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Common rail technology
My topic „Common Rail Technology“ is quite broad, because it has lots of aspects. But i tried to explain everything narrowly and simply. And I think I have succeeded. Main parts of this system were explained precisely. I‘ve laid a ...
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2016 11 29
First cars
The found documents suggesting that he was a staff of several distance Governor Maževskio car, so a good chance that this particular engineer and was the first Lithuanian roads have driven driver. Treasury car cost 2,417 rubles in Tsarist ...
Automotive, 11 pages
2016 05 03
Hydropneumatic suspension
The topic of my individual project is hydropneumatic suspension. I devided my work into several parts. First of parts is about hydropneumatic suspension, second is about suspension functioning, also about height correction and leveling. Either I ...
Automotive, 12 pages
2016 05 12
Car engine power increase
If car speed and dynamics features does not satisfy you, it could be changed. It is a lot of different engine power increase tools. Mostly there are applying three main methods:pressure ( using turbo compressor blowing with intermediate ...
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2017 04 09
Technical Maintenance of Automobiles
Studies are focused on specific practical activities, fostering ability to work independently in accordance with graduate qualifications.The study program consists of general college subjects, study field subjects, special field of study ...
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2016 01 03
How technologies change our cars
This engine is one of the new invention of engeneering, that will be revolution . Now it is only concept but in five or ten years mass product will be started. It is powered only by 8 grams of chemical element: Thorium and have zero emission. ...
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2015 08 22
Diagnosis of Diesel engines
The greater fuel economy longer periods between services that the diesel engine offers means it has long been a favourite with the transport industry for use in heavy commercial vehicles. About sixty years ago there was a substantial increase in ...
Automotive, 64 pages
2017 03 12
Four and two stroke engines
Two-stroke engines do not have valves and other mechanical parts distribution, due to their simpler design and less weight;
 Two-stroke engine is much more powerful than the same displacement four-stroke engine; Two-stroke engines can operate ...
Automotive, 12 pages
2016 09 20
Self-driving car technology
2. Pedestrians-(pėstieji) The new crossing would improve condition for pedestrians.9. Congestion-(Spūstys) The new bridge should ease congestion in the area.11. Traffic lights-(Šviesoforas) Mainly traffic lights have three ...
Automotive, 10 pages
2016 05 01
ABS: Presentation about Anti - lock braking system
Vilnius College of Technologies and Design. What is abs? History. Early systems. Avro Vulcan. History. Modern systems. Chrysler imperial. Operation. Differents with ABS ant without it. Brake types. Effectiveness. Thanks you for your attention. ...
Automotive, 12 pages
2018 03 17
Automobiles presentation
Automobiles. The History of the Automobile. What is an Automobile? When was the first automobile created? What were the defects of the first automobiles? When had the steam cars been built in America? 1858 First Coal-gas Engine. 1889 The First ...
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2018 01 09
Automotive test: fuels, belts, engines
Mature technology due to extensive research in the past. Diversification in raw materials possible. No long transportation distances. Biofuel technology is relatively safe. The Six Types of Seat Belts and How They Work (abridged). Lap Belts. ...
Automotive, 5 pages
2021 05 07
Autonomous cars
Autonomous cars. Contents. Driverless cars. History of autonomous vehicles. 1960s Firebird by General Motors. Companies which are testing driverless car systems as of. Autonomous car driving security levels. But for now these levels aren’t ...
Automotive, 16 pages
2017 12 19
Autonomous cars Autonomous vehicles
Introduction. What is Mechanical Engineering. Cars managed by humans. Autonomous cars. Advantages. Disatvantages. Classifications. Technology. Future of autonomous cars. Potential obstacles. Future cars. Conclusion. Sources.
Automotive, 16 pages
2018 10 04
Clutch in automobile
Introduction. Description of Cluntch. Clutch components. Types of clutches. Positive clutch. Friction clutch. Clutch friction materials. Organic. Heavy-duty organic. Ceramic. Feramic. Conclusion. Resources.
Automotive, 11 pages
2018 10 04
Motorcycle and me
Fatal crashes occur per 100 000 registered vehicles. For motorcycles this figure is higher at. Per 100 000 registered vehicles – four times higher than for cars. Excruciating Pain from Motorcycle Accident. Insurance Company Settled with Unfair ...
Automotive, 8 pages
2018 10 04
The car of the future
The car of the future. The car of the future. Global technology. Content Land threatened by. L. Land threatened by transport. Network Technology. What did the cars of the future look like in the past? Scientist Michael Fray’s insights into the ...
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2021 05 07
Competitions of automobiles audio systems
Depending on the sanctioning body depends on where the microphone is placed within your vehicle. For instance in the Outlaw SPL divisions will place the microphone in your passenger kick panel. In this sanctioning body you are given two 30 second ...
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2015 12 28
Diagnosis of Engines based on the dynamics of engine fuel injection equipment
Diagnosis of Engines based on the dynamics of engine fuel injection equipment.
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2017 03 12
Extrusion of cold metal working
Equipment: 1) Hydraulic press 2) Container with changible dies and ram 3) Lead billet 4) Sliding caliper 5) Marker 6) hammer 7) Ruler.Measure die hole diameter and deduce deformation degree when the extrusion is performed by the formula:
Automotive, 3 pages
2015 06 03
Famous automobile engineers slides
Famous automobile engineers. Automobile. History of the automobile. First working land-vehicle. Internal combustion engine. First commercially successful internal combustion engine. First modern internal combustion engine. First production ...
Automotive, 21 page
2021 02 25
Fuel system
Identification of heat energy requirement is not easy, because it depends of various random conditions. For ships powered by low speed engines, feed by HFO (heavy fuel oil), it depends on fuel type, which needs preheating in transportation and ...
Automotive, 24 pages
2016 03 02
Presentation about train museum
Ckv presentatie. Ihoud opgave. Inleidign. Wat was het? Professionele recensie. Slot stuk.
Automotive, 6 pages
2021 03 14
Wheels and Tyres
The tyre (tire) is mounted directly on the wheel. Rubber tyres add to the comfort of the passengers and, in conjunction with the suspension, cushion the car from road bumps. However, the main function of the tyre is to provide traction with the ...
Automotive, 6 pages
2016 11 21
Electric cars
Electric cars. History of electric cars invention. Golden Age. Mid to late 20th century stops and starts. Advantages and disadvantages of electric veichles. No Gas Required. No Emissions. Safe to Drive. Cost Effective. Low Maintenance. Reduced ...
Automotive, 5 pages
2015 12 28
Automobile electrical systems
Engine electronics ECU. Introduction. Transmission electronics TCU.Fuel injection rate.Emission control, NOx control.Regeneration of oxidation catalytic converter.Turbocharger control.Cooling system control.Throttle control. In a gasoline ...
Automotive, 6 pages
2017 04 18
Automobile navigation system
The purpose of this report is to get to know about automobile navigation system and how it's working. An automotive navigation system is a satellite navigation system designed for use in automobiles. It typically uses a GPS navigation ...
Automotive, 6 pages
2015 05 16
Hybrid vehicles
Introduction. What is hybrid vehicle. History. Early days. Modern hybrids. Vehicle type. Two-wheeled cycle-type vehicles. Heavy vehicles. Ships. Aircraft. Military off-road vehicles. Rail transport. Conclusions. Resources.
Automotive, 11 pages
2015 05 30
Electronics cars
Introduction. History of the electronics cars. The birth of the electric vehicle. A new beginning for electric cars. The advantages ant disadvantages of electric vehicles ant hybrid electric vehicles. The advantages. The disadvantages. Gas cars ...
Automotive, 15 pages
2017 03 29
Autonomous driving
Introduction. Autonomous driving. Conclusion. Selected words. Sentences with selected words.
Automotive, 8 pages
2016 01 14