Technical Maintenance of Automobiles

Technical Maintenance of Automobiles.

Studies are focused on specific practical activities, fostering ability to work independently in accordance with graduate qualifications.

The study program consists of general college subjects, study field subjects, special field of study subjects, and professional practice:

General college courses are designed to provide higher education level fundamental knowledge about the world outlook, foreign language use, language culture, philosophy and psychology. This programme is seeking engineers’ full awareness of their social responsibility and to clarify the factors related to decision making process, as well as to provide them with applied research skills.

Study field subjects provide the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills in relation to the practices. Students gain knowledge of mathematics, physics, information technology, engineering graphics, material research, general electro-technical, environmental and human safety, mechanical, standardization and technical measurement, automotive, consumables, traffic safety. Social Sciences subjects, such as economic theory, business economics, law - are studied as well.

Special field of study subjects: automotive electrical equipment, motors, car theory, automotive repair technology, automotive maintenance and diagnostics, automotive control systems, technical design of repair shops, automobile technical expertise, and specialized units.

All in all, technical maintenance of automobiles is a very perspective speciality nowadays, because automobiles is important and inseparable part in our society lifes. Almost every family have their own cars, but do not understand how to use it property. So it is very important in our society have people who have right knowledge to fix our cars.

What is more, cars have very noticeable differences between cars then and cars now. Profesionals of this speciality improve this innovation unrecognizable. So because of this students of technical maintenance of automobiles always need to improve their knowledge and do not let the news.

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