Business communication

Business communication.

It takes more time to write as the time is valuable for the company

Takes time to get the response back from the receiver to the company

Email is electronic way of communication in business. Emails are sent and received almost instantaneously, whether it is close by distance or far away. Everyday millions of emails are sent from companies to customers, from employees to their managers and from one co-worker to another.

Needs the access to the internet to send or receive the email

No guarantee the email was read until the user log on to see it onto their email

Emails are filled with short descriptions, which can sometimes be misunderstood

As you can see in this image Tesco company is sending emails to their customers who have the Club card data. Through the emails customers receives new offers so basically the company lets their customers know when they are having new updates of offers.

Within Tesco Company emails can be sent out from internal source, sales department. The source is valid. The information of the method is electronic. Their target audience is their existing customers, who already have the club card or are the new members of it. This method of communication fits its purpose as the emails are more formal. On the emails the customers or members should expect it to be written in the formal way. It should be clear and eye catching for customer or member to read the further information.

Using social media for spreading company’s word, free for advertising

Informs friends or followers of secret sales or special offers simply and quickly

As you can see in this picture Tesco company is using social network – Facebook. As they advertise the new ‘delivering goods to home’ service, people now can order their products online and get delivered it. Customers can also share their own experience by posting their opinions on Tesco facebook page.

The purpose of this method is external, it shares information, can build the relationships with the stakeholders, also it can promote products, service or ideas. The source of electronic information for their internet website is the marketing and IT department. Using this method the target audience is more suitable for the new customers. Also this method fits its purpose as the company gains more new customers who would use the new service. The new customers should expect the information and website to be clear, readable and easy to navigate.

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