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Essay about homelessness
Another way to solve this problem is donate money to charities. Funds used to open more homeless shelters, where homeless people will have a safe and caring place to go. This way, people will be satiate, clean and have good wearing.One ...
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2016 04 19
Lithuanian human activity in public life
Made by: Paulius Vencevicius Sandra Čeponaitė Nora Jakubauskaitė.Activity in public life Elections Election in Kaunas city Non-governmental organization Caritas Lithuania activity in public life advantages and disadvantages or ...
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2015 10 05
Social networking sites
First of all using networking sites is a really good way to communicate with people. That way of communicate is very comfortable and easy. People don't have to leave their houses to meet somebody. A big advantage of ...
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2016 03 09
Types of Bullying. Where and When Bullying Happens. The Roles Kids Play. Kids Involved in Bullying. Cyberbullying. Why Cyberbullying is Different. Effects of Cyberbullying. Prevent Cyberbullying. Be Aware of What Your Kids are Doing Online. ...
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2016 10 12
Can early education in healthy living reduce the obesity among young people?
Can early education in healthy living reduce the obesity among young people?.
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2017 03 11
Causes and effects essay Racism
The effects of this is serious. Firstly, racism in the past led to violence, wars, destruction, terror which touched everyone. Nowadays situation is not changed. Secondly, mental illness is also important effect to untolerated person. Some people ...
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2016 01 27
Child abuse
What is child abuse? Physical abuse is.... Sexual abuse is.... Emotional abuse is.... Neglect is.... How common is child abuse? Who abuses children? How to recognize child abuse What to do about child abuse? And finally.Physical abuse ...
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2015 11 07
Children in families that have alcohol problems, suffer psyhological, social and learning difficulties
Children in families that have alcohol problems, suffer psyhological, social and learning difficulties.
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2015 11 05
Globalization essay
2.Kultūrinė globalizacija siejasi su perdavimu minčių, reikšmių, ir vertina visame pasaulyje tokiame būde kaip išplėsti ir sustiprinti socialinius ryšius. Šis procesas yra pažymėtas bendro vartojimo kultūrų, kurios buvo skleistos ...
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2017 01 09
People used to think that the family played an important role in society
People used to think that the family played an important role in society.
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2015 05 25
Refugees. The learner will. Define refugee and describe the lifestyle attributes (požymius) of different refugee children. Vocabulary. Flee – pabėgti iš šalies (to flee the country) Well-founded fear – pagrįsta. So. Millions of people ...
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2016 04 13
Science and social life
The questionnaire draw the conclusion that students are spending a lot of time in social space. This leads to the impairment of not just communication, but also of everyone's personal health. Radioactivity radiated by electronic devices has ...
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2015 09 29
Society is getting violent
Furthermore, everything in the news these days seems to be about violence, how violent society has become. This includes all the fight between people, harsh behaviuor. People seems to be furiuos, violent, angry all the time. More and more people ...
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2016 12 03
Suggesting solutions to a homelessness problem
Suggesting solutions to a homelessness problem.
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2017 03 13
Child abuse presentation
Avoiding going to school Having grades drop Wanting to be dropped off or picked up at school more than usual Coming home with torn clothing, bruises or other signs of physical harm Complaining of having been "robbed" of money or other possessions ...
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2016 04 08
„Unicef“ development
Introduction. About unicef. Unicef goals. Working for unicef. Conclusions. References.
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2019 05 27
A Qualitative Exploration of Young Australian Adults’ Understanding of and Explanations for Alcohol - Involved Rape
A Qualitative Exploration of Young Australian Adults’ Understanding of. Key words. Introduction. Study Purpose and Aims. Methodology. Participants and Procedure. Procedure.  Data Analysis and results. Domain 1 Labelling. Domain 2 Social ...
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2018 03 17
Alcoholism project
Prepared by. Social work in medicine student. Alcoholism. Alcoholic drinks have been prepared and drunk for thousands of years. Fig. Wordpress. Alcoholism is disease. Treatment for alcoholism. People drink alcohol. Cirhossis- cirozė Respiratory ...
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2018 10 04
Charity organisations essay
My topic is Charity organizations. First of all I will talk on the given topic, later I will analyze the chart and finally I will answer questions below. The pie chart information represents how much percent of support is received by type of ...
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2019 04 19
Class Structure and Division in Lithuanian Society
We live in the 21st century, where all people are free and independent, where people are creating a life they want to have. It is popular to say nowadays that we are all the same, all equal but is it really true or is it just a Marxist theory? ...
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2017 12 19
Disabled people (2)
Everyone of us could tell that they know one or more people that have a disability and that makes a point that there’s a lot of disabled people. Even if you go outside your home you could see a disabled person, even though he look absolutely ...
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2017 12 08
Employment of disabled people
The Eurostat data in Lithuania for more than healthy people exposed to social exclusion and poverty – the difference is one of the European Union. The participation of people with disabilities who are at risk of poverty or social exclusion, ...
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2018 10 04
Essay on topic about volunteering
Essay It should be mandatory for all young people to volunteer to help the environment.
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2019 02 18
Essay: Movies and television influence how people act
Movies and television influence how people act.
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2019 05 14
Essay: Nursing home
It is better for elderly relatives to be looked after in nursing homes. In many countries these days elderly people often choose to live in nursing homes and nor with their families. In my opinion this can be a really good idea as their needs can ...
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2019 04 05
Homelessness essay
In the last few decades most of countries are suffering from increasing number of homeless people, which was affected by growing difference between rich and poor people. Homeless are usually considered to be people, who haven’t got permanent ...
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2018 10 04
How to make interview more convincing?
How to make interview more convincing. Content. Definitions posture head posture mirroring hands arms and legs eye contact voice delivery. Definitions. INTERVIEW - a meeting of people face to face. Posture. Sit upright Be relaxed. Lean slightly ...
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2018 12 15
Human rights and social work essay
In this introduction we eill focus on human rights in the context of social work practice. A human rights discourse has gained prominence and widespread recognition over the last half century, although defined in various ways. A simple way to ...
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2020 06 10
Smoking prevention
Smoking prevention. Content. What is smoking? What is in a cigarette that you smoke? Interesting facts about smoking. Theoretical background. Our research aim, respondents and method. Findings. Conclusions. Suggestions. World No Tobacco Day. ...
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2018 03 22
Social Education Terminology
Social Education Terminology. Commit a crime. Place / put sb on probation , get / be given probation. Probation officer. Learning difficulties.Day care centre. Latchkey kid , latchkey child. Commit suicide. Suicide note. Suffer from ...
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2018 03 17