Financial statement analysis report

Financial statement analysis report.

The adress of the Company‘s registered office is as follows: Vilnius St. 10, Vilnius Mun., Lithuania.

Current liabilities in Grigeo Grigiškės AB company were increasing and decreasing during these (2012 – 2014) years. Information about company‘s current liabilities is shown in table nr 5.

Long term loans during these years decreased by 32% and then increased by 250%. It shows that company in 2012 had loans, which then in 2013 decreased, but after a year company decided to take more and because of that long term loans increased by 250% counting from previous year. Loans may have been taken for further production, for property or equipment or even for company‘s construction. Borrowings every year is decreasing in Grigeo Grigiškės company. From 2012 to 2013 it decreased by 43% and next year, from the 2013 counted sum, decreased by more 37%. This means, that the company was giving back some of the borrowings, which were taken from the banks or other sources. Financial lease obligations mainly consists of vehicles, machinery and equimpment. In 2014 financial lease obligations increased in 4%, because the smaller amount were written to non-current obligations. This may be the main reason why obligations increased in the last year. Looking at the table, in income tax payables, it could be seen that in 2013 company paid all payables, because during one year from 2012 to 2013 there is seen 100% decrease. But in 2014 increased by 200 thousand LTL. Summing all factors and developments in current liabilities sector there could be seen decrease in 2013, by 16% and increase in 2014 – by 75%. The biggest impact to current liabilities was made by long term loans, which were taken by the company in 2014, there loan increased by 250% and this had led to major increased in current liabilities 2013-2014.

As it is seen in table nr 8, total liabilities and equity is equal to total assets, as is has to be:

Table nr 9 contains data about Grigeo Grigiškės company‘s income statement. Firstly, in the table first rows could be seen company‘s total sales, cost of these sales and gross profit. Gross profit is calculated by taking cost of sales from total sales. During these two years gross profit was increasing and a businesse‘s ultimate goal is to raise its profit margins, which was happening in Grigeo Grigiškės company. Percentage of gross profit counted from revenue each year differes, but just in few percents, even though that cost in LTL differes from 20 million to 29 million LTL.

Moreover, company‘s finance income decreased from 0.4% to 0.01% and then raised just to 0.1%. This cost was added to profit, but after that finance expenses where taken away, which from 2012 – 9% decreased to 4% (in 2013) and then kept the same.

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