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Book Review
No matter how sad the plot is, Jenny Downham novel is full of hope and joy. This book will make thousands of readers think about the meaning of life and they will absolutely suggest this book for every close person they know. To sum up, "Before I ...
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2015 05 10
Book presentation Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Book presentation. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. About the author. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Characters. All book parts. About the artwork. About the book. In my opinion. Liked film more, because. Would recommend this book , because. Thanks for your ...
Literature, 12 pages
2015 10 04
Stylistic devices in Michael Moore‘s screenplay “Fahrenheit 9/11”
Stylistic devices in Michael Moore‘s screenplay “Fahrenheit 9/11”.
Literature, 65 pages
2015 12 29
William Golding ’’The Lord of the Flies’’ analysis
William Golding ’’The Lord of the Flies’’ analysis.
Literature, 3 pages
2015 05 28
"Junk" by Melvin Burgess
By this novel Melvin Burgess wanted to show the dark side of young peoples‘ life, that misunderstood person feels alone and then wants to change something in their life, although sometimes that change can lead to ...
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2016 06 28
And Books book fair
We had a pleasure to talk to the director of „andBooks“ company Paulius Griškevičius at the BookFair and he told us a little about the business.To conclude everything we spoke about, I would like to mention, that this company ...
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2016 03 02
Buying books
I think that people dont have more ideas for christmas gift, I don‘t say that is bad present,but for me is very hard elect suitable book for other human. Unless you know what books he likes. In my opinion lituanian peple buy books more for ...
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2015 05 12
Electronic books
Although, there are some drawbacks too. Firstly, reading e-book can be tiring for your eyes. Your sight could be damaged. Secondly, e-book relies on batteries. It can be uncomfortable when you are in the places, where there aren’t any ...
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2016 12 26
Short Story(Fateful Day)
After twenty years John leaved job. The main reason why John left his job was bad his feeling. Doctor suggested him to heal in a sanatarium. In sanatarium the firefighter has met Sara, from crashed car. When girl asked why John here? He explained ...
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2016 10 17
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Emily Bronte was an English novelist and poet best known for her gothic novel ‚Wuthering Heights‘. She grew up in the moors around Haworth where she spent most of her life. This is her only novel. Gothic fiction is a genre that combines ...
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2016 03 20
American literature
American literature. The story of American literature begins in the early 1600s. Early American Literature falls into two distinct periods. Colonial writing of the 1600s- 1770s largely dominated by the Puritans. Writers. Early 19-th century. The ...
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2018 03 22
Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren presentation
Presentation. Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren. Introduktion. Astrid Anna Emilia. Biografi. Astrid Lindgrens föräldrar arrendatorn Samuel August Ericsson och Hanna. Utmärkelser uppkallade efter Astrid Lindgren. Astrid Lindgren-priset. Och det är ...
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2018 04 03
Books of original entry
Books of original entry. Aim. Tasks. Sales Journal. Sales Journal examples. Purchases Journal. Returns Inwards Journal and Return Outwards Journal.Return Inwards Journal example. Cash book.General Journal.General Journal example. Sources of ...
Literature, 16 pages
2017 12 19
Geschichte Zwölf Brüder, laufen über Amsel Analyse
Geschichte Zwölf Brüder, laufen über Amsel Analyse.
Literature, 1 page
2017 12 08
Luckiest unluckiest man Essay
One cold winters day in 1962 Frane Salek was riding a train, when unexpectedly train jumped of the railroad and fall into a freezing river. While all other passengers died in crash, Frane with broken arm managed to escape and swim to shore. This ...
Literature, 1 page
2017 12 08
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen. Her novels. About the novel origins. The Title. Setting. Major/minor protagonist/antagonist dynamic/static round/flat. Structure. Narrator. Conflicts. Stylistic devices which were used in the novel (Semantic). ...
Literature, 17 pages
2018 01 09
Rūta Šepetys Between Shades of Gray book
Ruta sepetys. between shades of grey. Contents. Influence of theory articles discussed in class. Bakhtin. “Prior to this moment of appropriation. Anzaldúa. “Her first step is to take inventory. New historicism. Approach to literary ...
Literature, 10 pages
2017 12 19
Salomėja Nėris - Litauen Dichterin
Salomėja nėris (1904-1945). Salomėja nėris (bačinskaitė-bučienė). Sie lernen in Vilkaviškis in der Alvitas Elementarschule. Im 1918 in der Vilkaviškis Gymnasium. Im 1936 Salomėja Nėris ist mit Aleksandras Bučis verhairatet und nicht ...
Literature, 10 pages
2018 03 22
Toni Morrison Beloved the book review
Beloved is the ghost and regenerated older Sethe's daughter. She was murdered by her mother to keep the child out of slavery. Her real name is known. Beloved knows about her mother Sethe many facts for example: a pair of earrings Sethe possessed ...
Literature, 4 pages
2017 12 08
"The Martian" by Andy Weir book review
During the eighteen months on Mars, Mark experienced many challenges and near-death experiences. NASA and the other astronauts were dedicated to Mark’s rescue and did everything within their powers to save their fellow space traveler. Mark ...
Literature, 2 pages
2017 01 26
“Oliver Twist“ and “Oliver!“
People often say that books are better than movies and this case is not exception. The novel was way better than the musical because of it‘s way of showing the story. The musical was meant to entertain the audience, not to show the real meaning ...
Literature, 1 page
2016 06 28
„Dubliners” by james joyce: analysis of personality of haines in novelette „Ivy day in the committee room“
„Dubliners” by james joyce: analysis of personality of haines in novelette „Ivy day in the committee room“.
Literature, 3 pages
2016 12 23
A angry lion and a small mice
Vieną kartą, miške gyveno liūtas. Vieną dieną, gerai pavalgęs liūtas miegojo po medžiu. Po kaikurio laiko, atėjo maža pėlytė ir pradėjo žaisti su liūtu. Netikėtai liūtas atsibudo ir su pykčiu akyse ieškojo kas sutrugdė jo ...
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2017 05 15
A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens did a great job, because he created that dark and scary atmosphere. Its written with interesting, unknown words, that i‘ve never even heard. The plot is twisted and it has a beautiful ending. But I don‘t really like fictional ...
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2016 02 16
Agatha Christie
Seventies UNESCO declared Mr Christie leidžiamiausia author in the world. UNESCO's decision to declare 1991 the year was the year Agatha Christie .In 1971 . Agatha Christie was awarded the Order of the British Empire .
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2015 09 28
Agatha Christie (2)
Agatha Christie. Content. Queen of Crime. Detective novels and 14 short story collections. Agatha Christie’s life. Torquay, Devon. Agatha’s education. Where did her creativity come from? Agatha's family. Agatha’s last public appearance. ...
Literature, 32 pages
2017 03 07
Alyson Noël writer
Alyson Noël. Biography. Born Laguna Beach, California, United States1956 (December 3Laguna Beach,California. Babysitter department store. The fateful step. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. First book. Faking. (March 11) The ...
Literature, 9 pages
2016 03 17
Analysis of a novel by Emily Brontë Wuthering Heights: The Atmosphere
Analysis of a novel by Emily Brontë “ Wuthering Heights ” The Atmosphere.
Literature, 2 pages
2017 05 21
Book and movie review
Jennifer Lawrence role of girl, who became hope symbol for Panem nations, is so inspiring and moving, that you could adore her. In the movie are a lot of spectacular effects, which involves you into movie more. The soundtrack suits the pace of ...
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2016 10 25
Book description I am a legend
One man trying to save the earth Robert Neville “I AM LEGEND.What do you think government would do about vampire apocalypse?Whats going on in Robert’s mind after seeing vampires, who are blood thirsty beasts?Where does ...
Literature, 4 pages
2016 10 17