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CV in english
Vardas vardaitis. Date of Birth , place. Marital status. Work history. Uab Electro industries Japan. Uab migan tech. Uab Optornos systems. Uab Nicola electric. IT skills. Other knowledge. Work with customers. Driving license. Personal qualities. ...
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2015 11 11
Job application letter
I have an ability to handle resposibility and maintain positive relationships with work collegues and tourists. I were successfuly working with staff and visitors in my last job, furthermore, I were elected as most industrious employee. I am ...
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2016 01 27
Motivation letter
I am writing in response to your advertisement for the position of graphic designer. I always have been working with different programs like adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, etc. As stated in your vacancies advertisement, I got strong graphic ...
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2016 01 20
How to get a job
How to get a job. 2015-09. By Karolina Vitkeviciute. Content. Purpose Steps for getting a job Conclusion Reference The End. The main purpose of this presentation is to help people easily get job. Prepare for the job interview. Develop your ...
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2015 10 11
My profession policeman
As well as the salary is not low, you can also continue their education and career advancement!My brother is also a cop, and I also go in the footsteps of his brother.
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2015 12 02
My wood working company
My wood working company. About my company. First, i will give you some basic information. Years ago First After half a year i bought 3 trucks for logistics and employed 10 people. The quality of. After some years I had a good business plan – ...
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2015 10 29
Changes on labour market caused by measures for improvement of employability of employees and by adaptations in the labor law (changes on labour market)
Changes on labour market caused by measures for improvement of employability of employees and by adaptations in the labor law (changes on labour market).
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2015 10 09
How to find a job?
How to find a job? Content. Job advertisements. Document of a candidate. Job interview. Questions You Might Ask In a Job Interview. Interview Questions (And How To Answer Them). Job interview. How to prepare for a job interview? Any questions? ...
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2017 05 07
Job interwiev
Example Job Interview Questions and Answers. Cover Letter Writing Tips. Additional Cover Letter Writing Tips.
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2016 04 20
Job Satisfaction presentation
Job. Satisfaction. What is Job Satisfaction? Job satisfaction has. Attitudes associated with. Job Satisfaction. Job Satisfaction is an emotional response to a job situation. What determines Job Satisfaction? There are two types of factors which ...
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2017 01 15
Motivation letter (2)
I am very responsible and communicative person and it is very useful now for my activities in ESN mentor‘s training. As a mentor, I communicate with foreigners. During my studying year I gain organizational and leadership abilities. It let me ...
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2016 03 07
The job interview
A: Yes, what would be the job and what is the job salary?B: This job is of a food technologist and the salary is from 300 to 400e.A: Well, I think, that I have job experience and I can work in a team, I learn fast.
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2015 10 09
Summer jobs abroad
All in all, it would seem that working abroad is useful for young people because it gives them an opportunity to improve their professional expertise and broadens their horizons as they travel and meet new people. They have an incredible chance ...
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2016 02 17
Best Jobs in the World. Actor. Their job is. Photographer. A photographer is. Songwriters. A songwriter is an individual who writes the lyrics. Software engineer. A software engineer. Sports commentator. In sports broadcasting.
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2017 12 19
Choosing the right job
today I am going to talk about choosing the right job. There are some people who choose job in which you can get higher salary while the others are overlooking their own keys until it is too late. First of all, you need to feel free and happy on ...
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2017 12 19
Getting a job presentation
Getting a job. Why is work important? Meaningful days A place. Curriculum Vitae. Personal information Education/training Qualifications Employment history language spoken Leisure interest. Motivation letter. The salution The Opening The Second ...
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2017 12 19
Motivational letter (2)
For the longest time now I‘ve been really invested in animation. I am no professional, it is more of a hobby for me. But that‘s why I want to study it at a university – I crave to become a professional and hopefully turn my passion into a ...
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2018 01 09
My future job presentation
My future job. By. Veterinarian. Advantages. Every day, you can experience new impressions. Disadvantages. Dirty and hard work Small salary You may need to work overnight Dangerous work. Canclusion. Think this. Thanks for your attention!
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2017 12 19
Preparing for a job interview
Preparing for a job interview. Plan for our presentation. How to prepare for a job interview. Aim. To figure out. How to prepare for a job interview? First off all, Do your homework. Find out the exact location, time. -Prepare the most important ...
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2018 01 09
Success in the future job
Person who has enough money can guarantee better education for his children.Money gives possibility to travel all over the world.Tourism motivates to develop the quality of the infrastructure of the country (to build roads, bridges, ...
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2017 12 08
Women's and men's jobs
In my opinion the work distribution by gender is unfair to the people because, people can’t choose the gender before they born, so I think that every person has a different personality and should work what they want to work not dependend if ...
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2017 12 19
Ccf European curriculum vitae
Ccf European curriculum vitae. European curriculum vitae format. Personal information. Education and training. Personal skills and competences. [ Specify mother tongue. Additional information.
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2016 05 01
Curriculum vitae example
Personal details. Education. Work experience. Languages. Computer skills. Membership. Personal and social skills.
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2017 03 19
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working from home
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.
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2017 01 29
Essay teenagers part-time job
students begin to skip their lectures so they can work , therefore their avarage marks decreas. Moreover a part time job make a negative influence in students health .students begins to work very hard to get a bigger salary ,so they not having ...
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2016 10 25
European women still earning less than men
European women still earning less than men.
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2017 02 20
For and against on summer jobs
Most teenagers have a job during summer. Some works because they want to, whereas others have to. I believe, everything has its advantages and disadvantages and summer jobs are not an exception.On the other hand, summer jobs have a few ...
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2016 03 05
Future careers
What more summing up all your thought about how I see the future of thei own and other I would just say that you must always think in your head. Your life and the only decision your yourself what you want to do in life.
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2017 02 03
Future job aspects
Secondly, my future job needs to have acceptable work hours – for instance – 9-to-5 work hours. It’s not good for you and your mental health if you don’t get a good night’s sleep or work late. With a reference to some studies, a person ...
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2016 11 04
Get a summer job for student
What if we would try to invite them both? I mean, the employer and the student that had summer job last year?Yeah that’s sound great, and in fact they could perform like real interview, that the students could see what It’s all about, ...
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2016 04 03