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Leisure places in Vilnius
Neris - the second largest Lithuanian river, the length of 510 kilometers. In Lithuania, the river flows from Belarus and flowing to Kaunas, where it turns into the Nemunas river. Kayaking in Neris ideal for various celebrations or a trip with ...
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2016 09 20
London's famous landmarks
This church is the king of England's coronation, marriage and burial place. Church can be visited tombs of famous British figures, the museum to see the treasures of the monastery and the Henry VII chapel is considered one of the elegant designs ...
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2015 12 13
My dream country Germany
First of all I advice you to visit “Neuschwanstein” Castle in Bavaria or in the other words - Germany's fairytale castle. “Neuschwanstein” is known all over the world as a symbol of idealised romantic architecture. Second you should visit ...
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2015 10 04
The tourism in Lithuania
I can say that the local minicipaties must invest, more money to make our cities, towns and countrysieds to be more attractive and nicer for tourists.We have a lot of nice hotels guests rooms for people to relax and these are the biggest ...
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2017 02 28
Tourism is a fast growing industry Is it a positive or negative development essay
Task. Tourism is a fast growing industry. Is it a positive or negative development. Low key entertainment. Distinct family focus. Generates job opportunities. Less developed countries. Lack of formal educations holds many people back. A plethora ...
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2020 02 07
Tourism trends and problems
Seasonality - a major Lithuanian tourism sector problems in determining the uneven distribution of tourist flows at different times of the year, especially in October and April, not only resorts, but throughout Lithuania. Seasonality has a ...
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2017 12 08
 Internship report on Hotel
As the name (Jurys Inn Oxford Hotel and Conference Venue) suggests the main 2 services the establishment provides are accommodation and conference facilities. There is also a 3rd, very important service to the hotel, focusing on residential and ...
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2017 12 08
Alytus city
Alytus city. The "Snaigė" Refrigerator Factory. The "Alita' Drinks Factory. The Town Park. The Youth Park. Town Hall Square. The Angel of Liberty. The Mound of Alytus. The Song Valley. Poet Anzelmas Matutis. Poet Antanas Jonynas. Theatre. Cinema ...
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2018 04 03
Australian famous places slides
Australian famous places. Sydney. Sydney is the largest. Perth. Perth is a city with a wide range of attractions. Tasmania. Tasmania is the place. Fraser island. Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island. Kakadu National Park. Kakadu ...
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2018 10 04
Backpacking holidays powerpoint
Backpacking holidays. What is backpacking? Backpackers. Backpacking is a great way to embark on a grand travelling adventure. Advantages of backpacking. Disadvantages of backpacking. However, backpacking. provides many benefits. Thanks for.
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2018 01 23
Best Places in Spain slides
Places in Spain. Places we visited in Granada. Granada. In the evening we ate in restaurant called La Fábula. San Antón. Madrid. Barcelona. Barcelona Aquarium. Barcelona Best Sunset Cruise. At night we stayed at Gran Hotel La Florida.
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2019 12 18
Burjn Khalifa slides
Burj Khalifa. Content. Development Conception Desicion Architecture and design Construction and structure Features Breaking records conclusion. Development. Construction began in 2004 and finished in 2009 Total height. Conception. Burjn Khalifa ...
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2020 10 05
Canada slides
Canada. Meeting & Greeting. Maintain eye contact. Gift giving. Take a box of good chocolates, flowers or a bottle of wine. Canadian Attitudes Towards Time. Body language & gestures. The end.
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2018 12 10
City presentation - Lübeck
Lübeck. Lubeck is a city in the nort part of Germany. Like this. In Lübeck popular's place's are Holstentor and Willy Brandt House museum's. Lübeck is about 1 297 kilometres from Vilnius.
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2018 04 03
City Tokyo presentation
Tokyo is the city in Japan. However they saved their old culture. The Imperial Palace. The Sensō-ji Temple. The Tokyo Skytree. Tokyo Tower. About Japains culture. Thank you. Have a good day.
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2019 09 16
Concept of tourism presentation
Concept of tourism. Content. Tourism. Components of tourism. Tourist. Types of tourism. Factors influencing the growth of tourism. Tourism for me. Conclusion. Thank you for your attention.
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2019 04 04
Covering letter for summer tourist guide
I also think I can learn a lot of new things. In my opinion, this is a good way to find new singles who are also interested in art.I hope that I would be suitable for this position. Please, keep me informes about decision.
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2019 05 18
Dark Tourism term paper
Introduction. Tourism. Definition. Subgroups of Tourism. Dark tourism. Definition of Dark Tourism. Typology of dark tourism. History of Dark Tourism. Dark Tourism Today. Dark Tourism good or bad? Attractions of dark tourism. Holocaust in ...
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2020 10 06
Disneyland paper
Introduction. Reasons why disneyland paris is one of the most visited palces in europe. Activities in disneyland paris. Conclusions. References.
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2019 11 05
Does traveling give any educational value?
First of all by traveling we can learn about all the different cultures and languages. One of the greatest things about traveling is the different languages we can learn. Of course it’s imposable to learn the whole language on a one or two week ...
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2020 11 26
English holiday
Hello. My name and Now I will talk about english holiday. So i will talk about. Halloween d. What everyone do in halloween? Halloween celebration, which takes place on 31 October. One of the biggest tradition is cutting pumpkins. This is end.
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2017 12 19
Essay about cruise Unforgettable Baltic cruise
We started preparing for the cruise at four in the morning and left home by taxi. When we arrived at the meeting point the coach was already at the stand. After putting our luggage in the hold we got on. It was an early morning so there was no ...
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2019 04 03
Five famous places in Lithuania
Five famous places in Lithuania. Hill of Crosses. The precise reason, why of leaving crosses on the hill is uncertain. Hills park. Hills Park is. Gedimina‘s tower. Gedimina‚s Tower is the remaining part of the Upper Castle in Vilnius. Trakai ...
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2018 01 11
Florence attractions
Duomo - Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Chiesa di Ognissanti. Basilica di Santa Trinita. Chiesa e Museo di Orsanmichele. Loggia dei Lanzi. San Miniato al Monte. Oltrarno district the city’s rose gardens. Free Sundays at museums. The Silver ...
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2019 02 22
Georgia: Tourism and Real Estate
Georgia. Main facts. Why people go to Georgia? CAnyons. It’s a very cheap country! Tourism - fast growing sector. Batumi. Investing into real estate in Batumi. Orbi group. Orbi city. Affordable for all. Calculations. Questions?
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2021 02 21
History of SPA
Introduction. Glossary. General history of spa. SPA benefits to body and organism. The best spa centre in europe. “ESPA life at Corinthia” services. The best spa centre in lithuania. History of “Eglės” sanatorium. Conclusions. Analysis ...
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2018 12 13
Hotel review Paris Hotel „Eiffel Turenne“
Hotel review Paris Hotel „Eiffel Turenne“.
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2018 01 23
How people travel now
Deciding where to go then and now. On the plane. Finally , there. Travelling has become so much easier. Choosing and booking hotel. How you stayed in touch. How you got local recommendations.
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2018 02 19
I am proud of Kaunas presentation
Am proud of Kaunas. Kaunas. Tado Ivanausko Zoological Museum. Vytautas dydysis war museum. Devil's Museum. Kaunas Puppet Theater Museum. Lithuanian Medical and Pharmaceutical History Museum. The 5 best museums in Kaunas, thanks for ...
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2018 03 17
In what ways does travel broaden your horizons?
In what ways does travel broaden your horizons?
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2021 02 24