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Erasmus cover letter EXAMPLE
Firstly, Double Degree student exchange program would be a great opportunity for me to learn different cultures and lifestyles. I think that this knowledge is necessary for international business student and it will mean a lot for my future ...
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2015 06 03
English letter example
When it is the end of the school year and all school seniors are getting ready for the final exams they start to think what profession they should choose. Of course, there are a lot of students who already know what to choose but those who do not ...
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2015 05 18
Job application letter
I have an ability to handle resposibility and maintain positive relationships with work collegues and tourists. I were successfuly working with staff and visitors in my last job, furthermore, I were elected as most industrious employee. I am ...
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2016 01 27
Letter to a friend - Norway
In Norway, you may go anywhere you want. Camping, skiing, mountain hiking, fishing, also small islands, they‘re free to explore! However, keep in mind that if you want to stargaze or put up a tent in countryside, you must keep at least 150m ...
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2016 01 14
Recomendation letter
Xxx is flexible and easy-going, she easily adapts to unfamiliar surroundings and integrates well into a grope of peers. She is always willing to share her ideas, respects and considers the opinions of those around her. She is good at organizing ...
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2016 03 13
English Letter examples
I am writing in connection with a request to suggest or book good hotels at Turkey. Next week, from 11th of March till 15th of March, I am traveling a for a business meeting in Istanbul city. I wish that hotel would be located near city centre ...
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2015 05 18
Letter about immigrants
What is more Immigrants speak their own language and it is hard for them to comunicate with others and also not very easy to find a job. Some people relate the problems of terrorism with illegal immigration. Many people can die, lose their home ...
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2017 01 18
Motivation letter (2)
I am very responsible and communicative person and it is very useful now for my activities in ESN mentor‘s training. As a mentor, I communicate with foreigners. During my studying year I gain organizational and leadership abilities. It let me ...
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2016 03 07
Transport manager application letter
Prior studies have worked the seller and I was in high school. This work made it possible to communicate with people. So I have experience in customer service in the field, I am sociable, I find it easy to talk to the different needs of people. ...
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2017 03 31
Various semi - formal letter example
I am writting you this letter about current situation we haven‘t had heating and hot water for some time. Your workmen has tried fix the problem, but no success.The reason for this letter to tell you I am not happy about it. I would like ...
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2020 05 02
Wir haben vor kurzem ein Auto von Ihrer Firma für eine Woche gemietet, und ich schreibe, um mich auf das Schärfste über einige Dinge zu beschweren, die mit dem von Ihnen gelieferten Auto schief gelaufen sind. (Absatz 1: Sagen Sie, warum Sie ...
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2021 02 20
Brief über Orte von Interesse in Litauen und soziale Netzwerke
Brief über Orte von Interesse in Litauen und soziale Netzwerke.
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2018 10 04
Brief: Silvester mit oder ohne Feuerwerk
im Internet habe ich ein Forum zum Thema ,,Silvester mit oder ohne Feuerwerk?“ gefunden. Es gab verschiedene Meinungen, die ich euch vorstellen mӧchte. Nora sagt, dass sie ist total gegen diese Knallerei. Sie sagt, dass Feuerwork kostet sehr ...
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2020 12 11
Business letters
Write a letter to the company. Informing them of the problem  explaining the impact it has on your business . Asking for an explanation for these mistakes . Suggesting the action you will take if these mistakes continue. Write 180 200 words. ...
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2020 12 30
Construction Engineering report
Construction Engineering report. Calculation of the floor impact sound insulation index L’n, w.
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2020 06 09
Covering letter for summer tourist guide
I also think I can learn a lot of new things. In my opinion, this is a good way to find new singles who are also interested in art.I hope that I would be suitable for this position. Please, keep me informes about decision.
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2019 05 18
Forum zum Thema „Musik“
Alle vier Aussagen sind interessant. Ich mӧchte euch nun ϋber mich berichten. Ich liebe musik. Ich hӧre manchmal Musik mit englischen Songtexten. Ich mag klassische Rock und Popmusik und alte Jazzmusik. Meine Lieblingsrockband ist „Crowded ...
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2020 12 11
Job application letter: restaurant shift supervisor
Job application: restaurant shift supervisor.
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2019 11 06
Letter about bussiness
We would like to regretfully inform you that our company decided to end your services at the company. Becouse we see no change in your attitude. In the last year you have been late 35 times, without excuse. Please consider this as an official ...
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2020 04 08
Letter about continuation of the programmes of the study
Letter about continuation of the programmes of the study.
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2020 09 22
Letter about disturbance made by teenagers
Letter about disturbance made by teenagers.
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2020 11 19
Letter about music group
Thank you for your letter, it was nice hearing from you! The band you were writing about caught my attention, so I listened to the few of their recordings and enjoyed it. I would love to share with you my impressions about the concert of John's ...
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2020 06 08
Letter about my company
I am writing to introduce about our company and suggest a meeting. Marcia Lee Jeans is based in New York and our brand is well known in the USA. Our jeans sell in the upper price ranges and appeal to fashion conscious people aged 15 to 40. We are ...
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2020 11 12
Letter about position for a road services as executor
Letter about position for a road services as executor.
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2018 10 04
Letter to friend
How are you keeping? I haven’t been in touch with you for ages. I am really sorry about that. Anyway, I am actually writing about my new activity. Guess what? I have decided to start basketball trainings. As you know, I have played basketball ...
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2017 12 19
Letters about language course
You are due to start an English language course next week but you will not be able to because you have some problems.Write a letter to the manager of the language school. In your letter:I am writting to you, because I have starta n ...
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2020 09 23
Motivation letter - study Business programme
Motivation letter - study Business programme.
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2018 02 19
Motivation letter for studies
I choose to study digital video production and marketing because, from an early age, I was interested in both of these areas. Creating, filming and editing videos is my passion and hobby; running a business, marketing is my life’s purpose. ...
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2020 06 07
Motivation letter to school
Going to the United Kingdom for my future education was one of the most important decisions in my life. I will graduate from school this year. I think that moving to another county will help me to gain a lot of new experience and be more ...
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2018 04 03
Motivational letter (2)
For the longest time now I‘ve been really invested in animation. I am no professional, it is more of a hobby for me. But that‘s why I want to study it at a university – I crave to become a professional and hopefully turn my passion into a ...
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2018 01 09