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International Book Fair
I would also like to mention that many Lithuanian works should be translated into other languages, as the Lithuanians are very talented people. In my opinion, should be translated book about Lithuanian people, the history, culture, tradition, ...
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2016 02 28
Rio carnival
2013 – 02 – 13 Made by: Deimante Rimkute and Goda Bockova.Carnival is Rio's main event. It happens at the peak of summer. It starts on Saturday, and ends on Fat Tuesday.At Rio Carnival people dancing singing,eating and do what ...
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2017 01 12
A new rite of passage in emigration
Irregular emigration is the basic problem in Lithuania. Another most crucial problem of emigration is the loss of young people. Despite the problem of emigration, Lithuania also needs to face a particularly threatening problem of ‘brain ...
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2016 05 12
It was love, peace and tolerance culture. Hippies weren’t afraid to say their opinion and had a lot of ideas to make world better. They listened to calm, quiet music. Hippies also had a bad habit to use drugs.
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2015 05 28
21st century in the world
Twenty first century is so important to us because it is our destiny. We are creating our world by ourselves. We are upgrading, inventing and evolving our technologies in all knowable directions that we can ever evolve.In 21st century ...
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2016 04 14
Christmas traditions around the world
Christmas traditions around the world. Christmas Day is. Austria Austria children live. Japan Japanese families eat at KFC on Christmas Eve. Ireland In Ireland it’s. Italy In Italy. Mexican Children get candy. Germany Trees for decoration were ...
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2017 05 21
Emigration - search for happiness
In addition people who leave their native country ruin their national values. They forget about national dishes, Lithuanias cuisine, national clothes and holidays. Lithuanians who live abroad rarely celebrate national holidays like the 16th of ...
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2015 05 28
French Culture Customs & Traditions
French Culture Customs & Traditions. Most people associate French culture with Paris. French is the dominant language of the country’s. Religions of France. French food. Food and wine are central to life at all socioeconomic levels. French ...
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2016 02 18
Globalization essay (2)
Firstly Globalization has been very good for our economy. If the world wasn’t globalized, we would be paying more money for our needs because they would not be made in our own country. Now we have a bigger food supply because of a trade system ...
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2017 05 08
Is volunteering important for young people? (4)
Is volunteering important for young people? (4).
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2016 09 12
No teen role models
To sum up, I think that there are plenty of inspiring teen role models, who can be an example for other people. They work hard and that is why they get popular all over the world. They do not by the fame, they earn it.
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2016 04 07
Quiz about UK
Quiz about. Which of the following is national British food? A Chicken and. How many countries are there in the United Kingdom? A 1 B 3 C 4 D. Where is a difference between United Kingdom and Great Britain? What is the name of this monument you ...
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2015 05 28
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill. „We make a living by what we get. Childhood and growing up. Winston Churchill was born in 1874 at Blenheim Palace and was of rich. Churchill attended the Royal Military College and joined the British cavalry. From military to ...
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2015 06 02
Volunteering Lithuania
According to the latest data, even 87 percent.Lithuanian believes that volunteering isrespectable activity that brings many benefitspublic. On the other hand, from the last12 months in any activity withoutany consideration of their leisure ...
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2015 09 09
Culture in European Union essay
Short intro about European Union. Art history in Europe. Science history in Europe. Philosophy history in Europe. Religion history in Europe. Resources.
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2017 12 08
Culture of England
About England. Government. Symbols. Capital. English people. Language. Religion. Architecture. Folklore. Cuisine. Literature, poetry and philosophy. Sports. Visual arts. Cinema. Museums, libraries, and galleries.
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2018 01 11
Emos presentation
Emos. The mid-1980s of Washington Emo broke into mainstream culture in the early 2000s. Clothes. They wear jeans, t-shirts. Jewellery. They wear ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, piercing. Hair. Usually all emos dye their hair black, red and ...
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2017 12 19
Is volunteering important for young people essay (3)
Is volunteering important for young people essay (3).
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2017 12 08
Things why I love Lithuania presentation
Things I Love Lithuania for. St Thing I Love Lithuania for. The first thing i love Lithuania for is our language. Nd Thing I Love Lithuania for. The second thing i love Lithuania for is Trakai Island Castle. Rd Thing I Love Lithuania for. The ...
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2017 12 19
Advantages and disadvantages of multiculturalism
Advantages and disadvantages of multiculturalism.
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2017 03 05
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein. March 14. Albert as a Student. Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Einstein Continued his Genius in. 1910. Einstein’s new Theory of Gravity. Einstein’s Contribution. April 18. Famous Einstein Quotes. Thank You Mr. ...
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2015 05 21
Are there enough festivals in Lithuania?
Are there enough festivals in Lithuania. Fern blossom’s.
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2016 02 21
Bbc news
Bbc news. Culture. The world‘s most beutiful schools. Stowe school in. In Makoko, Dutch architects NLE have shaped a simple. The Long Room of the Old Library of Trinity College. Japanese architects Sanaa. The Druk White Lotus School at Shey in ...
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2016 01 21
British festivals
British Festivals. Burns’ Night (Scotland) January 25th. St Patrick’s Day (Northern Ireland) March 17th. Notting Hill Carnival August 31st. St Andrew’s Day (Scotland) November 30th. St Andrew’s Day (Scotland). Thank you for your ...
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2016 02 16
Buckingham Palace presentation
Buckingham Palace. The Royal places have been guarded by the hold troops since. The Palace has. State Room. The Gold State. Throne in Queen's Robing Room, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, England. Buckingham Gardens. The Royal Family. ...
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2017 01 24
Christmas (2)
Christmas. Content 1 Christian Christmas 2 Tradition Lithuania 3 Origins 4 Christmas today. Christian Christmas The Nativity. Tradition Lithuania At Christmas it was up early. Origins Solar return holidays rapidly formed emergence of agriculture ...
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2017 03 29
Christmas around the World
Christmas Around the World. Christmas in Mexico. Posada. Pinata. Christmas in Italy. She makes a list. Christmas in Sweden. Christmas in Holland. December 6th. Christmas in America. Christmas Trees. Tinsel. Mistletoe. Christmas Cards. Christmas ...
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2017 03 12
Christmas in Australia
Christmas in australia. Christmas in Australia is not like Christmas anywhere else. Because of European heritage, Australians cling to many of the old traditions. A traditional meal includes a turkey dinner, with ham. Some Australians and. The ...
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2016 04 19
Christmas in Canada
Christmas in Canada. Content. Public life. Background. Symbols. Baking Parties. Christmas Food. Celebrations In Different Provinces. Christmas Trees. Christmas Traditions. Christmas Lights Across Canada. Christmas events. Christmas message. The ...
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2015 10 19
Christmas in Germany presentation
Christmas in Germany. Project made by Domantas Jakubauskas 2B. Advent. A big part of the Christmas celebrations in Germany is Advent. Christmas trees. Christmas Trees are very important in Germany. Christmas markets. Germany is well. Christmas ...
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2017 02 05