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Lesson Plan: Subject - English
Lesson Plan Subject - English. Lesson Plan Subject. Number of Pupils. Time Stage Activity. Main Skills. Integrated Skills. Aims. Previous Knowledge. Materials. Class description.
Education, 5 pages
2018 02 19
Plans for multiple essays
Introduction: Crimes are being committed everywhere in the world every day.1st argument: Bringing back the death penalty could help.Support: Potential criminals would get frightened.So what: Crime would reduce, tax payers money could be invested ...
Languages, 2 pages
2017 12 08
Social marketing plan
In today’s world, not having a social media presence is a kin to not having a Yellow Pages ad twenty years ago. Social media has become the water cooler hang out on the Internet where 1 in 8 minutes spent on the Internet is spent on ...
Marketing, 3 pages
2020 06 08
The marketing plan of tourism agency
Analysis of tourism trends in the world and Lithuania. What are tourism trends? Types of the tourism trends. Analysis of Lithuanian tourism trends. Analysis of tourism trends in the world. Analysis of Lithuanian travel agencies. UAB ...
Marketing, 12 pages
2020 04 05
How to Pump any Business into the Media
This one might be a tricky one. You might try to boost media attention by creating some exposure to your company. Many business try to do that using some tricks like trying to set some kind of record (attempts to get your name in Guinness record ...
Marketing, 1 page
2016 09 11
Marketing plan of snow arena
The main Snow Arena track would be divided in to three different slopes – Skiing Slope for beginners, the Main Skiing slope and a Snowboard Park. The snow in the complex would be made using the Powder Star Series technology. Water and air would ...
Marketing, 12 pages
2016 05 07
Raising finance Lecture plan
3. Mark Blaney: Raising Finance for your business, How to books, 2006/1. Warmer. Finance is the way money is made, lent or used. To describe the financial situation of a government, organization or person, we talk about their finances. ...
Economy & Finance, 4 pages
2015 12 14
Analysing a short story
Analysing a short story. Point of view. Types of Point of View Third Person Point of View. First Person Point of View. Omniscient and Limited Omniscient Points of View. Questions to ask.
Languages, 3 pages
2016 03 23
Deforestation Speech plan
Causes: There are several causes for deforestation; however the most common ones are these:Conclusion: Deforestation is a huge, growing, problem. Institutions like ‘Ecosia’ and individual people are fighting for the rights of the land ...
Presentations & Speaking, 1 page
2017 03 30
Export plan
Executive Summary. Need actual charts? Objectives. Mission. Keys to Success. Company Summary. Company Ownership. Company History. Need actual charts? Need real financials? Company Locations and Facilities. Products. Competitive Comparison. Sales ...
Retail, 39 pages
2016 12 01
Language for presentations
The Presentation. Welcome your audience. Introduce your subject. Outline the structure of your presentation. Give instructions about questions. Welcoming your audience. Introducing your subject. Outlining your structure. Giving instructions about ...
Presentations & Speaking, 5 pages
2016 02 23