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The Human Body System
The Human Body Systems. The Body Systems. The Human Body Systems Work Together. The Digestive System. The Digestive Tract. First Organs of the Digestive Tract. The Esophagus. The Stomach. The Small Intestine. The Large Intestine. The Skeletal ...
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2016 04 19
Sports injures
Sports injures. Playing sport and doing regular exercise is good for your health. The most common sports injuries are. Sprains and strains. Knee injures. Swollen muscles. Achilles tendon injuries. Pain along the shin bone. Fractures. Why sports ...
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2015 10 01
Professional expertise and compassion of a veterinarian can make every pet and pet owner feel happy
Professional expertise and compassion of a veterinarian can make every pet and pet owner feel happy.
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2016 12 18
Anorexia nervosa
Anorexia nervosa. Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Medical Academy Faculty of Medicine. Kaunas. Anorexia Nervosa Types of. Content. Anorexia Nervosa is. Anorexia Nervosa Binge / Purge Type Restrictive Anorexia Nervosa. Types of anorexia. ...
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2017 12 08
Dental instruments
Dental instruments. Dental instruments are tools that dental professionals use to provide dental treatment. What are the dental instruments. Mouth mirror Dental mirrors. The most important dental instruments. Tweezers Used to pick up small ...
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2018 01 09
Causes of salivary gland hypofunction and xerostomia: Dehydratation (impaired water intake, loss of water through the skin, blood loss, emesis, diarrhea, renal water loss). Protein caloric undernutrition. Damage to the salivary glands ...
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2017 12 08
History of anesthesia
History of anesthesia. What is anesthesia? Anesthesia is a. Anesthesia may be used to. Relax you Block. Dictionary. Soporifics – a. Jimson weed. Mandrake. The hystory of anesthesia. Early anesthetics. Early anesthetics were soporifics (which ...
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2017 12 08
Immune system
The Immune system. What is the immune system? It is designed to defend you against millions of bacteria. The major components of the immune system include. Lymph nodes Lymphatic vessels  Spleen Bone. The Lymphatic system consists of bone marrow. ...
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2017 12 19
Organ donation presentation
Organ donation a gift of life. Organ donation. Organ donation is the process of removing tissues or organs from live. Different organs such. LIVE DONATIONS (When the person making the donation is aliveTwo situations under which organ donation ...
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2017 12 08
Plastic surgeries
Plastic surgeries. Made by. Introduction. Plastic surgery is. Skin Grafting. A skin graft is the replacement of a patient’s skin. Reconstructive Surgery. The plastic surgery can be necessary for those people. Life quality. Sometimes plastic ...
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2017 12 08
Profession doctor powerpoint
Good Morning. Profession doctor. Very important Much to learn Responsible job Respect and honor. Very important. Doctor‘s job is very important because it safes our lifes. Much to learn. If you want. Responsible job. Every doctor has to be ...
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2018 01 23
Regeneration of human tissues
Tissue engineering or regenerative medicine refers to the attempt to create functional human tissue from cells in a laboratory. Tissue engineering relies on a four important factors: the right cells to do the job, the right environment to support ...
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2017 12 08
Stem cells
Stem cells. Stem cells (I). Stem cells (II). Stem cells (III). Stem cells in medicine (I). Stem cells in medicine (II). Stem cells in medicine (III). Baldness. Wound healing. Bone marrow stem cell transplant. Treatment of cancer with stem cells ...
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2017 12 08
Down syndrome , Edward syndrome and Patau syndrome are the most common forms of trisomy. Trisomy often occurs because of errors during  meiosis. Low muscle tone , small stature. Most people who have Down Syndrome. Severe intellectual disability. ...
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2017 12 08
Why our proteins are determined by our DNA?
The central dogma of molecular biology – DNA molecule stores all genetic information. From DNA to mRNA transcription. Protein biosynthesis translation.
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2017 12 19
Addictions presentation
Addiction to :~  games of chance-gambling~ television~ internet–computer games.70% of internet users are reported to play online games, 18% of which are diagnosed as game addicts.Those who were diagnosed with internet addiction ...
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2015 11 26
Adrenal Glands
Adrenal Gland. Main functions Locations Common problems. Main functions. They produce hormones that you can't live without. Adrenal Cortex Steroid Hormone Production. Location. The adrenal glands are small glands located on top of each kidney. ...
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2015 10 06
Allergy symptoms
1. Pharyngitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx; sore throat.3. Hyperkinesia - an abnormal amount of uncontrolled muscular action; spasm.8. Wheezing - to breathe with difficulty and with a whistling ...
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2016 05 25
Aspirin – universal remedy for pain, fever and inflamation
Aspirin – universal remedy for pain , fever and inflamation. Aspirin in the Ancient World. Aspirin today. The chemical structure of aspirin. Important information before using. Veterinary use. Definitions Aspirin. Colorectal cancer. Dengue ...
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2015 09 27
Barbiturate & benzodiazepine poisoning
Barbiturate & benzodiazepine poisoning. What are they? Benzodiazepine toxicity. Benzodiazepines - uses. Diagnosis. Treatment – acute poisoning. Treatment – antidote. Treatment – chronic poisoning. Barbiturate toxicity. Uses - barbiturates. ...
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2016 10 24
Battlefield Injuries And First Aid
Head – 33% Arms/Hands – 40% Legs/Feet – 37%.Medical kit cosist of: Nasopharyngeal airway Examination gloves Field dressing Gauze package Gauze Tourniquet Surgical tape Bandage Adhesive tape Chest pad Lip balzam.
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2017 06 19
Biggest Disasters of this summer
Biggest Disasters of this summer. Žygimantas Petrusevičius 2c. Wildfires spread across Spain . Date August. Wildfires rage outside Athens. Date July 17. Summary Greek emergency services battle wildfires. Dominica tropical storm Erika. North ...
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2015 11 24
Broken bones and dislocations
First aid. Broken bones and dislocations. Vocabulary list. What is the difference between fracture and dislocation? Fractures. Types of fractures. Open fracture. What can cause a fracture? Symptoms of fractures. First aid for fractures. For an ...
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2017 01 17
Chromatography and pigments
When the solvent reached the ink spot, it dissolved the molecules of coloured chemicals. Molecules of these chemicals differed in sizes, therefore the smallest solute molecules travelled as quickly as the solvent and got carried till the top of ...
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2016 06 02
Concussion. A concussion is. What is a concussion? There are many. What causes a concussion? Every time you. How Dangerous Are Concussion. Over time, repeated concussions can change chemicals and cells in the brain. You don't have to pass out ...
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2016 02 24
Cross infection
Provide information for someone who is in the risk of infection.Treating cross infection depends on the condition: Bacterial infections are often treated with antibiotics Specific types of viruses can be treated with anti-viral drugs ...
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2016 06 02
Exploding head sindrome
Exploding head syndrome. Content. Exploding head syndrome. Causes. Symptoms. Treatment/Prevention. Control your stress. Keep a sleep journal. Avoid fatigue episodes. Eat a healthy balance diet. Use medications. Perks Of A Good Night's Sleep. You ...
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2015 05 29
First aid
First aid.Content. Definition History Aims Key skills Training Types Conditions that often require first aid. First aid is the. History. The binding of battle wounds on Classical Greek pottery from circa 500 BCE. Aims. Preserve life Prevent ...
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2015 05 29
First Aid diabetic emergency & difficulty in breathing (asthma)
First Aid diabetic emergency & difficulty in breathing (asthma).
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2017 01 17
First Aid Electric shock
First AidElectric shock. Vocabulary. Electric shock. Effects of Electrical Current on the Human Body. Causes of electric shock. Lightning injuries occur. Kids. Symptoms of electric shock. Treatment of electric shock. Securing the environment. ...
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2017 01 17