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Opinion essay
In addition to that, people who propagate these activities tend to be aggressive as they are stimulated to use power and often cast negative emotions. In fact, people may become horrific if they are full of hatred and temper since they find it ...
Languages, 13 pages
2015 11 29
Job interwiev
Example Job Interview Questions and Answers. Cover Letter Writing Tips. Additional Cover Letter Writing Tips.
Career, 4 pages
2016 04 20
The job interview
A: Yes, what would be the job and what is the job salary?B: This job is of a food technologist and the salary is from 300 to 400e.A: Well, I think, that I have job experience and I can work in a team, I learn fast.
Career, 1 page
2015 10 09
 Journalist CV
Personal information. Job applied for. Work experience. Magazine editor asistant. Education and training. Master of Communication and Information. Bachelor of Communication and Information. Personal skills. Understanding. Speaking. Writing. ...
Social Media, 2 pages
2018 03 17
Cafe Menu example
Café Menu Kid’s Menu. Main poultry dishes. Main fish dishes. Main beef dishes.
Food, 4 pages
2018 01 23
Curriculum Vitae CV example
Date of Birth , place. Energy and motivation. Adaptability and resourcefulness. Date of Birth, place. July 30, 1997, Siauliai. Education. Work experiance. IT skills. Energy and motivation. Adaptability and resourcefulness. Interests. Languages. ...
Career, 1 page
2018 10 04
Dialogue about tolerance
A. Well I think that's a great idea. We can take some of volunteers and make short situations about being nice.A. Yeah, I hope so. I think we will find some volunteers in classA. Yeah, I think so, I need to get back home for some ...
Languages, 2 pages
2017 12 08
Passive voice example
The Passive Voice To Be + Ved IIIf. Present simple V / /- es don’t / doesn’t +. Am is / are + past participle Ved / Present continuous am is are Ving. Am is are + being + Ved / Was / were + past Ved / Past continuous was / were + Ving. Was ...
Languages, 2 pages
2020 02 04
Questions about a Company
What other nationalities work at your company. What are the main personalities you could name that other culture has at the company. Do often other culture employees bring unique ideas ? Kaip sprendziamos problemos darbe. In communication with ...
Business & Entrepreneurship, 2 pages
2018 03 17
A clean-up day at school
G: yes, sure. First of all we have to think about areas inside the school. We could clean-up the windows in the corridor and classrooms, then we could get some flowers and soak in every classroom. That would be lovely.B: I don't think that ...
Languages, 2 pages
2016 12 06
Business environment
Business Environment. Introduction. Meeting the objectives of different stakeholders. Explain the responsibilities and strategies of organization to employ to meet them. How different economic systems distribute the resources effectively? Assess ...
Management, 7 pages
2019 07 07
Ccf European curriculum vitae
Ccf European curriculum vitae. European curriculum vitae format. Personal information. Education and training. Personal skills and competences. [ Specify mother tongue. Additional information.
Career, 3 pages
2016 05 01
Curriculum vitae example
Personal details. Education. Work experience. Languages. Computer skills. Membership. Personal and social skills.
Career, 1 page
2017 03 19
English letter example (2)
First of all, when I hear words "strict discipline" first thing that comes into my mind is child abuse. Children who were abused in their childhood usually grows up sadists and maniacs. Strict discipline does not usually mean that your child will ...
Languages, 1 page
2015 05 18
Job advertisment
Dream job. Academic or trade qualifications. Work experience and skills.
Career, 2 pages
2017 01 02
Job application
Since graduating from High School, I have gained valuable experience in warehouse work. In one of my jobs, I worked as a warehouse clerk for a large import/export company. In another, I worked at a lumber warehouse in a yard work. In addition, ...
Career, 1 page
2016 02 24
Monologue about holidays
I am going to speak about celebrates and festivals and divide my speech into 2 parts: first of all I will speak about Summer Festival, secondly I will talk about St Valentine’s day.To start with, every year, Lithuania's most popular ...
Languages, 1 page
2015 06 20
Motivational letter
If you are wondering why I chose International Business, my answer is quite a cliché: my parents have a family business. Since I was thirteen, I used to help out my parents and learned many useful skills and came to realize I am capable of ...
Career, 1 page
2017 03 16
Presenting Your Business Idea
Information and 1. display panels. Will provide information for 2. and other travellers. Information on time, 3. , parking and public transport. Will be placed at 4. accesses to the city. Income from 5. space for advertisements. Market research ...
Business & Entrepreneurship, 3 pages
2016 11 28
Social life Are we all equal? Monologue
1. According to data of the graph, which was indicated by citizens of the Europe, the most common area of gender inequality is violence against women. This are of inequality is also common in Lithuania. Every year police stations get about 10 ...
Sociology, 1 page
2016 02 14