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Business ethics seminar work
This is only a small fraction of the questions to which the conduct of business of trying to find answers. Since most business Ethics, as a field, nature is controversial, it is not a universal matters before decision. To find the answer, you ...
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2017 01 20
Dreams essay
Some superstitious people believe that dreams tell what will happen to you in the future, but I don't believe that. I think that dreams are caused by the events that happened to you during the day and the brain is just 'helping' you to sort out ...
Ethics, 2 pages
2017 12 19
Letter about immigrants
What is more Immigrants speak their own language and it is hard for them to comunicate with others and also not very easy to find a job. Some people relate the problems of terrorism with illegal immigration. Many people can die, lose their home ...
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2017 01 18
Etiquette essay
In nowadays almost everyone, and every time has a telephones with their selves wherever they go. But there are some roles that you have to on your mobile phone.In front of there is a chart, in which people were asked which is the most ...
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2019 10 22
Euthanasia in human life
Euthanasia. All human beings have a right to live, but do they have the right to choose death. Word Euthanasia has different meanings, considering its usage. Euthanasia has several ways to be done. Lithuania Bioethics committee presents and ...
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2020 12 22
Ewige Werte in der litauischen
Werte sind bestimmte moralische Einstellungen, nach denen Menschen leben, arbeiten, eine Familie oder einen Staat aufbauen. Die Bedeutung von Werten im menschlichen Leben ist besonders groß. Das Festhalten an ihnen scheint Ihnen zu helfen, ...
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2020 04 26
Informal letters slides
Informal letters. Informal letters/emails. Asking for advice. Giving advice. Opening remarks of a letter of advice. Giving advice. Expected Result of advice. Ending the letter/email of advice. Making invitations. accepting invitation. refusing ...
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2018 10 04
Sexualisierte Werbung Vorschlag
Sexualisierte Werbung Vorschlag debatavimo medžiaga Heute sprechen wir. Ein wichtiger Punkt der Pro Seite. Ich sehe aber nicht ganz gegegeben , wie sie mit euren Maßnahmen erreichen wollt diese. Gegen euren Vorschlag spricht.
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2019 12 30
Understanding netiquette
Write two versions of a message to your English teacher. Follow these steps. Choose one of the topics below to write to your teacher about , or think of another one. You haven’t had time to finish some homework. Write and ask for more time. ...
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2020 11 08
Young people's rights
Hello , my name is patrick , and today I want to talk about young peoples rights. Every country has their own laws , laws that include some rights for young people or teenagers , especially in europe where a lot of things you can do only if you ...
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2018 10 04
Bullying at school in Saudi Arabia
In Saudi Arabia 1 from 5 students hose ages 12-18 has been bullied during the school year. approximately 160.000 teens have skipped school because of bullying. Bullying is the use of force or influence to intimidate someone ,typically to force ...
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2020 02 29
84% live in England, 8% live in Scotland, 5% live in Wales and 3% live in Northern Ireland.53 million live in England, 5.2 million live in Scotland, 3 million live in Wales and 1.8 million live in Northern Ireland.It means there are ...
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2015 11 17
Community service is good for the community and for criminals
Community service is good for the community and for criminals.
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2016 03 05
Etika v podnikatelskej činnosti
Úvod. Historie etiky. Předmět zkoumání etiky. Základní pojmy. Struktura etiky. Morálka. Morální jednání, morální hodnoty, morální cíl. Morální normy. Morální sankce. Sociální norma. Systém sociálních norem. Sociální ...
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2021 01 07
Friends and Friendship
I have not one real friend, real friends come with time, not in one day, they become your family, you trust them and they trust you, and they will never leave you in the most difficult moments in your life.I have more than one good friend, ...
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2017 01 14
How to make friends in a new place?
Third, you can make a party and invite anyone. By doing this you should be careful. Yes, it can help you make friends, but it may make your house a mess and you may become friends with bad people, who just wants to get drunk. Otherwise, you can ...
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2016 04 14
Integrity has no need of rules (2)
Other way is telling your friend the truth. Look at you – you stayed loyal to yourself, you’ve followed the rule. But your friend... They’re hurt. You’ve lowered their self confidence, made them feel bad. Not too good either.What ...
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2017 03 12
My view in respect for women
I think that the man who has not respect for himself, can not expect respect from the other person. Respect comprehensible how the other person's feelings, his needs, thoughts, wishes and ideas. All this is like a recognition of the significant, ...
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2017 05 02
Personal reflection
Not only was I acquainted with the new environment, but also I completely changed my understanding of education. Before leaving Lithuania, I attended a huge public school, which had more than 1500 students, but then I moved into a small ...
Ethics, 2 pages
2017 03 31
Truth telling
While lying is seen as negative thing, and effective only in a short term, truth telling is highly appreciated and encouraged. Truth telling might be not an easy option- it requires you to stand for what you believe and risk of lot of things. ...
Ethics, 8 pages
2016 11 08
ศักดิ์ศรี ความภาคภูมิใจ และความซื่อตรง
ศักดิ์ศรี ความภาคภูมิใจ และความซื่อตรง. การแสวงหาผลประโยชน์ทางเพศ และ การทารุณกรรม. ...
Ethics, 2 pages
2021 02 27
Animals hunting
Animals hunting. Killing animals is wrong. Why? To you and me this may seem obvious. (b) the animal undergoes mental and physical suffering when hunted. Pain and Suffering. Quick kills are rare, and many animals suffer prolonged. Hunting also ...
Ethics, 11 pages
2016 02 29
Today I‘m going to speak about appearance. I think many would agree with my opinion . Appearance is not important. No matter how others see you. Most importantly what you are inside. After all, every human beauty is revealed inside .but ...
Ethics, 2 pages
2016 10 31
British eitiquette
British etiquette. How to eat. When eating, bring the fork or spoon to the mouth. Face to face. Introductions. If you are. Handshakes. A firm handshake. Form of Greeting. In Britain the handshake is the common form of greeting. In most houses in ...
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2016 02 28
Christmas presentation (2)
Christmas songs. It's the most. Oh jingle bells. Oh i. Oh the. Last Christmas I. Once upon a. Silent night,. night. All is. , all is bright. Round yon virgin, mother and child. Christmas Quiz. Who tries to stop Christmas from coming, by stealing ...
Ethics, 11 pages
2017 01 17
Description of a person (2)
She is sixteen years old, skinny and of medium height. She has got a quite long, brown hair and a friendly smile. She has got green eyes. As far as clothes go, she tends to wear some fasnioble clothes. Sometimes she just looks casual, but she ...
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2016 10 23
Essay about Tolerance
First of all, without tolerance people can make others feel hurt and bad about themselves. Our society can be rough because there are individuals who say cruel things to others and as a result, people feel down, lose confidence and sometimes it ...
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2017 04 06
Is our society tolerant towards elderly ?
Is our society tolerant towards elderly ? Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it. Millions of people discriminate elders but there is a number of possible solutions which could lead to tolerant society. One way would be to pay more attention to ...
Ethics, 1 page
2017 02 28
Social etiquette in Europe
Social etiquette in europe. Words. Funeral - laidotuvės Inappropriate. FLowers. Chrysanthemums are given only at funerals. Roses are given when someone is in love. Yellow flowers are inappropriate at weddings. Hats,coats,shoes. It is rude to ...
Ethics, 13 pages
2017 01 11
Social etiquettes in Lithuania
Social etiquettes in lithuania. In Lithuania it is rude to champ when yuo are eating in public. In lithuania it is rude to point at someone with your index finger. When you are at a restorount,after a meal. In lithuania it is impolite to blow ...
Ethics, 9 pages
2016 05 11