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By Gabija Marija Kaktaitė Saugos J. Mikšas Basic School.Lion for cat family predacious mammal, symbol of power. Lives in savannah, savannah forest, bushes. They live for 32 years.Males have got  mane, they weigh about 250 kilos, ...
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2016 03 14
Tiger. Tigers. Tigers are the largest felines in the world. Tigers live in Asia. Larger subspecies tend to live in northern. Tigers prey. All tigers are carnivores. Most of a tiger's eats large prey. Interesting facts about tigers. Tigers like to ...
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2016 01 16
Acid rain (3)
Acid rain was first observed in England, Manchester, one of the largest industrial centers of the revolution. 1852. Robert Angus Smith found the relationship between acid rain and atmospheric pollution. The same Smith in 1872. the first to use ...
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2017 12 08
Animal testing discussion
Animal testing discussion Animal testing. “Virtually every medical achievement of. For what reasons are animals used for testing? To advance scientific understanding. Why do scientists use animals in research? S Animal comfort is a primary ...
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2017 12 08
Animals communication
Animals communication. Bees. Bees dance when they. White-tailed. White-tailed deer show alarm by flicking up their tails. Elephants. Elephants show affection by entwining their trunks. Giraffes. Giraffes press their necks together when they ...
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2018 01 09
Black spider monkey
Black spider monkey. Appearance. Black spider monkeys. Habitat. This species can be found in easter South Afrika. Eat habitat. Spider monkeys are. Behaviour and mating. Realationships between adult black spider monkeys are friendly. Interesting ...
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2018 01 09
California Condor
California Condor. Scientific class/family. Condor bird’s scientific family is Aves. Habitat. The condors live. Breeding Habits. Roosting sites in. Size and Weight. The California condor is the largest flying bird in North America. Top speed. ...
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2017 12 19
Endangered animals presentation
Endangered. Animals. In Lithuania. European pond turtle. Smooth snake. European tree frog. Natterjack Toad. European fire-bellied toad. Northern crested newt. Lot. Bufo viridis. Lutra lutra. Bison bonasus. Mustela lutreola. Myotis dasycneme. ...
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2018 01 09
Genetically modified food presentation (2)
Genetically modified food. GM food. Genetically modified foods or GM. Advantages. Huge amount of. Disadvanages. Not one-hundred percent environment-friendly  Unusual taste  Not totally safe to eat  Exploitations  Causes conflicts. IN my ...
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2018 01 11
Kakapo powerpoint
Kakapo. Appearance. Habitat. It is known. Diet. They are herbivorous Eating native plants. Behaviour. The kākāpō is best described as a midnight rambler. Nowadays. Today only about 40 kakapos survive in the wild.
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2018 01 23
The Extinction of Bees
Moving to effects, the disappearance of bees would lead to worldwide extinction of land animals and humans. Bees are the most efficient pollinators of vegetables, fruit and plants therefore without them apples, most leafy greens, almond trees and ...
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2017 12 08
The great white shark powerpoint
The great white shark. This is the most dangerous animal in the wordl. Main body Fermale great white sharks can grow to about 15 feet long. Habitat Great whites can be found in warm shallow bays in many countries. White shark’s Food All sharks ...
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2018 01 23
4 the most expensive animals in the world
1. Toucans...Toucans are very nice and expensive birds..Tibetan Mastiff is one of the biggest dogs in the world..How many prizes The Green Monkey has? Over 4 mln. About 1 mln. Over 2 mln. About 3 mln.Thanks, For your ...
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2015 08 16
Amur Leopard
Kingdom Animalia Phylum. The Amur Leopard. Amur leopards differ from other subspecies by a thick coat of spot covered fur. Characteristics. Hermann Schlegel first. Distribution and habitat. Amur leopards are. Ecology and behavior. Threats. ...
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2015 09 16
An endangered animal
How much the Blue Whale weigh? To 150 tons. How fast they can swim? ~50kph. What do they eat? Crustaceans. How many years they live? To 80 years.What is the name of their enemy? Orca. How many decibels can reach their noise? 188. How many ...
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2016 05 25
Animal Extinction
Animal Extinction. Contents. Endangered animals. Habitat destruction and fragmentation. National and international wildlife trade. Pollution. Over harvesting and other ways of using animals. Facts about endangered species. Animals which are ...
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2016 12 05
Animal Migration
Animal Migration. What is migration? Which animals migrate? Why do animals migrate? Types of Migration. How do animals migrate? How do we know where animals go? Bird Migration. Neotropical migrant birds. Neotropical Migrant Bird Conservation. How ...
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2017 04 26
Animals classification
Animals classification. Their structure. The food they eat. According to. Carnivorous. How they are born. Viviparous. Invertebrate. Vertebrate. Invertebrates. Arthropods. Animals with backbones. Mammals. Birds. They are oviparous. Fish. They are ...
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2015 11 26
Animals migration
Animals migration. For most of the year, red crabs can be found within Christmas Islands' forests. Red crabs migration. Wildebeest migration (I). Not all wildebeest. Wildebeest migration (II). Each year, some East African populations of blue ...
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2016 09 12
Australian animals
Crocodiles live in tropical zone. North American South, Central and South America , Africa , South and Southeast Asia, in northern Australia.For valuable leather used in the manufacture of shoes , handbags, hats , wallets and so on. ...
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2016 01 14
Bengal Tiger
Naturally prevalent in Asia, including more than half of the tigers live in India. This forest and jungle gyventojai. Tigras - solitary animal Hunting day and night. Bright and dark stripes coat helps camouflage them well and get close enough to ...
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2016 03 24
Baskerville Old Face. Office Theme. Bengal Tiger. The Bengal tiger. Characteristics. Genetic ancestry. Body weight. In culture.
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2017 04 02
Biology and our environment
50 % - pointy beak 50% - flat beak.B – pointy beak (dominant) b – flat beak (reccesive).However, in this case dominant will be effective and will change DNA, phenotype and genotype. Because even only one dominant letter would ...
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2017 02 03
Biomimicry Shark Skin
Biomimicry. Shark skin. By Gražvydas Eglinas MD 4/. Inspired by the. Shark skin is. The denticles have grooves running down their length in. Scientists have been. Olso it can. The end ].
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2017 01 03
Body cavities and digestion
Body cavities and digestion. Thoracic cavity. Abdominal cavity. Pelvic cavity. The digestive system. Mouth. The digestive system. Stomach. The digestive system. Literature.
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2016 02 27
What is a cell? 2.Short history facts about cell 3. Anatomy 4.Prokaryotic and eukaryotic stucture 5.Animal and plant cell 6.Other facts 7. Quick Review.1. Animal cell has got a wall. False. 2. The largest single cell is ... Egg 3. What is ...
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2016 01 16
Cryptozoology.  Cryptozoology is the. They also look for more commonplace animals. Creatures that are under investigation by cryptozoologists are called cryptids.  Cryptozoologists are a specialized branch of monster hunters. Bernard ...
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2016 11 16
Dinosaurs presentation
Dinosaurs. Kinds of. Dinosaurs. Allosaurus. Big al. Where Dinosaurs Lived. Paleontology. So what do you think. a Paleontologist is? Megalosaurus. Did They Have Colors? Plant-Eaters. Meat-Eaters. The Food Chain. Well, we don’t know the real ...
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2016 03 17
Written and lllustrated by Phillip Martin. Dinosaurs roamed the planet long before people showed up. Even though people didn’t live when the dinosaurs were around. Dinosaurs bones were first discovered by the Chinese. The word dinosaur. ...
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2016 04 28
Elephants. Why they are disappear? Very expensive bone and tusk. Appearance. This is the. Exclusive properties. Trunk. Trunk elephants scrap branches elevates items. Ears. Enormous ears of. Diet. 200 kilos grass. Elephants populations. What is it ...
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2017 05 28