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Girteka - transport logistic company
. To find out advantages and disadvantages in the company’s management.JSC “Girteka“ delivers all kinds of logistic services which could be required by clients. “Girteka“ is the leading company in Lithuania and all Baltic region. ...
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2016 01 17
Letter: Street music day
For the last year I was doing photography and making short videos for my vlog. I have a good experience of it, but I want to improve my skills and to progress even more. I can ensure you that i have a "good eye" for photohraphy, because i know ...
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2019 03 07
Social media monologue
Because of all these things I don’t like sharing lots of information online. I show on my pages only the things that I feel comfortable sharing, like name, age and school name. In other words just information that they can easily find and that ...
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2016 11 18
International Book Fair
I would also like to mention that many Lithuanian works should be translated into other languages, as the Lithuanians are very talented people. In my opinion, should be translated book about Lithuanian people, the history, culture, tradition, ...
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2016 02 28
Monologue about dear person (mother)
Next, I want to answer the main question - why I’m thankful for her? Generally, we all are thankful for our parents, because only they teach us life. In my case, I am especially grateful to my mother, who raised me one, without the help of my ...
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2015 07 08
Speech about friend
All in all, it is necessary to have friends and it is cool then you can chat with friend from abroad and learn about other country culture, local dishes, local sports or other things from friends like Mario or other. I started communicate with ...
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2016 03 17
Memorable holiday
I think I was like ten years old, it would be seven years ago. As I said it was my first trip, so it was really hard to leave family. Than we finally came and got our choose new family I was a little scared, because I should go and be alone with ...
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2015 12 03
Monologue: procrastinate doing homework
Today I‘m going to talk about how students procrastinate doing homework, by number of respondents. So, I want to analyze the chart. So we discuss school studens and university students. 62% of school studens spend their time on watching TV and ...
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2019 03 20
My eating habits homework
Today im going to talk about my eating habits. To get clear, i have to say, that few years ago i wasan‘t thinking about my diet, but that took a toll on my health – i was dizzy and sick, and my stomach was hurting every morning, and after ...
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2018 02 19
Riding a bicycle
Finally, I would tell you about benefits of cycling and how it can help to solve traffic and pollution problems in big cities. The first reason, why we need to ride a bike, is our health. For example, if we ride a bike, we burn calories, heal the ...
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2015 09 14
Healthy food
I usually have 3 meals per day. At breakfast I usually eat an egg or a sandwich, at dinner I eat what my mom made to eat like a pancakes or stakes and in evening I eat not much like a cup of tea and some cookies. I’m trying to select healthy ...
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2015 12 06
Information Technology skills
A young person today to use and is very important because many of the work to be carried out is drawn up in the computer, various slide presentations, even the student's diary is electronic. In addition, all of these things, not only helps in the ...
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2016 02 28
Monologue: information technologies
Information technologies is an important role in many people lives. It makes people be more informative and it’s a good way to earn some money. Everyone chooses that kind of subject what they like the most. So let's consider what part does it ...
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2020 12 02
Cinema My favourite film genres
Next, I'm more fond of going to the cinema than watching films at home for a few reasons. First, at the cinema there is a wide variety of special and sound effects. Also, a big screen which makes the whole watching process more entertaining and ...
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2017 12 08
Dream home
Of course, there are lots of advantages of having your own house. To begin with, you have a lot of room in it and lots of space outside. Your kids can play in your own yard and run on your own lawn. You can stay outside whenever you want to. In ...
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2016 09 06
Electronic books
Although, there are some drawbacks too. Firstly, reading e-book can be tiring for your eyes. Your sight could be damaged. Secondly, e-book relies on batteries. It can be uncomfortable when you are in the places, where there aren’t any ...
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2016 12 26
English Postcards
I arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii few days ago and I’d like to share my experience with all of you. First of all, I’ve always wanted to go to a tropical place like this, therefore, I’m extremely happy! I’m currently staying at a small hotel. ...
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2016 04 13
Film review "Lucy"
The heroine is Lucy, a woman tricked into working as drug mule by her new boyfriend. In my brother's opinion this situation was unconvincing and this guy couldn't force main actress into bringing the briefcase to Mr. Jango so easily, but I should ...
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2016 11 18
Forum cinemas strategy analysis
The article identifies six requirements in order to create such an integrated strategy machine:Relevant, specific strategic aim (and humans must frame the central question).Correct human-machine division of labor. (People think ...
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2016 09 24
Internet problems and solutions
Other problem is invisible dangers in online. On Internet exist so much viruses that we not can imagine. I think that small part of world people understands that only one click in internet can infect their computer and steal computer information. ...
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2016 09 18
Monologue Pollution and social issues
Another aspect I want to talk about is pollution in Lithuania. It will be wrong to say, that our country don’t face pollution issue. Of course, We don’t have such phenomena as in other countries. However, We could take part saving the world ...
Languages, 1 page
2017 12 08
Monologue School projects
To start with I would like to analyze the given bar chart which gives us information about American students who intend to do a school project about European Union. The bar chart gives information that majority of respondents 60 percent intended ...
Education, 1 page
2020 11 23
My dream home essay
To start off, my goal when I will be an adult is to buy myself a flat or even my dream house. My dream house would be a place of inspiration to others as it would be located near city center with parks, rivers or lakes with a nice and quiet ...
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2017 02 22
Online shopping
Disadvantages are possibility of theft and fraud so you need to make sure that the website you are buying from is secure and that you card number wouldn’t be spread all over the Internet. Moreover, it is hard to buy clothes and shoes online. ...
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2016 03 12
The impact of technology
The Internet has existed for a brief span, however it's as of now hugy affected the way individuals impart. It's too early to judge how perpetual the impact of the Internet will be on society and the English task help dialect, yet it's ...
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2015 12 16
Wireless Charging
It works very simple: newer smartphones have very thin coil on the back of phone cover and the Pad has a bigger coil in it with special circuitry that takes electricity from USB which is plugged in the power outlet. Pad coil makes electromagnetic ...
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2015 11 22
 Opinion Essay: choose the correct items
Opinion essay. Read the essay and choose the correct items. Famous people should be given more protection from the media. Therefore On the other hand. What is more / On the other hand. For example For this reason. Last but not least / To ...
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2019 11 30
Dialogue: Graffiti Art Festival
Graffiti Art Festival. Am on the edge of my seat. Personally , I think. The way I see it. You have a point! I agree. How would you fell. As far as I am concerned. Am glad you’ve asked. Two birds with one stone. But don’t you think. I’d say ...
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2019 05 10
Families essay
On the other hand living in a tiny family and being the only child is also a superb thing. What you always get is your bigger parents attention. You will always get the best things and shouldn't share it with anyone. The only bad thing is about ...
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2015 05 10
Monologue Healthy habits
This bart chart shows what kind of healthy habits have students of secondary school from United States developed in their life. There are 5 different healthy habits shown in bar chart. Overall, we can see a significant difference between the most ...
Health & Nutrition, 2 pages
2018 12 10