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Some people think that competing is the best way to succeed in different spheres of life
Some people think that competing is the best way to succeed in different spheres of life.
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2015 11 23
When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success
When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.
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2015 10 21
Lebron James success
After his five fantastic seasons at high school Lebron got an offer to NBA Draft. Then he drafted Cleveland Cavaliers. He signed a contract about 20 milions dolars. In NBA also he was playing fantastic.LeBron has a great success not only ...
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2016 03 02
Strict discipline
To sum up, strict discipline has a detrimental effect on young people. I believe that it is unneeded because a self-conscious and strong personality is more important than an ability to obey the rules.The second difficulty is euro's ...
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2015 05 25
Body language slides
Body language. What is body language? Body language is a. Here’s some body gestures. Bow. Shake hands. Beckon. Gestures around the world. What does it mean? Britain — everything’s okay Brazil — obscene Japan — money. Gestures for ...
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2021 01 18
Meine Autorität
Meine Autorität. Inhalt. Spielerinformationen Leben Karriere Curry Familie Auszeichnungen & Erfolge Fragen. Spielerinformationen. Wardell Stephen „Steph“ Curry ist ein US-amerikanischer Basketballspieler. Leben. Curry wurde in der ...
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2019 10 16
My motivational person
My motivational person.Gina Carano. Is an American actress, television personality, fitness model, and former mixed martial artist. Early life. Carano was born. Career. In 2006, Gina Carano appeared in ‘Ring Girls’. Awards & Achievements. ...
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2019 05 28
Presentation slides about Ted Talk: The Psychology of Self-motivation by Scott Geller
Ted Talk The Psychology of Self-motivation by Scott Geller. Ted Talk summary. If someone wants to be self-motivated, they need to answer these 3 questions. You also need to know the four C words that fuels self-motivation.
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2020 09 22
Slides about professions and jobs
Project work. ”professions. jobs”. Photographer. Painter. Architect. Fashion designer. Culinary arts. Film editor. Video game designer. Famous people. Advantages. Disadvantages. My future profession (Lukas). My future profession (Kestas). My ...
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2019 11 26
Successful achiever
Successful achiever. Gabe Logan Newell. Gabe Logan Newell. Achievments. Inspired by Michael. Why? Gabe Newell is the creator of one of my favorite games. Questions. Gabe’s. Answers. “Gaben”. Billion US$.
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2020 01 30
What is the cost of loyalty to yourself?
Everyone knows what it means to be faithful to another, but I believe that staying true to yourself is the most important thing in life. This can be described as respecting one's own interests, being able to stay on one's own in marginal ...
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2019 10 08
EU Science Olympiad
I think that chemistry, physics and biology are the most needful subjects. I also think that I wouldn’t take part in a competition in any other subjects because it wouldn’t be so useful and interesting. For example math’s olympiad doesn’t ...
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2017 04 23
Face to face communication
There are many advantages when you have good neighbors. Some of your neighbors can become your friends or even best friends. Also, you feel saver when you live in a good neighborhood. For example, if your house is on fire, your neighbors will ...
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2015 12 12
Happiness in various countries
I strongly believe that the main factor of happiness for young people is success. Success in school, getting good grades, success in studies and future plans. I think that‘s what young people need to be happy and smile more often. Talking about ...
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2015 10 06
High achievments
Even those who think they reached the top of their limits are wrong because we still getting better at something, it does not matter how unimportant that thing is, it still helps us to improve.
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2016 11 23
How to Improve Studying Habits?
Nowadays many students complain that throughout their studies at school or college they have not learnt the things that they needed. So, here are steps which can help to upgrade studying habits.The first thing to improve studying habits is ...
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2020 02 06
Literature is the most important thing in shaping ourselves
Literature is the most important thing in shaping ourselves.
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2015 12 03
My future personal goals
Hence when I‘ll finish school I hope to join the college in Kaunas. I would like to study finance. Well, that I‘ll attain it, I think, that now I have all my time, thought and weekends to give those science and lessons, which I‘ll held ...
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2015 10 06
My hero Essay
When he was young , he won alot of titles, like Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe and other. Some time later he filmed in many movies like The terminator, Twins and other movies which are known to this day. In 2011 he returned to acting and filmed ...
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2016 04 17
Person who inpressed me
A person who has impressed me is Ieva Krivickaitė. We don't communicate , but I know a lot about this person and I admire her. By the way we attended a same school.Actually, I think she still is very lovely and womanly.Secondly, ...
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2016 12 13
Some people think that competing is the best way to succeed in different spheres of life (2)
Some people think that competing is the best way to succeed in different spheres of life (2).
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2017 05 16
Story of success
At first I was just interested. Lesson after lesson I hooked up on scientific world, I just jumped into that wave of knowledge and from there I have started my journey to success. I finally found that foundation that I needed to reach my goals. ...
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2016 11 17
Secondly, to be successful it is not necessary to do extraordinary things. Just do ordinary things extraordinary well. It is very simple to improve your talents. Just find your way, where are you the best at, where you feel yourself and where you ...
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2016 03 15
The person who has influenced in my life
My father is a very generous and understanding person. He always has something for everyone and listening to us without intruding into our lives. Also, he is little reserved, he almost don’t talk about his feelings and sometimes he can be angry ...
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2016 05 05
What is the secret of success?
Projektinio darbo tikslas - Find out what success means to me and what does it mean to other people, What is the difference? Understand how others see it.To be successful, first you must fix everything that is wrong, before you can add ...
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2017 03 15
Sense of competition motivates young people
Sense of competition motivates young people.
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2016 03 20
People at all times were interested the wealthy and famous people's lives. Interest has developed into widespread obsession and some admirers began follow their example. Celebrities need to wake up to their responsibilities,that others follow the ...
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2015 05 12
Person i admire the most
The person I admire the most of all is my mother. I was living with my mother since birth. She is about 5 feet, medium boddy type, long black hair. And as far as I can remember my mom has always liked to smile. When I turned 5 years old my ...
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2016 02 21
Success story
Success story. Walt Disney. What is it that made Mr Disney and his company so famous? Born in Chicago in. He with his brother went to hollywood. Charles B. Mintz absorbed his idea. Creating a new cartoon - Mickey Mouse. Snow White and seven ...
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2017 02 26
ChallangesEvery day humans are beeing challanged around the world. From small challanges like overcoming their fears to beeing challanged for their survival. Every single human beeing has different challanges around them. For example there are ...
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2016 05 14