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Girteka Logistics company presentation
Content. What is Girteka. What is girteka logistics? About girteka logistics. The numbers of girteka employees. ‘‘sirin development“. “Sirin Development“. Girteka trucks & trailers. Girteka fleet. Clients choose Girteka Fleet for ...
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2019 11 13
Top 3 seaport
The following table displays how loading data changed from 2005 to 2014. Container traffic (in thousand TEUs).Yanghsen port was built in 2006. From this table we can see that from 2006 container traffic number was growing a lot. Yangshen ...
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2016 01 19
Freight transportation services presentation
Freight transportation services. Freight service. Is a facility. Different types of Transportation services. Road transportation Air transportation. Sea transportation Railway transportation. Road transportation. Cargo transportation on trailers ...
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2020 10 26
Transportation Logistics in Lithuania
Ethnic Origins: 83.5% Lithuanians, 6.7% Polish, 6.3% Russians and 3.5% other nationalities.Lithuania domestic LPI. It uses 4 major determinants of overall logistics performance to measure performance: infrastructure, services, border ...
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2017 02 13
Transportation Logistics Summary
There are some differences between national and international transportation. First one, and maybe the most obvious one is the documentation. The bills of lading are different in international transport and also they need to have the CMR ...
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2017 02 13
Warehousing and storage presentation
Warehousing and storage. What is it? Types of warehousing. Types of warehouses. Supply warehouses. Manufacturing area storages. Distribution centers. Terminal warehouses. The role of equipment in warehouse operations. Products Overview. Stacker ...
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2018 10 04
Ace logistics project
Ace logistics. Submitted by Submitted to. University of Applied Social Sciences. International Trade and Customs Logistics. Types of supply Net. Content. Ace loistics. Net sales per services. Vision- ACE’s aim. ACE Logistics is based Estonia ...
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2020 04 14
Amazon Logistics Company paper
Introduction. History about the company. What services in Amazon company. Cargo transportation by land. Cargo transportation by air. Cargo transportation by delivery services partners. Transportation by drones. Transport and cargo insurance. ...
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2021 01 21
Baltic Transline Company Presentation
Company presentation. Baltic transline. Company created 2000 years. An enterprise named JSC "Artijus" was established. New name 2005 years. The name of the enterprise was changed to "Baltic transline". New enterprises. Years. Daughter companies ...
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2018 01 23
Company „Bega“ presentation
Bega. Klaipėda. Klaipeda stevedoring company BEGA is the first private Lithuanian stevedoring company. Depth at berths 12 - 14. 8 m. The maximum vessel draft 11. „Bega“ facts and figures. BULK-PACKAGING The company provides value-added ...
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2018 10 04
Company presentation Girteka
Thank you for your inquiry about our tires, Bridgestone Blizzak. As you requested, I am sending you the price list.You will be hearing from our sales manager to discuss volume discounts and any other concerns you have.
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2017 12 08
Dialogue on logistics
A: Thanks, I‘m fine. So I have heard that you have introduced a new warehouse system in your company, am I right?B: Yes, you are right. the most great feature is that all invoices are automatically generated, it helps us to optimize ...
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2020 10 14
DSV project: Global transport and logistics
Dsv. What is dsv. Danish 80 countries organisation. History. Leif Tulberg and nine independent haulers DFDS. Q4 2017 Q. DSV in Lithuania. Offices Offers special first class cargo transportation Offers road. Thank you, for your attention.
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2019 01 02
Hegelmann Transporte
Hegelmann Transporte. Briefing about company Company‘s. Briefing about company. Company‘s history and development. Established 1998 Origins Development. Departments. Organasation‘s structure. Transportation. Car transportation. Freight ...
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2019 10 01
Innovation in business and logistics
Introduction to business innovation. (What is innovation? (What is innovation? Dimensions of innovation. Drivers for innovation. New conditions for innovation (New conditions for innovation (New developments in innovation raises new issues and ...
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2018 10 04
Jobs in logistics slides
Jobs in logistics. Introduction. Shipping operations manager. What does road transport manager do? Road transport manager. Warehouse manager. Activities. Freight forwarder. Driver.
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2018 12 07
Lithuanian Railways Infrastructure Directorate
Introduction. History of Railway Infrastructure. Subsidiaries. Vilnius Railway Infrastructure. Kaunas Railway Infrastructure. Šiauliai Railway Infrastructure. Klaipėda Railway Infrastructure. Main Railway Technical data. Modernizationt and ...
Logistics, 11 pages
2018 01 09
Logistic center GVZ Erfurt
Introduction. Business park Güterverkehrszentrum Erfurt (GVZ). Description and technical characteristics. Development and performance processes. Important GVZ Erfurt location parameters. Members of the GVZ Erfurt. Conclusion. References.
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2018 02 19
Logistics company analysis
Introduction. About the company UAB ,,hoptrans“. Social responsibility and management policy. Company‘s structure. Benefits of UAB ,,hoptrans”. Swot analysis. Conclusions. Sources.
Logistics, 10 pages
2020 11 16
Logistics costs
Introduction. Logistics costs. Managing logistics costs. Transportation costs. Warehousing costs. Carrying costs. Administrative costs. Reducing logistics costs. Analysis of results. Conclusion. Bibliography.
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2019 05 02
Logistics manager’s responsibilities
My individual talk consists of 2 parts. Firstly, I’ll talk about a logistics manager’s responsibilities. Secondly, I’ll define a logistics manager’s competencies.The profession of logistics manager is one of the most sought-after ...
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2020 10 18
Maersk presentation
Maersk. About. Maersk Line is. Teu. The twenty-foot equivalent unit. History of maersk. Peter Mærsk Møller. Company stucture. Containerisation. Containers. Maersk Container Industry has made a business of making world trade more efficient. ...
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2018 10 04
Military Logistics
Introduction. Military logistics. Military logistics in 19th century. Nato organization. Nato logistics functions. Conclusion. Used references.
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2018 01 23
MV Group „Logistics“
MV Group “Logistics”. Company presentation November. Private company “MV GROUP Logistics”. About company. What kind of company it is? „MV GROUP Logistics“ –is a company providing complex 3PL services to business entities. It is a ...
Logistics, 10 pages
2020 11 05
Paper about logistics company „Baltic transline“
Pictures list. Summary. Introduction. Short history. Dislocation and units. Organisational structure. Employees. Motivation. International relations. Turnover analysis. Swot analysis. Sources of information. Appendices. Figure Company logo. ...
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2019 03 04
Paper about Logistics costs
Escola superior de tecnologia e gestÃo. What is logistics. Logistics controlling , logistics costing , and logistics cost control or management. Total cost of logistics and supply chain cost. Typical components of logistics costs by activities ...
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2019 04 19
Presentation about Business Logistics
Business Logistics Summary. Consider a third-party. Consider teaming up with a partner. Try a small business logistics service from a major provider. Consider an industry specific provider. Summary. Task Translate sentences.Depending on your ...
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2019 03 04
Presentation about logistics
Logistics. What is Logistics? Definition of Logistics Seven “Rs”. Logistics Objectives. Logistics Includes. Order Processing. Informalion flow. Warehousing. Inventory control. Packing. Transportation. Classification of inventories. Raw ...
Logistics, 17 pages
2018 10 04
Presentation about logistics company Delamode Baltics
Goals Acquisition of practical skills in a logistics company. About company. Delamode Baltics, a division of Xpediator Plc Group. Delamode Baltics. Mission. Key Statistics. Employees 58%. Value. The Group’s core values define how they treat ...
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2019 05 14
Procedure of transporting dangerous goods from EU to Russia
Introduction. Classification and characteristics of dangerous goods. Paint as hazardous material and characteristics. Technical details about transporting. Transport packaging. Transport units. Best route and transportation time. Cargo ...
Logistics, 21 page
2018 10 04