Volkswagen history

Volkswagen history.

The latest trend at Volkswagen was exact calculation of the optimum air/fuel mix in the courburettor of the VW 1600. This was all made possible for the first time by the advent of electronic injection systems (1 picture).Also the decisive technical inovation of 1967 for Volkswagen was the introduction of automatic transmissions in the VW 1600 series, which comprised a torque converter and a self-acticating three-speed planetary gearset.

2000’s – globalization was progressing. The decision to set up production in Russia and India reflected the growth potential held by the new markets. The Golf posted a new production record of 25 million vehicles. The fusion of product innovations and traditional strengths was essential to achieving goals. Consistency in quality and service was just as much a top priority as the garnering of inspirational impressions, which Volkswagen knew how to employ for trailblazing models.

3. Volkswagen current position in the world and future plans

Now Volkswagen Group has 78 years history that can be discussed in decades. First decade (1940’s) was the beginning of global success story of Volkswagen with “Beetle”. Ten years later, Volkswagen has joined the international race for customers and market share in 1950 it is in pole position was giving it a flying start.Initial sales abroad were disastrous, but through clever advertising, the Beetle gained popularity with the young crowd and from 1945 to 1955 numbers reached the 1 million mark. 1950 The company’s first commercial vehicle, the Transporter model nicknamed “Bully” also played a part in the automotive group’s early internationalization. In latest decades, company consolidated its dominance in Europe and attained a 33% share of the German market.

In conclusion, now the global operation of the giant reaches out globally spanning 153 countries. According to a forecaster, it is expected that VW is going easily to beat its target of 11m sales by 2018 and expand its business successfully in the future.

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