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Essay about homelessness
Another way to solve this problem is donate money to charities. Funds used to open more homeless shelters, where homeless people will have a safe and caring place to go. This way, people will be satiate, clean and have good wearing.One ...
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2016 04 19
Lithuanian human activity in public life
Made by: Paulius Vencevicius Sandra Čeponaitė Nora Jakubauskaitė.Activity in public life Elections Election in Kaunas city Non-governmental organization Caritas Lithuania activity in public life advantages and disadvantages or ...
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2015 10 05
Social networking sites
First of all using networking sites is a really good way to communicate with people. That way of communicate is very comfortable and easy. People don't have to leave their houses to meet somebody. A big advantage of ...
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2016 03 09
Types of Bullying. Where and When Bullying Happens. The Roles Kids Play. Kids Involved in Bullying. Cyberbullying. Why Cyberbullying is Different. Effects of Cyberbullying. Prevent Cyberbullying. Be Aware of What Your Kids are Doing Online. ...
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2016 10 12
Can early education in healthy living reduce the obesity among young people?
Can early education in healthy living reduce the obesity among young people?.
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2017 03 11
Causes and effects essay Racism
The effects of this is serious. Firstly, racism in the past led to violence, wars, destruction, terror which touched everyone. Nowadays situation is not changed. Secondly, mental illness is also important effect to untolerated person. Some people ...
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2016 01 27
Child abuse
What is child abuse? Physical abuse is.... Sexual abuse is.... Emotional abuse is.... Neglect is.... How common is child abuse? Who abuses children? How to recognize child abuse What to do about child abuse? And finally.Physical abuse ...
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2015 11 07
Children in families that have alcohol problems, suffer psyhological, social and learning difficulties
Children in families that have alcohol problems, suffer psyhological, social and learning difficulties.
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2015 11 05
Globalization essay
2.Kultūrinė globalizacija siejasi su perdavimu minčių, reikšmių, ir vertina visame pasaulyje tokiame būde kaip išplėsti ir sustiprinti socialinius ryšius. Šis procesas yra pažymėtas bendro vartojimo kultūrų, kurios buvo skleistos ...
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2017 01 09
People used to think that the family played an important role in society
People used to think that the family played an important role in society.
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2015 05 25
Refugees. The learner will. Define refugee and describe the lifestyle attributes (požymius) of different refugee children. Vocabulary. Flee – pabėgti iš šalies (to flee the country) Well-founded fear – pagrįsta. So. Millions of people ...
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2016 04 13
Science and social life
The questionnaire draw the conclusion that students are spending a lot of time in social space. This leads to the impairment of not just communication, but also of everyone's personal health. Radioactivity radiated by electronic devices has ...
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2015 09 29
Society is getting violent
Furthermore, everything in the news these days seems to be about violence, how violent society has become. This includes all the fight between people, harsh behaviuor. People seems to be furiuos, violent, angry all the time. More and more people ...
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2016 12 03
Suggesting solutions to a homelessness problem
Suggesting solutions to a homelessness problem.
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2017 03 13
Child abuse presentation
Avoiding going to school Having grades drop Wanting to be dropped off or picked up at school more than usual Coming home with torn clothing, bruises or other signs of physical harm Complaining of having been "robbed" of money or other possessions ...
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2016 04 08
Class Structure and Division in Lithuanian Society
We live in the 21st century, where all people are free and independent, where people are creating a life they want to have. It is popular to say nowadays that we are all the same, all equal but is it really true or is it just a Marxist theory? ...
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2017 12 19
Disabled people (2)
Everyone of us could tell that they know one or more people that have a disability and that makes a point that there’s a lot of disabled people. Even if you go outside your home you could see a disabled person, even though he look absolutely ...
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2017 12 08
Addictions. The term "Addiction". Addiction is a disorder affecting a wide range of people. Numerous substances can lead to addiction Some of the most common include alcohol. Alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease characterized by the habitual ...
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2017 04 14
Advantages and disadvantages of globalization
Advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
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2017 01 29
Age and gender socialization
Age and gender socialization. Made by Paulė Žiaukaitė and Gintarė Sabaliauskaitė, THM. Gender concept. Gender identity reffers to the subjective state. Gender role reffers. Role of parents. Transfer values and. Role of peers. Peer acceptance ...
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2015 12 10
All for one, One for all
Unity is necessary for the survivor of all. Unity not only leads to the prosperity of a person but also to the prosperity of a nation. The unity is really important in us country. For many years we(priklausėme sovietų sąjungai). Every day ...
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2015 05 25
Anti-Fraud Strategies
None of the state and their citizens are not protected from corruption, Our state is also an important financial and economic interests of the importance of the fight against transnational organized crime, fraud and other illegal ...
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2016 05 31
Bullying (2)
What can we do, then, to help children avoid bullying?Bullies can also be stopped by establishing a reporting system, integrating rules and policies into school‘s culture. What is more, it would be a good idea to engage parents and youth ...
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2016 10 12
Bullying presentation
Bullying. Bullying is a. What is Bullying? Physical a person is harmed or their property damaged. Types of bullying. A bullying culture. Where does bullying happen? Bad upbringing at home can make people insensitive to other people's feelings and ...
Sociology, 6 pages
2016 10 27
Charity. Food Bank. Twice a year. 2014 Food Bank collected and distributed to the needy 4 million tons. There you can. This charity donation people who is very difficult. Thanks you for watching.
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2016 05 09
Charity organization ,,Maisto bankas‘‘
Charity organization ,,Maisto bankas‘‘. About the Charity. The Lithuanian Food Bank was started in. In 2010, the Lithuanian Food Bank collected 2529 tons of food. Charity Initiatives. Collaborating with “IKI”. Lithuanian Food Bank. Thank ...
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2017 01 10
Charity organizations in Lithuanian and in the world
Charity organizations in Lithuanian and in the world.
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2016 03 30
Child protection
to strengthen the power of health board to provide child care and family support;home. She encouraged Luke to steal from neighbours, verbally and physically abusing him.isolate himself from his school friends. Melissa convinced his ...
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2016 11 14
To conclude, unpaid community services is also a good and a bad thing. Students learn how to communicate, work in a team also how to manage time, improve organisation skills but it also takes away their spare time which teens cherish a lot.
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2017 04 06
Compain for the homeless
Peace is such a fickle term that many people don‘t even bother lifting a finger for the ones in need. There are some individuals though, who take their time and personal hard earned money to contribute to the safety and well being of others. ...
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2016 12 08