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Memorable holiday
I think I was like ten years old, it would be seven years ago. As I said it was my first trip, so it was really hard to leave family. Than we finally came and got our choose new family I was a little scared, because I should go and be alone with ...
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2015 12 03
The advantages and disadvantages of going on holiday with friends your own age rather than with your family
The advantages and disadvantages of going on holiday with friends your own age rather than with your family.
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2017 02 28
Advantages and disadvantages of going on holiday with friends your own age rather than with your family Rašinys
Advantages and disadvantages of going on holiday with friends your own age rather than with your family Rašinys.
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2017 02 19
How to make a stool?
Things that we need. Bolts Wood Drill Planer. First step. First of all, we need to do a sketch of stool. Second step. We need to cut the wood into boards. Third step. Then you will need to plane the boards to keep them soft. Fourth step. We need ...
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2019 11 23
Leisure time
And of course, there are a lot of different activities that you can do. First of all, I personally love to watch movies, because when I watch a movie I really can travel in time. And if a movie is really interesting, you will forget all troubles ...
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2017 12 08
Advantages and disadvantages of active leisure
Advantages and disadvantages of active leisure.
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2016 03 17
End of a year party
The Best way is a Dj. If we have a lot of money: David Gurtta Dj Antonia Dj JovaniIf we wouldn‘t: Simple DJ, which knows what kind of music is the best for this party and what kind of songs we like. Dj have to make this party more funny.
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2015 10 12
Festival Granatos Live
On the first day of the festival, the living area were crowded and it was hard to find place to build a tent.Everyone were exited and waited for evening to hear first music stars.Both nights were incredible and unforgettable. Everyone was dancing ...
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2017 02 26
Hobbies and leisure
Negalima mokytis iš faktų. Knyga, tai tik idėjos simbolis. Bet kokia žodžių kombinacija, tai tik idėjos simbolis. Kodėl dauguma žmonių yra akli? Nes ne ten žiūri. Pats rašytojas yra semiotikas – jis tiria ženklų struktūras, tuo ...
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2017 02 06
Holidays monologue
I'd prefer the individually trip, because When travelling alone you will automatically get in touch with more people. You have enjoy absolute freedom and can do whatever you want to. The disadvantages of travelling alone is that you are also ...
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2016 03 30
Holidays on Moon with exercises
A website that provides (1) _______ flights, hotels and car hire across the globe has made some bold predictions for what travel will look (2) _______ from now. Perhaps the most mouthwatering destination for 2024 holidaymakers will be a trip to ...
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2016 04 14
Monologue about holiday abroad
I would prefer realxing by the sea. I like enterteinment, dances, partys, but also I need a quite place, which I can be with my own minds. I need a rest, because in the school year I a lot of studying, I‘m trying to be best, i have a loto f ...
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2016 06 11
School celebrations
There are some main traditions in my school. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, Teacher’s day, Shrove Tuesday, St. Valentines day and of course the Last Bell. Each festival is celebrated differently. For example: we sent cards or little presents ...
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2015 06 24
Summer trip
After our check in we went to beach. Me and my sister spend all time in the sea, because unlike in Lithuania, sea here was warm lika a tea. There were only one problem. Sea was very salty, it even burned our eyes. Despite that, after couple of ...
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2015 12 03
Advantages and disadvantages of going on holiday with friends your own age rather than with your family
Advantages and disadvantages of going on holiday with friends your own age rather than with your family.
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2016 05 22
Leisure activities
I think leisure activities are very important for all people, because they can get fit, relax and forget their daily routine.Sport is one of the most popular common leisure activities in Lithuania. Despite the fact that Lithuania is ...
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2016 03 07
My Summer Holiday
My holiday started with a blast because my family and I celebrated my brothers birthday. Because this summer was so hot we decided to go abroad. We visited Turkey, Italy and Japan. This was my second time I went to Turkey. It was package and ...
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2016 02 04
Park Six Flags
Six flags. It is the biggest, most popular theme park featuring dozens of thrill rides. History. The name refers. El Toro. El Toro means. Nitro. Nitro is a new breed of thrill ride they call a Hypercoaster. Zumanjaro Drop of Doom. Zumanjaro Drop ...
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2015 07 31
The letter about how you spend your free time
The letter about how you spend your free time.
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2017 04 03
About winter holidays
About the winter holidays. First of all. Christmas Eve. It occurs on December 24 Christmas Eve  is the evening or entire day preceding Christmas Day. The Christmas Eve feast traditionally consists of 12 meatless dishes (though fish is ...
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2017 01 22
Advantages and disadvantages of museums and art galleries
Advantages and disadvantages of museums and art galleries.
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2015 11 18
After school activities
Even though I don't take part in those other activities anymore, it doesn‘t mean that I didn‘t like them. In my view, all activities develop creativity, reduce stress, which build confidence are useful and necessary.On top of that, ...
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2017 02 06
Christmas celebrations in the world
Christmas celebrations in the world. Zimbabwe. Christmas in Zimbabwe. Christmas in south korea. Christmas in the united kingdom. Christmas in Latvia. Christmas in usa. Christmas in japan. Christmas in the Philippines.
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2017 05 21
Holidays Abroad Spain
I would like to visit Spain, most beautiful country in the world. It is the place, where is warm most of the time, landscape is stunning and culture of this country is very interesting. I would prefer both sightseeing and relaxation holidays, ...
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2017 02 20
Holidays in Lithuania
Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24th of December, one day before Christmas. In Lithuania during Christmas Eve people used to say goodbye to the old year and celebrate the upcoming New Year. Now it‘s known as the eve of the birth of Jesus. ...
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2016 03 20
Ignalina town festivals
Ignalina town festivals. Autumn Festival gifts. Halfway through the. Lighting of the christmas tree. Every year in mid-December, the town of Ignalina center lights the Christmas tree. Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras - one of the main festivals of the redo ...
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2017 04 20
Karkle live music beach
Karklė Live Music Beach it is the most famous music and arts festival in Lithuania who has been going on for five years. Now Karklė Live Music Beach is the largest festival in our country, attracting 15000 or more people to see more than 80 ...
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2016 11 12
Misadventure One day last winter I decided to spend a day by the lake with my dad and brother and to go fishing. We took fishing rods, drill ice perforate and to go by lake. We arrived at about nine. Were few peoples, so we soon find location, ...
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2015 10 29
Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking. What is it? Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road. Mountain bikes. Mountain bike is a bike that is made for off-road cycling. History. One of the. Tom Ritchey was the first person that made a complete ...
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2015 10 27
Music festivals
Music festivals. What are music festivals? Pythian games. Most popular music festivals today. Coachella. TOmorrowland. Ultra. GlastonBury. Music festivals in Lithuania. Recommendations? (Put recent festivalThank you for your attention!
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2015 11 15