuania, only citizens ...
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2016 03 17
A famous case of organized crime in Lithuania
A famous case of organized crime in Lithuania.
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2016 12 11
Business contractual relationship
In this case the Danny will be liable for all the consequences of his negligence to Mrs McGregor. Danny will be able to escape liability if he can show that his negligence should be regarded as the causa sine qua non.As a result of ...
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2016 04 14
Crime in the world
These days, crime is pressing problem in all world. Many people are afraid to leave their homes because of Fortunately, there are a number of possible solutions witch could reduce To begint with, in order to solve the problem of crime ...
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2015 05 17
Destinations. Content. Destinations. What Makes a Destination Appealing? Customers’ Motivations. Cultural appeal of the destination. Selecting a destination. How to Choose a Travel Destination. Method 1 Interests. Method 2 Visas. Method 3 ...
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2016 05 18
Kidnapping. About kidnapping. In criminal law  kidnapping is. In some countries. Types of kidnapping. There are three types of kidnapiping Expres kidnaping Bride kidnnaping. Bride kidnapping. Bride kidnapping is a term often applied loosely. ...
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2015 05 10
Lithuanian police system
The Lithuanian police system consists of the police department under the ministry of the interior, specialized police units, territorial police units and police professional training institutions. At the moment there are two police training ...
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2015 10 21
Consumers protection
A very common illegal practice in todays consumer society is misleading advertising. Consumers rights laws protect the consumers from false advertising. Any business that provide goods or services might advertise its offer with reduced prices ...
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2016 03 08
Copyright presentation
The University of Economics and Culture. Neighboring rights. The Rome Convention. Neighboring rights. Performers. Phonogram and Phonogram producers. Broadcasting. Communication to the public. First fixation of sounds. A satellite broadcast. ...
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2018 02 19
Human rights and social work
Human rights and social work. What rights are human rights? Implementing human rights. Historical development of human rights. Human rights are. Human dignity. Three perspectives on human rights. Three generations of human rights. Human rights ...
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2018 03 17
International Business Law conspectus
Purpose of competition law. Evolution. Trends. General approach to the system. EU competition law – particular purpose. Tools how to achieve the purpose. EU competition law vs. National. EU competition law system. Restrictive agreements and ...
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2017 12 08
Talk about graffiti as vandalism
Today I am going to talk about graffiti as vandalism. To start with, graffiti is a writing or a drawing on a wall or other surface, most often in public area. As we cannot denied that this is a form of art, graffiti is still considered to be ...
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2017 12 19
United States Costoms
Overview of presentation. Mission. U. S. Customs and Border Protection. Values. State, Local, Tribal Liaison Office. Leadership/Organization. Trade Vision. Importer Self-Assessment. Requirements for Participation. Isa benefits. Objective of the ...
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2017 12 08
Youth criminality and ways to solve it
Youth criminality – worldwide is one of the most pressing social problems. This is not a particularly good thing. For example, those who have committed crimes in his youth is a high probability that the crime will do in the future.There ...
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2017 12 19
Am I safe in Lithuania
My opinion am I feel safe in Lithuania is positive, yes I feel safe. Of course we can found many areas and discuss is this safe enough or not. In Lithuania these days a lot of discussion about child rights and what need to change. I'm glad for it ...
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2016 10 01
Anti-social behavior
Anti-social behavior is any activity that affects members of the community in a negative way. Anti social behavior destroys community life. There are many examples such as: vandalizing property, dumping rubbish, making noise dealing drugs...Our ...
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2015 10 21
Audronius Ažubalis
Audronius Ažubalis. Born on 17 of January 1958 Vilnius, Lithuania. Biography. Awards.
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2016 11 22
Border guard school
Training at border guard school 1560 hrs. Probation in the State Border Guard Service units 480 hrs. Final qualification examination 40 hrs.Civil protection. Professionall ethics. First medical aid. English, Russian languages. Organization ...
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2015 12 18
Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment. Is punishment by death. The sentence that someone is punished by death. History of Death Penalty. First established under. Legend   . The Advantages of the Death Penalty. When criminals escape from the capital punishment. ...
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2015 11 18
Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union
Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.
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2016 03 13
Children abuse: types of abuse, consequences, help available
Children abuse types of abuse , consequences , help available. Juvenile delinquency reasons , types of crimes. Laws regulating old people’s care. Health care policy of homeless people Health policy . People with disabilitesi in Lithuania. ...
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2017 03 16
Children’s hearing panel
The hearing allows for relevant people to be involved. This will include the child and parent or carer, the reporter, social worker representative and anyone who may have a useful contribution to discussion. There will be three panel members, who ...
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2016 04 14
Copyright. Statistics. Do you know what is copyright? A copyright is. Trademark. The Difference Between Copyright and Trademark. While both offer intellectual property protection. What can you do with copyright? A copyright entitles. Punishment ...
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2016 12 11
So, if people refuse to pay taxes there is no income in revenue, therefore, there is no possibility to grow wealth in the country. If there is no money for investment there can not be any changes in education, health, countries infrastructure ...
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2016 01 10
Criminal law Violations and crimes Penalties
Criminal law Violations and crimes Penalties.
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2017 02 22
Criminology as a study thing
Criminology as a study thing. Content. What is criminology? What study disciplines includes Criminology? What is the main research objects of criminology? Did You Know? Differences between Criminology and Criminal Justice.   Is. Where can ...
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2017 05 01
Cyber Criminals
Cyber Crimes. Types of Cybercrimes. Fraud. Thousands of people each year fall victim to fraudulent acts - often unknowingly. Scam. There are a lot of scamps among the Internet. Identity Theft. Identity theft and fraud is one of the most common ...
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2017 02 21
Death penalty
Death penalty. Aim Death penalty History Countries Statistic Arguments Advantages Conclusions Sorces. Contents. To present death panalty history, countries who has death penalty and advantages. Aim. Death penalty or execution is punishment by ...
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2015 11 29
Do you think the police should spend more time to prevent crimes in our country?
Do you think the police should spend more time to prevent crimes in our country?.
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2016 02 11
Drugs scandal
Individual speech Drug scandal , who , why , punishments , Lithuanians involved.
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2017 02 01