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Information Technology skills
A young person today to use and is very important because many of the work to be carried out is drawn up in the computer, various slide presentations, even the student's diary is electronic. In addition, all of these things, not only helps in the ...
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2016 02 28
Monologue: information technologies
Information technologies is an important role in many people lives. It makes people be more informative and it’s a good way to earn some money. Everyone chooses that kind of subject what they like the most. So let's consider what part does it ...
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2020 12 02
Benefits of speech recognition
Disabled people can use input by voice as their main input method, and because of that with a proper training they are able to fully use computer, doing things they never thought could be possible. It allows them to communicate thru computer, ...
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2015 10 21
How Google works
The book consists of several separate chapters and each of them discusses a different topic. There are topics such as strategy, talent, decision-making, communication and innovation. For example, in the chapter about talent the authors talk about ...
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2017 06 14
3 historical buildings in the world presentation slides
Historical buildings in the world. There are many historical buildings like towers. Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Leaning Tower of. The tower was built in 1372. In 2001 The Tower of Pisa was restored. Roman Forum. The Roman Forum is. It was for ...
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2020 06 29
Application protocols (FTP, HTTP, SMTP, SSH)
Introduction. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPFile Transfer Protocol (FTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTPSecure Shell (SSHConclusion. List of References.
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2020 11 18
Armoured train
Introduction. Armoured train. Design and equipment. Origins. American Civil War. World War Interwar years. World war World War II in United Kingdom. Royal train. Battle of Malaya. Conclusion. References.
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2018 12 10
Attacks in Paris presentation
Attacks in Paris. How Many People Died In Paris Shooting? 129 people died 352 injured 99 are in critical condition. Eiffel Tower has turned off lights. Question to audience. What to do that such attacks would not in this world? My answer is. ...
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2018 10 04
Cloud Computing the text
Introduction to Cloud Computing. On premise computing. What Is Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing Characteristics. Cloud Computing Provides On Demand Self Service. Cloud Computing Encompasses the Characteristics of Grid Computing. Grid computing. ...
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2019 06 04
Engima machine
Enigma machine. What I will talk about? What does it do? ! ? Who is mad enough to make this invention? Why it was impossible to crack the cypher? Quick video to how it works. What was machine‘s main purpose? Who cracked the cipher machine? ...
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2020 10 15
Investigation into legal and ethical aspects of the IT Industry
Introduction. Pestle Analysis of Website Development Industry. Political Factors. Economic Factors. Sociological Factors. Technological Factors. Legal Factors. Environmental Factors. Swot analysis. Legal and Ethical Aspects of the Website ...
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2020 12 18
IT development essay
Nowadays, information technology plays an important role in peoples’ life. I will discuss in this essay what negative or positive effects information technology will have in (the) future.To start with, information technology helps to ...
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2019 10 13
IT in my life essay
No one can escape from the absolute need for technology in our daily life. I think that we can’t do anything without them. Today I’m going to talk about the good and bad sides of technologies. Technology is an absolute need and we ...
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2020 04 16
Midle ages slides
Content. Middle Ages. Why historians call this time the Dark Ages? Feudal System. Hierarchy of Rulers. Life in the Country. Life in the City. What did they wear? What did they eat? Interesting Facts. Fairs, Festivals, and Feasts. Hunting. Music. ...
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2019 11 26
Network security design and implementation
Lab. Network security design and implementation Objectives. Step. Basic Router and Host Configurations. Step. Protect the Corporate Network. Step. Protect the DMZ Network. Step. Verify connectivity. Step. Defer spoofing. Step. Document the ACL. ...
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2021 03 01
Phyton tasks
Because Data storage is unchanged, which means that new data is recorded by adding it to existing data rather than replacing it.3. Describe the different “layers” of Software that exist on a typical computer and explain why there are ...
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2021 01 07
Programming Engineering Summary
Security engineering. Security dimensions ( CIA triangle ). Terminology. Threat types. Security assurance. Misuse/Abuse cases. Design compromises. Layered software protection architecture. Design guidelines for security engineering. System ...
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2019 06 06
Programming Paradigm: Object-oriented programming
Programming paradigm OOP. Content table. Programming paradigms. Introduction to OOP. Object-oriented programming – As the name suggests uses objects in programming. Characteristics. OOP concept Class. Class The building block of C++ that ...
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2020 06 09
Queen Elizabeth presentation
The Queen. What is the queen’s name? How old is the queen? How long has she been the Queen? Wedding Day. Did you know? Queen Elizabeth and. Her Corgis A Love Story. Films.
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2018 10 04
The Code of Hammurabi Mesopotamia
Faculty of Management and Economics. The Code of Hammurabi Mesopotamia. Content. Hammurabi king of. Hammurabi was a. Hammurabi's Code prescribed specific punishments for citizens who broke the law. Hammurabi’s code included what we today call ...
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2018 10 04
3Ds Max task
Do the same with the edges on the other side.Now switch to Border mode (keyboard shortcut "3") and select all four borders of our shape (two on top + two on the bottom). Borders define holes in polygonal geometry.Hit the Cap button ...
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2015 11 04
Chart analysis
Number of factors could have effect on business profit contribution. For example some branches could exceed they planned targets because of increased pollution in that area maybe have good marketing method which increased sales. Branches which ...
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2016 10 27
How to use mail merging
A to Z instructions how to make your office print the names, surnames and adress of the recepeients automatically in the letter. A fast and cumfortable way to send information to people only typing in the information you want all of the ...
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2016 01 03
Illusion of Anonymity in the internet. Do tools like Thor really work?
Illusion of Anonymity in the internet. Do tools like Thor really work?.
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2016 04 13
Information technology is popular nowdays
I would like to develop my information technology skills, because if you have great skills for it you may get a better, well-paid job, which would make life easier.As I said before, teachers require students to use information ...
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2015 05 19
Speaking about my IT skills, I want to say what I want to develop my IT skills, because my understanding of information technology is average. I realize general things like the need to deal with a simple program. as well as many people know how ...
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2017 04 04
It's high time most of us went on a digital media diet
It's high time most of us went on a digital media diet.
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2016 05 29
P2P Networks
P2P is technology, which allows to ,,communicate‘‘ without main server. Every computer is collecting data in P2P – every user allows to use his data when he is connected to the network. There is no concepts like ,,main server“ and client ...
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2017 05 18
Personal information on a website
Communication on the Internet is highly popular in the circle of young people. Lithuania is not an exception. More and more people making friends online. A good excample is my cousin who find her boyfriend online and they still are together. My ...
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2016 04 13
Practical task: IPv4 Addressing Basics
3.2.9. Determine, if packet destination is in local or remote network:3.2.10. Does the default gateway IP address for your PC set correctly?3.2.12. Which subnet does your PC belongs to (please write your subnet IP address in ...
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2017 05 03